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Who is the Prince of Orphans

The Prince of Orphans is a Marvel character known for being an experienced, moral and powerful member of the Immortal Weapons.  As an Immortal Weapon he is on of the greatest martial artists in the world with added on powers.  He has lived for a long but unknown amount of time and over that long history he has been both an ally and enemy to multiple Iron Fists.

Name: John Amman

Alias: Prince of Orphans, Green Mist of Death

Home: Z'Gambo (Jungle mystical city that appears in Africa)

First Appearance: Immortal Iron Fist #8 (2007)

Easy boy.  I've got you. Now listen.  I'm going to teach you something about having a code. (Prince of Orphans as said to Davos in the tournament)

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John Amman also known as the Prince of Orphans is one of seven Immortal Weapons who represents the city of Z'Gambo.  His true origins are shrouded in mystery.  Like the other Immortal Weapons he is a fierce martial artist and has the added ability to alter his form into a green mist.

Earliest known mentions of John Amman come from WW2.  It is known that he fought alongside both Captain America and John Steele.  John Steele is the super soldier predecessor of Captain America and its possible that the Prince of Orphans fought alongside him in WW1.  This is never made clear and John Steele also fought in WW2 so either war represents a potential meeting place for the two warriors.

Orson Randall and the Seven Stolen Coins
Orson Randall was an Iron Fist who refused to battle in the Tournament of Heavenly Cities.  Instead, he stole 7 coins belonging to the 7 Heavenly Cities.  Orson had his reasons for believing that something was sinister was going on.  He suspected that the coins were evidence of someone traveling between Earth and the 7 cities outside of the ordered times where the cities appear on Earth.  John Amman / Prince of Orphans was ordered to pursue Orson Randall and retrieve the coins with extreme prejudice.  Unaware of the potential corruption that Orson had discovered he pursued him for many years.  The Prince of Orphans was more powerful than the young Iron Fist so when ever he caught up to Orson, Orson fled.

Along the way Orson creates a group of adventurers called the Confederates of Curiosity.  These adventurers help Orson unwind the conspiracy in the cities of heaven but also come into conflict with the other Immortal Weapons that are hunting for Orson.  The Confederates manage to elude the Prince of Orphans when they first meet which greatly frustrates the Prince of Orphans.  On the 2nd meeting the Prince of Orphans baddly wounds one of the group, Chores MacGillicuddy.  The Prince allows Orson to heal Chores stating that he has no desire hurt any of the Confederates.  However, he warns that from that moment on any who stand with Orson will be treated as enemies.  Only a young Wendell Rand who wishes to become the Iron Fist himself follows Orson.

The Prince of Orphans then tracked down Orson at Castle Frankenstein where he interupted a bizarre scene.  Apparently, Wendell had been shot and Orson had brought the boy to Frankenstein for surgury.  However, Frankenstein had turned on the pair and sought to take over Orson's body for himself.  The Prince of Orphans then killed Doctor Frankenstein.

The Prince then took Wendell from Orson saying that Orson deserved to be alone for punishment of his crimes.  He promised to heal Wendell.  The Prince of Orphans also took back the coins but is taken aback some by Orson's warning.  Orson chastises the Prince of Orphans for blindly following orders and to begin asking questions.  Notably, how the coins left the 7 Cities of Heaven in the first place.  Later this leads the Prince to discover he was taking orders from far darker forces than that of Orson Randall.

The Prince of Orphans is summoned to the tournament of the Seven Cities where he represents Z'Gambo against the other Immortal Weapons.  The winner of the tournament's city is allowed to appear every decade as opposed to every 5 decades.

Initially the Prince of Orphans is set to battle Fat Cobra in the tournament.  However, the Prince asks if he can battle Davos instead after witnessing the bout between Davos and Tiger's Beautiful Daughter.

In the tournament Tiger's Beautiful Daughter faces Davos the Steel Phoenix in the first round.  She cuts off Davos's hand in the battle and appears to have defeated him.  Somehow though Davos regrows his hand, and unleashes a violent storm of blows upon brutal blows on Tiger's Beautiful Daughter he does not stop dropping blows even after she was clearly beaten.  He is eventually pulled off of Tiger's Beautiful Daughter by his own father the Thunderer.  His actions of nearly killing competitor are against the rules of tournament where the warriors are not meant to turn into murderers.  The Prince of Orphans another Immortal Weapon takes Davos's actions as a grave insult and challenges him in the next round.  Making a point The Prince of Orphans decimates Davos never giving him a chance to land a single blow.  After thoroughly beating Davos the Prince of Orphans tells him that he is going to teach him a lesson about having a code.

Eight City of Heaven
The Prince of Orphans leads the Immortal Weapons against an invading force sent by Hydra.  The Immortal Weapons united together easily defeat the Hydra Mercenaries.  The Weapons discover a map that tells of an Eighth City of Heaven.  They leave to investigate it.  There they are overwhelmed and captured by a force of demons and an Eighth Immortal Weapon.  Tiger's Beautiful Daughter manages to free herself and rescues her comrades. Together they escape the Eighth City.

Ghost Army and Secret Avengers:
The Prince of Orphans stops an ancient army of ghost warriors from entering the world.  He also helps Captain America and the Secret Avengers and Shang Chi defeat Zheng Zu whose followers were attempting to bring him back from the dead using an artifact called the Eyes of the Dragon.

 Powers and Skills:

The Prince of Orphans full power set is partially a mystery.  In general he is depicted as the powerful and experienced member of the 7 Immortal Weapons.  He can transform himself into a green mist.  In the green mist form he can move and strike targets but is difficult to attack.  The mist abilities of the Prince of Orphans may also make him immortal he has lived a long life where he has never been depicted aging.

Mist Powers
-Can move through small cracks, or under doors
-Can allow strikes or bullets to pass through him without any apparent damage
-Can strike quickly from a nearly infinite array of places, and angles.  Any where his mist can go he can attack from.
-Can enter people's body and strike from within them.
-Can enter the land of the dead
-Healing - He has been shown to be able to heal others.  It is unclear if this is related to his mist form or a separate power.
-Immortality- He seems ageless but the extent of this ability is unknown.

The Prince is also very wise and patient.  He is thoughtful and not prone to making knee jerk decisions.  He has little issue with meditating for large amounts of time (In one story 2 weeks on end).

The prince of orphans has shown to strongly avoid killing.

There has not yet been any sign of Tiger's Beautiful Daughter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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