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Who is Kid Kaiju

Kid Kaiju is a Marvel hero with a bizarre power that allows him to summon any monster by drawing them.  Kid Kaiju will be a major character in the Marvel event Monsters Unleashed where many huge monsters return and threaten Earth.

Real Name: Kei Kawade

Alias:  Kid Kaiju

Final Appearance: Totally Awesome Hulk #3

Kid Kaiju - News:


Kei Kawade is a 11 year old boy living in Hawaii who is obsessed with monsters.  Kei's family has moved many times due to the appearance of a large monster.  The family does not understand why the giant monsters seem to keep appearing.  They have growing suspicion that somehow their son is behind the appearances.

One day, Kei draws a picture of Fin Fang Foom while in Hawaii.  He is startled when Fin Fang Foom actually appears in the location.  The Totally Awesome Hulk shows up to help push Fin Fang Foom away.  Kei begins to wonder if Fin Fang Foom was actually drawn to his location due to his drawing.  He quickly learns that any monster he draws is summoned to that location.

During the events of Monsters Unleashed many monsters are drawn to Earth for an unknown reason.  Heroes begin to wonder about the powers of Kid Kaiju and if they could be either causing the problem or could potentially offer a solution.  He is thought to have the most important power to unravel what is bafalling Earth.

In the beginning of Monsters Unleashed, giant monsters have begun crashing all around Earth.  Super Hero teams struggle to battle all the monsters and contain the destruction.  While the monsters begin landing Kid Kaiju is seen furiously sketching out giant monster designs.  It is unknown at this point if he is the one bringing the monsters to Earth or something else.  While he is drawing he has the news on his room that is covering the destruction being caused by the monsters.  His mother warns him to stay inside but Kei disobeys and runs out.  Near his home he runs into a group of Monsters.  Fin Fang Foom addresses Kei that he is playing a dangerous game by summoning the monsters.  It is not yet clear what he plans to do with the group of monsters he has summoned.


The full extent of Kid Kaiju's powers are not known.  When he draws a monster that monster is summoned to that location.  The monsters do not seem to be able to resist this summons.  Once there though Kid Kaiju can not control the monster they have complete freedom of will.

It is unclear what happens with Kid Kaiju's power when he:

  • Draws something dead or incapicitated
  • Draws a hero or something other than a monster


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