Osmo Coding Game review

The Coding Osmo game is one of our favorite coding games for kids between the ages of 5-10.    This is one of many games and toys that is coming out to help teach children the skill of sequencing so they can master the act of programming later on.

Osmo is a gaming system that utilizes a reflector panel that attaches to an Ipad to create games that use the real world to effect what is going on in the game. The Osmo system now has around 5 games that are all educational and teach various skills and concepts.  This review is meant to cover only the Coding game but there are other very cool games on the Osmo System.

The Coding game is one of the newest games on the Osmo system. The Coding game has a character named Awbie who children need to direct through his world by sequencing his moves using physical panels that link together. Awbie is told how to move, jump and touch items in his world by the panels that are linked together by child. There is a lot of sequencing problem solving here as the child must see where they want Awbie to go and do and then set the sequence correctly in advance to make it happen.

We really like the Code-A-Pillar toy from Fisher Price you can see our review of that product HERE. However, if your child is too old for that toy but still too young for the real coding tutorials then this a good game to consider. I would say the sweet spot age wise for the Osmo Coding game is between 5-10. The Osmo Coding game is a little more complex than what a toddler will face from the Code-A-Pillar but is still very forgiving and will build up the same type of sequencing skills.

How does the Osmo Coing Game work?

The Osmo Coding game uses panels that each represent a certain type of action.  These panels are attached together to create a sequence of actions.  Numbers are attached to each action to dictate how many times that action should be performed before moving on to the next action.  When the full sequence is ready the user presses a play button that causes Awbie to run through the set up sequence.

The flexibility of the panels allows the children to either set up one long string of actions in a complex sequence or to break that down into multiple simpler sequences.  Either way they are building up an advanced sequencing skill that will be useful when they begin programming later on in life.

What makes it really awesome is what it teaches - CODING

Here are some videos that show Osmo in actions one clip from the company and also one of a kid playing the game.


Physical / Digital Novelty factor - The mixture of physical and digital creates a very unique and interesting learning environment that adds some immediate interest to young children.  Its a novelty factor that most toys and coding games do not have.

Panels - The Panels as control tools are well built, easily understandable, they are fun to touch and kids and adults generally want to touch them and see how they work.  The panels control what is in the game very well and the way Awbie moves is easily understandable.

Scaling Complexity - Osmo allows the player to do very simple sequences or very complex ones.  The game also has simple beginner aspect and scales to more complex ones.  This scaling is nice because it really helps build up the Sequencing skill and this scaling is built right into the game.

Collaboration - In traditional games it is often very difficult to share a game.  In this game kids can work together to code where Awbie goes by working on the same string of paneled moves together.

Simple Understandable View- While some kids are going to demand the latest in high powered realistic graphic the simple view to teach sequencing is actually a plus.  The simple view really allows the user to focus on how to move around Awbie and not get caught up in surround noise and details.

As with all Osmo games you need an Ipad if you don't have one then you will need to get one.

Children who are playing Xbox/Playstation games may be bored or disillusioned with this game as its not the action packed game they might be playing on Call of Duty. If your kid is an avid gamer you may need to explain why its important to understand sequencing. Generally, even these kids will see the novelty of the sequence panels and play it some but they may lose interest. I would say this is generally a worry for kids over the age of 8. Each kid is different and as a parent you likely know if this is a game that will entertain your kid or if they will get bored quickly by it. One way to keep the Osmo fresh is to get one or two of the other Osmo games.

Deals on the Osmo Coding Game on Amazon
Toylab is an Amazon Affiliate website lets look and see what Amazon has for the Osmo Coding Game.
The Osmo Coding is highly in demand this Christmas and is hard to find on shelves anywhere.  I also have not seen the Code-A-Pillar expansion packs fully stocked anywhere making Amazon the true to go place to get this toy.

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