Who is Fat Cobra?

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Who is Fat Cobra?

Fat Cobra is one of the greatest Kung Fu masters in the world called Immortal Weapons. The Immortal Weapons meet and battle each other in tournament with each being a champion of one of the 7 Cities of Heaven.  He does not age due to use of Chi manipulation and has many adventures over the years both as a hero and sometimes enemy.  The character is generally associated with the hero Iron Fist but has also appeared alongside Wolverine.  Fat Cobra is a relatively new character being introduced in the Immortal Iron Fist series in 2007 but has quickly become a fan favorite.

Name: Unknown

Alias: Fat Cobra, Black Dragon

Home: Peng Lai

First Appearance: Immortal Iron Fist #8 (2007)

Fun Fact: Fat Cobra is very old with great longevity due to his Chi manipulation.  He has done many famous things throughout history including teaching Elvis Kung Fu and battling Ninja Nazis in WWII.

It is I! Fat Cobra! of the Immortal Weapons! world-renowned Kung Fu champion and defender of mystical Peng Lai! Do not tell me you have forgotten the only man to have ever drink you under the table!  (Fat Cobra, Wolverine #19 Vol 4)

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Fat Cobra is a heavy set martial artist who is around 110 years old.  Due to being one of the Immortal Weapons the group champions who each represent one of the 7 cities of heaven he does not age.  This keeps Fat Cobra in his prime.  Despite being heavy set he is very quick and powerful.  He uses the contrast of opponents expectations to quickly take them out with fast and brutal strikes.

Fat Cobra was born to a poor family on Peng Lai Island.  Peng Lai is one of the 7 Capital Cities of Heaven that is tied heavily into the Kung Fu Tournament of the Immortal Weapons.  Fat Cobra's mother died giving birth to him, his father a poor pig farmer was unable to afford to feed and so left him at an orphanage.  The young orphan was said to have such a prodigious appetite that he was too much of a burden to the orphanage.  At the young age of 2 he was exiled from Peng Lai.

He was found and raised in the Peking Opera school that trained him in music, acrobatics and martial arts.  He developed a reputation as being one of the best opera singers in China and toured the country with the Peking Opera.   While a gifted singer he would soon learn that he had more talent in the area of fighting.  He ended a drunken brawl in a coffee house in Cairo by punching a man through a wall, killing him.  Now branded a murderer he fled back to China to avoid justice from the Cairo authorities.

In China he found his homeland in the midst of a civil war.  He fought on both sides and was a highly sought after fighting talent.  Taking money earned during the war he bought his way back into Peng Lai.  In Peng Lai he began training in Kung Fu beneath the infamous master Iron Crutch Khan.  Iron Crutch Khan gives his new pupil the moniker of Fat Cobra and the name stuck.  Fat Cobra's natural fighting ability are beyond that of anyone Iron Crutch Khan has seen.  He gives Fat Cobra the goal of defeating the serpent Xiang Yao and becoming an Immortal Weapon.

Fat Cobra challenges Xiang Yao but is soundly and brutally beaten.  He washes up on shore barely alive, beaten up, and partially eaten.  An old woman find him, nurses him back to health but also takes sexual advantage of him during periods of where he is comatose.  After making a full recovery he learns he was exiled again from Peng Lai.

He joins forces with the adventurer Ulyesses Bloodstone and goes to the Savage Land, Monster Island and battles the dragon Fing Fang Foom.  He is sent in WWII by the hero Union Jack to take down a group of Ninja Nazis led by Herr Samurai.  The entire Kung Fu team he is with is killed off except for him.  He if offered a spot on a fighting squad with Toro and Bucky but turns down the offer having grown tired of war.  He takes up a cush fighting trainer spot at an all girls school in Switzerland instead where he rides out the war.

Fat Cobra's colorful life continues landing in a variety of interesting places over the years.
He later went to Hollywood and landed some roles including Ma and Pa Skillet dig to Chinee Town and Driskel and Chowder meet the Evil Dr Celestial.  He played for NYC Giants NFL team before being kicked out for baddly wounding KKK protesters.  Fat Cobra is brought to Olympus for an eating contest along with Hercules and the Asgardian Volstagg.  He is also the martial artist who trained Elvis in the ways of Kung Fu.

Eventaully, SHIELD brings in Fat Cobra as an asset used against the Russians in the Cold War.  Here he served with Nick Fury and battled Russian Were Wolves on the Moon.  Fat Cobra once again tries to battle Xiang Yao but this time is even more severely beaten.  He is found legless and paralyzed but is nursed back to health in a SHIELD medical facility.

Around this time Fat Cobra's children whom he apparently has had hundreds of begin to hunt him down and attempt to kill him for being a dead beat dad.  His children are each gifted in martial arts like himself and he kills them off in hand to hand combat one at a time.  This gives him the necessary experience to battle the Xiang Yao who he battles and defeats on his third attempt finally making him into an Immortal Weapon and the champion of Peng Lai.

Immortal Weapons Saga
The tournament of the seven cities begins with Fat Cobra defeating 100 Shaolin Terror Priests by himself.  This earns him the right to select his opponent.  He selects Iron Fist which surprises everyone because Iron Fist is considered one of the top contenders for the overall tournament.  Fat Cobra wants to establish a precedent with himself as the top fighter by going right after the best.
The Tournament is interrupted by Hydra who attacks the seven cities.  The Seven Immortal weapons easily fight off the attack.

He helps Iron Fist in his battles again Chi'n Lin and Ching Ming in the Eighth Heavenly City. The champions are all captured and are forced to take part in gladiatorial battles in the Eighth City.  Eventually, the champions are freed by Qaun Yaozu the Tiger's Beautiful Daughter.  The Champion fight their way out of the Eighth City.

Fat Cobra aids Gorilla man and Wolverine escape and defeat the Jade Claw.  In the end of the series he goes into San Franscio and takes the underworld title of Black Dragon.

 Powers and Skills:

As one of the Immortal Weapons Fat Cobra is considered to be one of the top martial artists who have ever lived.  He has master numerous styles and has altered many of them into his own style that uses his unique body type to his advantage.  Even without Chi powers Fat Cobra was strong enough to kill men with single blows.  His natural athletic speed is also very high he is to be able to move at 35 miles per hour without the use of Chi.

Chi Powers-  
Through the use of Chi powers Fat Cobra can generate internal energy called Chi for various effects.

  • Enhanced Speed / Strength - Fast enough to catch a bullet
  • Enhanced Healing
  • Immortality / Slowed Aging
  • Mystical Insight and Foresight
  • Can use Chi to greatly enhance the power of a strike to deliver a super human blow
  • Energy Blasts - Takes the form of lighting and can be used with a strike or separately
  • Durability - Can create a Chi Shield or Aura that protects his body from harm
  • Energy Tracking - Can sense energy sources and track them.

Fat Cobra has the least patience and most gluttonous attitude of all the Immortal Weapons.  He is the least able to wait and often partakes too much in food, drink and women.  His ability to turn down food, drink and women is almost non existent.  Due to treating his body and mind badly over his life he has developed a poor memory and often does not remember major details of his life.


There is no sign yet of Fat Cobra in the MCU.  It is possible he could appear or be mentioned in the upcoming Netflix series Iron Fist.

The character Madame Gao in Daredevil Seasons I and II seems likely to be the MCU's version of Crane Mother a Seven Cities villain.  This has led some to believe that a tournament of the Seven Cities could be featured at a later date that would introduce the seven Immortal Weapons.

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