Argument for casting Ronda Rousey in a Super Hero role

Update 11-29-2016
Ronda did not get the part of Captain Marvel and after losing to Holly Holm has lost some of her aura of invincibility.  That said Ronda is still a superstar personality.

Rousey has not fought after being knocked in November of 2015 by Holly Holm.  In that fight her jaw was broken.  She has since recovered but many fighters are openly questioning if Ronda still has enough will to re enter the fighting ring.   Rousey has the potential for many lucrative deals from Hollywood that do not require the training or physical punishment of fighting.  Ronda is currently scheduled to fight Amanda Nunes for a title fight in December of 2016 in UFC 207 for the UFC woman's bantam weight title.  During her retirement ceremony former rival fighter Miesha Tate was questioned about Rousey and responded that she does not know what to expect.

"I guess what's really difficult for me to decide is what we're going to get out of Rousey. Is she doing it because she wants to or is she doing it before she feels obligated? Is that knockout going to be in the back of her mind? Is she going to be punch shy? It's kind of like – I remember when I went skiing for the first time, I was like 5 years old and I just blitzed down the hill. I had no fear. The first time that I wrecked really, really hard is when I realized this is actually dangerous ... so you kind of wonder what has that put in the back of her mind?" 
Tate said, as quoted by Townsville Bulletin

Rousey has done about as much as she can in MMA.  The next fight perhaps proves that she is capable of coming back after a bad loss.  After this fight though one must question what she has left to prove?  A new batch of young fighters will emerge like Nunes the current Bantam Weight Title Holder and she can attempt to maintain the title for a few years but eventually all fighters lose.  Rousey herself though has openly talked about not want to be fighting past her prime and would like to retire gracefully on top.  If she wins against Nunes it would allow the venerable fighter to do just that.  From this point on she would be open to pursue acting projects.

Rousey has had roles in action films like the Exenpables but its an open question of what she might accomplish once she fully focuses on acting as profession as opposed to fighting.

Update 10-2-2015:
Kevin Feige says that he loves the campaign to get Rousey the role of Captain Marvel.   He does not outright turn down the notion either.  He points out Bautista was chosen because he was an athlete and a great performer.

Also a sensational video featuring the life of Ronda debutes before UFC 193.

Argument for casting Ronda Rousey in a Super Hero role
Should Ronda Rousey be offered a Super Hero role:

Some people ignore fighting sports or even all sports.  I get it.  Its violent and watching real people pulverize each other in an enclosed space as a sea of gawkers look on sipping champagne has a barbarous gladiatorial feel to it.   I could talk about how the participants are doing so out of their free will, are paid, and yada yada....but lets just move past that to what I tell my kids.

Greatness is rare, you know when you see it, enjoy it while it lasts.

When I was young man I marveled at the football /baseball playing phenom named Bo Jackson.  Bo Jackson was.....GREAT.  He broke no records, he holds no titles, but he was for a few years flat out amazing to watch, he was GREAT.  Then a few years in to the Bo years, he was injured and it was over.  Boom done.  Hope you didn't blink.

Greatness is rare, you know when you see it, enjoy it while it lasts.

Well Ronda Rousey is GREAT

When I talk about Ronda Rousey other great athletes come to mind.  Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, Dan Gable, Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Usain Bolt, Aleksandr Karelin, Bo Jackson, Wayne Gretzsky these were athletes that were so insanely dominating that even when up against the best in their sports they were unstoppable.  Ronda fits into that group very well.

These are people who can break others wills with a stare.  They are so dominating, so much better that the competition spends half the time eating their dust.  The competition doesn't know what to do they are so insanely outgunned.

The weird thing with Rousey is that she finishes off her competition so freaking fast, that we don't get many weird looks, of what am I supposed to do.  Or how did she just do that.  She just takes them out one way or another in seconds........That is right SECONDS.  A lot of Ronda's fights can be seen in a GIF because they take about that long.

Ronda is also a Role Model:
The other cool thing about Ronda is that she has an aggressive take no prisoners attitude.  That attitude is pretty unique amongst the pantheon of female role models out there.  She stands out with a unique message.  She doesn't care what you think of her body.  She is
She says things that other females just won't say.

But should she be cast as a Super Hero?
Ronda can fight, she can lead, she has a dynamic personality that pulls people in.  She has also done some acting she has been in Expendables 3, Furious 7, The Athena Project,  and Entourage.  Most of these roles have been limited to cameos.  She is not a highly trained actress and shouldn't be thought of as such.   However, she does have some experience.

I think given who Ronda is that she would make an awesome fit for a Super-Hero team film.  In these features not all of the acting burden would be on her.  She could still shine in limited roles.

However, Ronda has stated she is out for the Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) role.  This role is big, and one entire film will depend on the actress cast for the role of Carol.  Carol will then undoubtedly appear in other films after that.  My initial reaction to the thought of Rousey being cast in that kind of demanding role is no way.  First, its a ton of time for her to be away from her sport and training.  Second, there are other professional actresses who can likely do it better.


Greatness is rare, you know when you see it, enjoy it while it lasts.

In a way a movie with Rousey is worth watching just to see Rousey.  Also seeing Ronda with super powers taking down some super villains like Dr. Minerva or Ronan has kind of its own appeal.  She could mix together real fighting skills (Which few have higher), her real athletes body, with super powers in a way that has never before been done.

What do you think?  What role would you cast Rousey in?  Or do you think she should stick to cameos and fighting?

Captain Marvel casting choices in pictures
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What is the Fault?

 What is the Fault:


The Fault is a huge rip an inter-dimensional space and time rip caused by a battle between the super powerful Vulcan and Black Bolt.  Various evil universes have gained access to the main Marvel comic universe (616) thought Fault.  Many heroes and alien empires are currently focused on it to eliminate potential threats.

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In the War of Kings story line Blackbolt created a T-Bomb designed to end the war between the Inhumans and the Shi'ar.  It was Blackbolt's hope that the bomb would kill the Vulcan the highly dangerous Omega level mutant.  However, the bomb seemingly killed both leaders and created the massive rip in space / time/ dimension that is the fault.  The fault immediately threatened to destroy the entire universe but Adam Warlock sacrifices his life by anchoring the run off from the fault into an empty universe.  This attempt stabilizes the universe but the rift in the universe remains open.

One of the univeress that access the other side of  the Fault is the evil Cancerverse to enter the 616 universe in the story the Thanos Imperative.  It is suggested that fault is an entry point of multiple universes though its impossible to control where one exits once one enters.

A variety of heroes including the Starjammers, Luminals, Shiar Imperial Guard, Quasar, Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy and even Thanos go into fault in an attempt to keep the the threats there at bay.

Fault in All New Marvel Universe:
The fault has not been depicted since the end of Secret Wars.  This means that the anomaly may no longer exist in the All New Marvel Universe.  It does appear that there is a space anomaly in Nova #11 vol 6 (2016) that looks similar to the Fault.  This is shown during Sam Alexanders search for the Nova World Mind.  This is still an ongoing subject of research.

The Fault would have kept growing until it consumed the Universe until Adam Warlock managed to anchor it into an unused Universe.  It is still unable to shut completely.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
The Fault is shown on Dr. Selvig's chalk board along with a reference to 616 universe. It is not known if this means there is a Fault in the Cinematic Universe of if Selvig knows about 616 through the Fault.
It is unclear what event would have caused the Fault to exist in Marcel Cinematic Universe.

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Pokemon Go Thanksgiving Event

Pokemon Go Thanksgiving Event is beginning November 23, 2016

The Thanksgiving event will feature double XP and double Stardust recieved when completing ingame actions.  There may also be changes to what Pokemon spawn but I have not been able to confirm this as of yet.

Message from Niantic on the event

It has been an incredible experience since we launched Pokémon GO a few short months ago in July. We are passionate about creating experiences that encourage exploration and promote exercise. We are humbled that hundreds of millions of you around the world have joined us on this journey. So we would like to say thank you – and what better way to say thank you than to celebrate our community.
So, starting November 23rd at 00:00 UTC and going through November 30th 00:00 UTC, we will double the amount of XP and Stardust you receive when completing in-game actions.
The Pokémon GO team

What will happen during the event?

Increased XP and Stardust

ActionThanksgiving Event Reward
Throw a curveball20 XP
Get a “nice throw”20 XP
Get a “great throw”100 XP
Get an “excellent throw”200 XP
Hatch a 2km egg400 XP
Hatch a 5km egg1000 XP
Hatch a 10km egg2000 XP
Successfully capture any Pokemon200 XP
Successfully capture a new Pokemon species1000 XP
Unsuccessfully capture any Pokemon (i.e. the Pokemon flees)50 XP
Capture your 100th Pokemon of the same species (then 200th, 300th, etc)200 XP
Evolve any Pokemon1000 XP
Visit a Pokestop that has fewer than six items100 XP
Visit a Pokestop that has six or more items200 XP
Visit 10 unique Pokestops within 30 minutes200 XP
Defeat a Pokemon in an enemy gym200 XP
Successfully clear an enemy gym100 XP

The Appearance of Bird and Slowbro Pokemon!

Similar to the Halloween event that had marked increases in certain spooky Pokemon it is expected that Thanksgiving will feature some increases in Thanksgiving themed Pokemon.  So far the expectation is for the Thanksgiving Pokemon Go event to increase bird Pokemon and Slowbro.  This is not confirmed at this point and is only a rumor.

TOYLAB TIP: Use this event with a Lucky Egg to get 4x XP!

A Lucky Egg doubles XP and this event double XP so the effect of using a Lucky Egg during this event is 4 times the amount of XP you would normally receive.  This is a great time to do some evolutions and go pidgey grinding.

Pokemon Go Trainer Tips Video:

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Who is Beta Ray Bill?

Who is Beta Ray Bill?
Who is Beta Ray Bill?

Beta Ray Bill is a monstrous looking cosmic hero who is very popular with comic fans..
He is most known for his connection to the character Thor.  He is a warrior, that has been genetically augmented to be the protector of his alien race the Korbinites.

First Appearance: Thor 337

Beta Ray Bill News:
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 Who can lift Thor's Hammer and why?

Beta Ray Bill Multimedia:
 Video: Clip of Beta Ray Bill in Guardians of the Galaxy
Video: Thor meets Beta Ray Bill in Avengers EMH cartoon 
Video: Thor vs Beta Ray Bill in Hero Clix form


The Korbinites were attacked by the evil Asgardian Demon Surtur (Also a Thor villain) and their planet was destroyed.  The Korbinites travel in a fleet of vessels with the primary vessel called the Skuttlebut.

Beta Ray Bill is initially mistaken for Thor because his outfit is so similar.  It turns out that Beta Ray Bill is capable of picking up Thor's hammer.  Which due the hammer's bizarre power of only allowing the worthy to pick it up is very unique.  Intrigued Odin has the two heroes battle in a duel on a fiery world.  The battle for who is most worthy is an epic hand to hand battle and eventually they knock each other out.  Due to his resistance to heat Bill wakes up first but instead of killing Thor he saves him.    He found Thor to be too worthy of an opponent to let him die.
Eventually, Bill is given his own hammer the Storm Breaker by Odin and he and Thor go on to battle Surtur together.

Beta Ray Bill appears from time in both the Thor comics and occasionally his own series.

Beta Ray Bill godkiller Mini Series:

In this mini series Galactus has killed off all of the remaining Korbinites and Beta Ray Bill sets off to kill the world eater.  He nearly succeeds in this by destroying Galactus's targeted worlds before he can feed.  This effectively starves and weakness Galactus.  However, Bill relents when he learns that Galactus has important part to play in the cosmic ecosystem.

Galactus as payment for letting him live creates one other Korbinite the female Ti Asha Ra with whom Bill can repopulate his race.

Bill's mind was transferred into a super powerful body that had great powers including:
Great Strength - Equal to Thor
Super Speed -
Super Endurance -
Ability to survive in space -
Super Durability - Equal to Thor
Heat resistance

In addition to these powers Bill is a great hand to hand fighter.  He has fought Thor to a standstill.  He also has his own enchanted hammer called Storm Breaker which is very similar to Thor's Mjolnir.  Bill also has access to advanced alien technology that includes a space ship called Skuttlebutt.  Storm Breaker gives Bill the ability to manipulate electricity, the weather and the ability to fly.

Who is Thor?
Who is Odin? 
 Who can lift Thor's Hammer and why? 
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Who are the Korbinites? 
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Look at Marvel Becoming cosplay series

Marvel Becoming

Marvel has created a new video series called Marvel Becoming.  Each video focuses on a cosplayer and shows them putting on and setting up their cosplay.  The series focuses on some of the more epic cosplays of Marvel characters.

Cosplay is increasingly growing in a massive cultural phenomena with huge amounts of participants and fans. There are now shows based on cosplay, clubs based on cosplay and massive throngs of people at every convention. Marvel has done comic cover variants featuring cosplayer but this series takes it to a new level.

The quick vidoes are interesting as they show the transformation from the person to the super hero right before ideas.  The videos also highlight fun facts about the costume.

One thing I would like see is a brief interview section with the cosplayer describing the costume, why they chose the character, how they act in costume, and of course how they went about constructing it.  I think show a bit more about the construction of each cosplay would be really interesting.

Here is a cool one with cosplayer Mike Prost and his Spider-Punk cosplay.

Cosplayer Keastin becoming Spider-Gwen

So there are two Marvel Becoming videos the first focused on Yaya Han "Becoming" Scarlet Witch and the other was on Hex Mortis "Becoming" Doctor Doom.

Hex Mortis on becoming Doctor Doom

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Lucifer review by Sir Kent - New knowledge comes with a price

Written by Guest Blogger and Movie Expert Sir Kent 

Update on Lucifer 11/18/2016

Time to catch up with our favorite Devilish Devil.  A lot of crazyness has happened since we last covered the show.

Seeing the good doctor (Dr. Linda Martin/Rachel Harris) get back to what she she knows and loves was good. Not, of course, without a LOT of help from good ol’ Maze. The most impressive thing was Maze did it by simply being Maze. Let me explain, in arguably the most selfish act of selfishness and stupidity, a few episodes ago, Lucifer revealed himself to the good doctor. Who, as one might expect, handled it VERY poorly.

I mean seriously, what did he expect? He HIMSELF had worked long and hard on keeping the actual truth from humans. Yet, in his OWN desperate need for answers, he did it anyway. And by proxy, blew Maze’s cover as well! Of course, Maze had no idea of what had transpired when she went to the doctor to seek guidance.

Finding out left both of them hurt and feeling VERY lost. Maze more so than Lucifer who was busy dealing with the actions of his mother and oh yeah THE MURDER OF AN ANGEL!!! Lost there, are you? Well, I didn't post when it went down so, let me give you the 411 so you can be all caught up, eh? Urial (Michael Imperiloi) was sent by God (PLEASE be Morgan Freeman!) to help move along the progress of getting his wife back to Hell.

He had grown impatient with both Lucifer and Amendial’s ability to put her back in Hell ESPECIALLY now that they both knew who and where she was. Only Urial had other plans for the mother of all creation. He has stolen a dagger from the Angel of Death. A dagger that has the ability to kill Gods. Not just return their souls to Heaven or Hell but to completely erase DEAD DEAD!

Of course, he went about it all wrong when he threatened the life of Det. Decker AND beat down Amendial who has lost his grace due to him shagging Maze, indulging, enjoying his time on Earth. In other words, letting Lucifer rub off on him. So, after an epic showdown between Lucifer, Maze and Urial, Lucifer managed to get the dagger away from Urial and in order to save the life of Maze, ran Urial through with it! This is all in a desperate attempt at NOT returning their mother to Hell, where father wants her. This week, that f'BEEPin’ plot thickened.

The dagger was dug up and it’s power corrupted several humans into killing for its desire. That’s what this dagger does. An angel could handle the power of it but a mere human, hears it calling to it. It takes the smallest slight that human may feel and multiples it 1000 times. Its DRIVES people to slay each other.

At the end of this week's episode, after Lucifer was able to retrieve the dagger, we saw he and his mother get into a heated argument while he had the dagger in hand. The dagger reacted to his anger and glowed and began to flame slightly. His mother smiled, apologized, grabbed Amendial and got the fuck out of dodge! I think her plan to get back at her husband and back into Heaven, just got a boost. While smiling she referred to Lucifer as The Sultan.

Is this an angel that, much like the Angel of Death, has the ability to kill God? If so, is her end game now to use Lucifer as a tool to do just that? OH! Before I forget. I was SO RIGHT about why Amendial was losing his powers!

I wanted to circle back to the good doctor and how people affect us in ways we don't realize. The good doctor was just another human, as far as Maze and Lucifer were concerned. One to be used, and ignored on a whim. And yet, somehow, by simply BEING HUMAN, she became a major part of their lives. She became not only a guide along the path to humanity but, a friend, a confidant and someone who showed the HOW to care.

I think that's an important thing to mention for a lot of people who said that her role was unimportant in the scheme of things on this how. Probably the same people who thought Baron Zemo wasn't important in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR.

October Lucifer Review:

What did I tell y'all? What the F'BEEP did I tell y'all? Did I not say that Maze and Amenadiel were going to shag? That was not the only dynamic that had a light shined on it during this episode. Now that Lucifer knows that Detective Decker is the root of his mortality, what is he going to do with that knowledge?

SURELY the Devil will decide to save his own ass and find a way to either steer clear of her or possibly even just kill her? Or, has he been exposed to her for so long now that, he may decide to continue on his present course? Simply enjoying his adventures among humans too much to care about his own demise. The bigger question here is what happens when Maze and Amenadiel find out? You just KNOW they both will. Will Maze, armed with this knowledge, consider her a threat to be eliminated?

She has already been known to stalk the detective. Or will Amenadiel himself try to kill her just to force Lucifer’s hand towards a war that he secretly wants? I think after this week's episode, I will be ready to make my predictions for the season finale. 

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Who is the Inhuman Royal Family?

Who are the Inhumans?

The Inhumans are a branch of homo sapiens that have lived apart from their human brethren for most of their existence.  The most most well known Inhumans are their super powered royal family that rules the rigid caste system that forms their society.

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The Royal Inhuman society is a rigid caste system based upon the mutations that occur after Terrigen exposure.  After the mutation occurs a Genetic council  places the individual in his place in society.  This place can not be changed.
The ruling class is the Royal Family, however even they are suppose to answer to the Genetic Council.  I say ''suppose to'' because Blackbolt is powerful enough to do whatever he wants.  The dude is like the Honeybadger of the Marvel Universe.  Blackbolt don't care, Blackbolt don't give a crap.
He and his wife are forbidden by the council to have a child because they fear what his awesome power could create in a offspring.  He has a child anyways.   The Genetic Council asks Blackbolt to let them raise the child and he complies.  However, when he learns that they plan to use the child against him he takes the child back.  Blackbolt is often wise and very measured in his actions, but he still does whatever he wants.

Inhuman Royal Family Multimedia:
Inhuman Royal Family Cosplay


What is Attilan? 

The Inhumans live on a mobile City called Attilan.  It has been located in various places on Earth.  It has even traveled to the Kree throne world of Hala, but has typically resided on the Moon of Earth.  The blue side of the moon the area built up by the Kree during the Cotati/Kree competition was Attilan's most well known and common resting place.

While the Inhuman Royal Family are not the most well known Marvel characters and some fans may have never heard of them, they are still extremely powerful.  They are basically humans who have been genetically engineered and mutated to maximize the celestial mutations that were built into humanity.  When you begin discussing who is more powerful than who in the Marvel Universe, Blackbolt's name is near the top.  Only a few humans can claim to be at an equal power level; Jean Grey and The Hulk come to mind.

Notable members of the Royal Family:

Ronan bowing before his new master Blackbolt

The leader of the Inhumans and the most powerful of their members.  Blackbolt can manipulate sound and greatly expand upon its power.  He can fly, create sonic force fields and augment his strength with sound.  He can release extremely powerful sonic blasts capable of wiping out Space Armadas and even destroying planets.  The dude is a walking sonic Deathstar.
Due to his extreme power he typically does not speak.  Allowing his wife, Medusa provide a voice to his thoughts.

Who is Blackbolt? Click Here to Learn More! 


Who is Medusa? Click Here to Learn More 

 Medusa is a very distinctive character.  She has long flowing hair that she can manipulate and use like arms.  The hair is super strong, making her into something like a super powerful octopus.

She is the Queen of the Inhumans and often acts as the voice of her Husband King Blackbolt and for the Inhumans in general.

Crystal can control the  elements Fire, Water etc.  She has been attached to Johny Storm, served on the Avengers.  Recently she was married to Ronan the Accuser.

Who is Crystal? Click here to learn more! 

Brother of Karnak adviser to the King

Who is Triton? Click here to learn more! 

 Bodyguard of Blackbolt

Who is Gorgon? Click here to learn more!


Adviser and Master Strategist of the Inhumans.  He is multiple the favorite Inhuman of multiple Toylab bloggers and the star of a very interesting comic series.

Who is Karnak? Click Here to Learn More!

Maximus the Mad
Brother of the King

Inhuman genius, and insane.  Sometimes he acts as an antagonist and sometimes as a friend.

Who is Maximus the Mad?

Ancient Inhuman Royal Kings:
Inhumans have been around for a long time and many have done important things:

King Randac - Invented process of Terrigenesis

Who is Eldrac the Door? - Ancient Inhuman Teleporter once part of Attilan

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Who is Silver Dagger?

Who is Silver Dagger?

Silver Dagger is a Marvel character that is appears in the adventures of Doctor Strange.  He is an enemy of Strange. 

First Appearance: Doctor Strange  #1

Alias: Isaiah Curwen

Silver Dagger News:

Silver Dagger Multimedia:


Isaiah Curwen is a reformed criminal who found God and became a holyman.  His holy career was robust and he rose to the rank of a Catholic Cardinal.  Things turned for the worst when Isiah read from a Grimoire called Shiatra Book of the Damned (Another form of the infamous Marvel Grimoire the Darkhold).  The Shiatra caused Isaiah to become a psychotic zealot.  Creating the guise of Silver Dagger, he began hunting down magical creatures, sorcerers and others who he deemed wicked.  In his hunts he would use a large amount of blessed silver daggers as weapons.

Silver Dagger breaks into Doctor Strange's home the Sanctum Santorum.  There he attempts to assassinate Strange.  Doctor Strange in Silver Dagger's mind represents a massive supernatural threat.  He throws a dagger at Strange stabbing him in the back. Strange survives this brutal assault.  During the attack, Silver Dagger kidnaps and prisons Strange's pupil, Clea.  He attempts but fails to brain wash Clea.  The entity of Agamotto reaches out and traps Silver Dagger in his dimension.  He becomes trapped in the dimension of Agamotto and sets about conquering it.  He manages to steal the Eye of Agamotto that for a time he uses as his left eye.

For many years he comes and goes as he escapes from the dimension of Agamotto.  Eventually, he is forced to return his magical left eye to Agamotto who in turn gifts the eye to Doctor Strange.  He battles other heroes including Spider-Man, Ms Marvel, and as always Doctor Strange.

He returns and battles the Werewolf by Night and Marie Laveau who stabs him.  He had attempted to use the Voodoo priestess as the means of capturing Strange but her attack left him close to death.  He is also left for dead after being bit by a werewolf in a battle with the werewolf gang the Braineaters.  His left eye returns around this time without any explanation.

Silverdagger uses advanced martial arts, athletic ability combined with an array of blessed Silver Dagger that can kill many supernatural creatures.  Silver Dagger is highly adept at using the Silver Daggers by throwing them or by using them in close hand to hand to combat.

He is a highly skilled and charismatic leader who can both acquire followers and use them strategically.  He is well versed in small commando tactics and guerrilla warfare.

Silver Dagger is highly educated in magic and theology.  He forgoes the use of magic because because he considers it unholy.

For a time he uses the original Eye of Agamotto as his left eye. This allows him to project an essence of Silver beam that can harm magical creatures.

As of yet there has been no mention of Silver Dagger in the MCU.

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Doctor Strange Movie - News, Art, and Information                             

Doctor Stephen Strange:
Who is Doctor Strange? 
Doctor Strange Cosplay
Toylab Cool Pix: Doctor Strange! 
Pictures of Doctor Strange killing Superman 
All New All Different Doctor Strange comic to come out in Fall of 2015

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 Baron Mordo:
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Other Doctor Strange Characters and Items: 
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Sanctum Sanctorum
Cloak of Levitation-
Eye of Agamotto
Orb of Agamotto
All New All Different Doctor Strange comic to come out in Fall of 2015
Who is Agamotto? 

Doctor Strange movie- News, Casting, Speculation, and Art

First official Poster of Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is a Marvel movie set to come out after Avengers: Age of Ultron it will focus on the magic side of the Marvel Universe.  The current release date is set for November 4th, 2016.  Opening up the magical world of Marvel will be Doctor Stephen Strange also known as the sorcerer supreme.

Doctor Strange - Benedict Cumberbatch
Baron Mordo - Chiwetel Ejiofor
Kaecillius - Mads Mikkelsen
Unknown - Rachel McAdams,
Benedict Wong -
Tilda Swinton - Ancient One


As Deadline reported Doctor Strange has opened with high critical praise.  After being out in the states over the weekend the film stands with a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 210 Fresh ratings to 23 Rotten (As of 11/8/2016)
The film has done well in domestic and international markets and looks to be another megahit.

As of 11/10/2016 - Doctor Strange has made a $100 million in domestically in just 6 days.  It is set to earn another $40-42 million over the Veterans Day weekend.  Internationally the film has done well and could be on track to earn $750 to $850 million.

Doctor Strange Chase Sequence
The effects for this scene are purely mind boggling.

Film News:

Early Reviews from France:
I have seen a few fake reviews of the film from people who have clearly not seen the film as it was not released in there area.  Here are some real ones from France.  So far early reviews are very positive.
From what I can gather MCU fans should be very excited for this film.

Unification France @unificationfr

#doctorstrange a Visual killer, a smart script magnified by excellent actors. A flawless #Marvel #MCU

François Collardey @Edrysark

The House of ideas @MarvelFR still has not lost the recipe! #DoctorStrange is really very successful. Benedict Cumberbatch #4TheWorld


As disconcerting as enjoyable! #DoctorStrange is bewitching & mesmerizing, carried by an amazing #BenedictCumberbatch.

Les Toiles Héroïques ‏@ToilesHeroiques 

#DoctorStrange The Marvel formula in the best of its form. The scenario, excellent characters, Visual stunning. See on the BIG screen!

Cliffhanger @cliffhangertwit

Success for #DoctorStrange despite the figures imposed by an origin story! Benedict Cumberbatch is impressive and bewitches us!

Zickma ‏@Zickmafr

A hot #DoctorStrange is a success, and for once we finally got a beautiful 3D! @MarvelFR found the recipe... @DisneyFR

Mr. S ‏@SauveurVoltage

Review Colorful, inventive & fun #DoctorStrange brings a true breath of fresh air 2 @MarvelFR universe. Special mention to the action scenes

Purdey @thePurdey

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A near perfect movie must-see on the big screen to take your eyes! #DoctorStrange

Doctor Strange TV Spot BE CAREFUL:
Be careful Doctor Strange stronger men than you have lost their way.

Doctor Strange Behind the Magic featurette:
Actually not sure where this one comes from buts its awesome:

Captain America: Civil War bonus features
A new video that focuses on the production, art and story of Doctor Strange is featured within the Captain America: Civil War DVD. The DVD in HD comes out Sep 2, 2016 and the Bluray arrives one week later on Sep 9th.

First TV Spot for Doctor Strange:
I think most of this footage is reused from the previous trailers.  Some shots in the beginning look new.  Also there is a moment where Baron Mordo tells Doctor Strange that "There is no other way."  Not sure what is going on there but likely Strange is getting ready to open up some can of ancient bad magic to save the day.  I wonder if the magic being used has a cost of hurting or tainting Baron Mordo that will play out by making him evil later on.

The film seems to be setting up a dynamic relationship between Mordo and Strange where they will be friends and allies in this film.  Something tells me at the end of the film something will occur that will set the men against each other for a sequel film.

San Diego  Comic Con 2016 Trailer
The 2nd trailer for Doctor Strange was shown at San Diego Comic Con.  Also at the con were all the costumes of the characters that were on display.  This trailer focused a little more on the threat facing Strange and his training to become the Sorcerer Supreme.

The main villain Kaecillius is seen telling Doctor Strange that he is "Death and Pain" and that he (Stephen) will "Die protecting this world".

There is also some humor in the trailer.  At one point Baron Mordo gives Strange a scrap of paper.  When Strange looks at the writing on the paper confused Mordo wittily responds "Its the Wifi password, were not savages".

Costumes on Display:
The Doctor Strange costumes appeared before a replica of the Strange's famous window from his Sanctum Santorum.  Strange's costume is in the forefront with Baron Mordos to the back left.

Doctor Strange Trailer 1
The Doctor Strange trailer appeared on Tuesday April 12th on Jimmy Kimmel.

enter image description here

Doctor Strange Comic Con Poster Doctor Strange Comic Con Trailer & Poster Released

Benedict Cumberbatch has signed on to play the sorcerer supreme!

So you think you know Doctor Strange?

Doctor Strange Wiki:

Comic News
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Production News:
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Casting News: 
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Media / Art
Doctor Strange fan made Opening Sequence is Awesome!


Doctor Stephen Strange:
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Doctor Strange Cosplay
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Who is Dormammu?  
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 Baron Mordo:
Who is Baron Mordo? Strange's Arch Nemesis

Who is Agamotto?

Potential Characters:

Who is Victor Strange aka Baron Blood?
Who is Morgana Blessing - Doctor Strange love interest

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Sanctum Santorum - Doctor Strange's Mansion

Magical Items of Doctor Strange:
Eye of Agamotto
Cloak of Levitation
Orb of Agamotto 

Strange Tales #130 -First Appearance of Kaecilius FROM THE VAULT

FROM THE VAULT:  Strange Tales #130

This comic has leapt up out of the vault to be reviewed because interest in it has piqued since the villain of Kaecilius the villain in Doctor Strange was announced.

This comic actually contains two stories:

Meet the Beatles
Published:  January 1965
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Bob Powell
Inking: Chic Stone
Lettering: Sam Rosen

Defeat Doctor Strange
Published:  January 1965
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Steve Ditko
Lettering: Artie Simek

My particular version of the comic is not in the best condition.  It has some spine terrors, as well as someone's name "Ronald Owen" stamped on the first interior page.  There is also a section in the back where it appears someone cut out an ad.  That said it has good colors, not many tears or creases so its very very readable and perfect to go through for a review.  Lets face it if it were a mint 1965 comic I would not be reading it!

Why is Strange Tales #130 cool?
This comic goes back to the beginning of Marvel when the Fantastic Four was still king.  The Thing was still a huge character but had started to become eclipsed by Spider-Man.  Comics with two stories were pretty normal back then it was kind of like a double header at the drive in movies.  Pay for one and get two.  The stories did not necessarily have any connection to each other which is the case here.
What is kind of cool about this comic is that both stories are in there way interesting.

Right off the bat lets start with notable appearances.  This is the first and only Marvel comic to feature the Beatles in continuity.  All four Beatles appear in the first story of the comic.  Some have noted that as time scale of Marvel slides forward of time it would make the appearance of the Beatles impossible as John Lennon would die prior to the Thing being able to meet them.  Some have said that for official purposes they should be considered impostor android or Skrull Beatles.  That said the comic's intention during its initial publishing was certainly to have the real Beatles depicted.

The next major appearances are within the Doctor Strange story.  Kaecilius a pretty unknown character makes his appearance as a mystical henchmen of Baron Mordo.   Kaecilius is not in too many comics less than 10 prior to arrival of the Doctor Strange film which has used the character as its main villain.   This has greatly raised the profile of this previously obscure character.

One other character a friend of the Ancient One and a minor sorcerer himself named Sen-Yu makes an appearance.  Sen-Yu would go on to make a few more appearances as well.

Beyond the appearances the most notable thing about this comic is the Doctor Strange story itself.  This is the story where Baron Mordo strikes up a deal with Dormammu for power.  Dormammu gives him tons of power and Mordo uses it to whip up on Strange and the Ancient One.  This is a pivotal moment in the Strange/Mordo/Dormammu origin and its all starts right here.  The iconic "The Defeat of Dr Strange!" story would go on for 16 more issues!

Now for Strange Tales #130!
The Story - The Defeat of Dr Strange!  It begins with Baron Mordo and Dormammu agreeing on a pact.  Dormammu will give Baron Mordo massive amounts of magical energy and will use it to destroy Dr Strange.  Mordo agrees and immediately attacks the Himalayas temple of the Ancient One.  The blasts of Mordo are very powerful and the Ancient One and Strange barely manage to shield themselves they begin to flee.  Strange uses a blinding spell to buy them some time.

He manages to escape much to Baron Mordo's dismay.  Mordo then recieves an army of wraiths to search for Strange.  Mordo also tells a network of magical baddies to be on the look out.  Starnge enters into a conflict with a group of these bad guys and defeats them.  Strange and the Ancient One are given aid by Hamir the Hermit and Sen-Yu allies of the ancient one.  No shelter though seems safe from the relentless forces of Mordo.

Doctor Strange Store:
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As for Kaecilius!
What is revealed about Kaecilius in Strange Tales 130? - ALMOST NOTHING

All Kaecilius does in this comic is shoot magic blasts as a pretty ordinary looking henchmen of Mordo.  Presumably he too has been given more power through Dormammu.  He is not identified in the comic but you can pick him out as the henchman that has the thin mustache. That is really about it as far as Kaecilius goes.  I wish I could pull out some amazing, deep character thoughts and motivations that could be used in the film but here he is a very narrow, 2d, generic henchman.  I think the only things you could draw from this is that he is loyal to Baron Mordo and also that he is at least some magic powers.

In the Doctor Strange film Kaecilius is revealed to have been a former pupil of the ancient one who has fallen to the allure of immortality presented by the Dark Dimension and its ruler Dormammu.  In this way the film version of Kaecilius is something of a amalgamation of the classic version of Baron Mordo.  In the film it is Kaecilius who betrays the ancient one, and Kaecilius who forms a pact with Dormammu.  Kaecilius has motivations and reasons that make him interesting.  For example the fact that he knows that the Ancient One draws her anti aging powers from the Dark Dimension is news to almost everyone else.  Mordo is interesting in the film as well because he effectively is in rigid opposition to Kaecilius and opposes any use of magic to alter the natural order.  In this film this makes Mordo on the side of Doctor Strange but it is easy to see how the two could come into conflict down the road.  I do not always like how comic material is changed for the big screen but in the case of Doctor Strange I find the changes to Baron Mordo and Kaecilius made them far more interesting.

What is revealed about Dormammu?
Quite a bit.  He reveals he is not mortal, that he can not directly effect our plane.  He also reveals that he is extremely powerful and able to do spells that no one else can.  You also learn that he is from the Dark Dimension and that he has armies of weird things like the weird ghost wraith guys he sends to find where Strange is hiding.

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What is the Cloak of Levitation?

What is the Cloak of Levitation?

The Cloak of Levitation is one of Doctor Strange's special relics.  It is large a cape that he wears and uses to fly.

First Appearance: Strange Tales #127

The Ancient One gave Cloak to Doctor Strange after he first defeated Dormammu.  It was originally made by Eriniathon the Weaver.  Who used the Cloak of Levitation after its creation is shrouded in mystery. At some point the Cloak begins to be used by the world's acting Sorcerer Supreme.

The cloak is worn and used by the Ancient One.  The Ancient One bestows the Cloak to Doctor Strange after his first victory over the dreaded Dormammu.

Strange once had to mend the cloak mystically as a test for the Living Tribunal.  This was no small task as the Cloak can only be mended through intricate mystical means.

After the use of dark magic including the powers of Zom, Doctor Strange was tainted.  In his tainted state he could no longer serve as Sorcerer Supreme.  The mantle of Sorcerer Supreme moved Doctor Voodoo who was provided the cloak along with the title.


  • Flight- Allows the wearer to fly
  • Telepathic control - Can be controlled telepathically, or by commands even when it is not being worn
  • Shielding  - Can be used as shield as it is very strong
  • Illusion/Alter Appearance - Can alter appearance to be another form of clothing
  • Animated - The cloak can act as limbs, block, grab and strike for the user of the cloak.
  • Separate Mind - At times the cloak has been shown to have a mind of its own and capability of solving problems without the help of a user.

Doctor Strange Store:
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The Cloak of Levitation has some major scene stealing moments in the MCU blockbuster Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange encounters the cloak of Levitation on a visit to the Sanctum of NYC.  There he finds the Sanctum under attack by Kaecilius and his Zealots.  The Cloak is shown in a case but after the case is broken it becomes animated.   The cloak then moves and begins helping Doctor Strange in defending the Sanctum.  The Cloak is shown to have a mind of its own and helps Strange by pulling him toward magical artifacts that can be used as weapons.

Earlier in the film Baron Mordo explains that an artifact chooses its user.  In some sense this seems to be similar to how Mjolnir chooses Thor as its user.  Baron Mordo and the Ancient One are impressed when the Cloak chooses Doctor Strange as its master.

The collar of cloak is initially down but Doctor Strange pops it up to resemble his traditional horned collar appearance from the comics.

Pictures of Cloak:

Who is Doctor Strange? 
Doctor Strange Movie- News, Casting, art, rumors and more!

Kaecilius - Doctor Strange Villain

Who is Kaecilius?

Kaecilius is a Marvel villain with a brief comic history.  He is an apprentice of Doctor Strange's nemesis Baron Mordo.   It is possible that Kaecilius will be the main villain in the film Doctor Strange played by Mads Mikkelsen.  The depiction in the film may only be loosely based on the comic version.

First Appearance: Strange Tales #130 (Learn More about it CLICK HERE)

Kaecilius News:

Kaecilius Multi-Media:

kaecilius comics
 Kaecilius is a lackey and apprentice of Baron Mordo.  He may have been a stage magician prior to joining up with Mordo and learning real magic.  Often he is shown delivering messages or other simple tasks for his master.   He accompanies Baron Mordo in an attempt to kidnap the ancient one but is thwarted by Doctor Strange.

He next appears hiring men in Hong Kong to track down Doctor Strange.

In Kaecilius's most memorable moment Baron Mordo takes over his body and attacks Strange by unleashing new powers provided by Dormammu.   Eventually, Doctor Strange is able to break the mental tie between the men.   From this incident Strange learns that Mordo has been augmenting his power with that of Dormammu.

Magic training from Baron Mordo giving him various magical abilities.

His powerlevel is generally less than that of Baron Mordo or of Doctor Strange.  He was once possessed by Baron Mordo who used Kaecilius as a vessel for all the powers of Dormammu giving him immense power to battle to Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange 

Baron Mordo


Kaecilius Mads Mikkelson

At least one toy now depicts a character named Kaecilius in its description.   This is likely the character played by Mads Mikkelsen.   He is accompanied by another villain named Zealot.

Mikkelsen has stated that his character is not strictly evil but comes from an alternative perspective.

Mikkelsen was interviewed by Digital Spy on whether there is humor in the film.
"You can't bring it yourself,".."If it's in the script you have to sort of lean into the script that's already there. [But] there is some. My character is not necessarily carrying too much of it but Doctor Strange [Benedict Cumberbatch] is. There's a certain darkness in the Doc and a sense of humor in there, absolutely."
There are rumors he is summoning something from another realm.   This could be anything from a demon, many angled ones to the infamous Dormammu.

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