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Gilmore Girls A year in the Life
A Year in the Life was a new season of Gilmore Girls and released on Netflix.  The show was very popular on Netflix and has set the web ablaze in Gilmore Girls rumors.

A Year in the Life Season 2?
Will there be a season 2 to Gilmore Girls a Year in the Life?  Well the first one did very well and managed to bring back all of the characters of the original.  The ending of series did leave a bit of a bitter taste in the mouth of fans, when it ended on a major cliff hanger.  I won't say what the cliff hanger is but you should watch the season if you are a fan of the series.

It has been suggested by some that the cliff hanger ending was actually the planned ending for the show all along. So while fans may not like the ending, that could be it..........Or will it be?

Que dramatic music please!...

On December 28th Netflix tweeted out a very special Gilmore Girls tweet.  The tweet could be nothing more than ginning up interest to get more people to watch a Year in the Life.  Lets face it not everyone has seen it yet and Netflix could still get many more views over the holidays.  But that explanation seems a bit too boring for what could be a huge, HUGE bombshell.  Lets check out the tweet.

Well BOOM!!!! that is a big deal tweet!

Ok well that spoiler on the how the season ended is going to have to be said in order for me to discuss the implications of this tweet.


Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert


Seriously Spoilers ahead read ye no farther unless you already KNOW the dastardly ending.

Ok at the end of "A Year in the Life"  Season One (because I'm pretty sure there will be a 2) Rory tells her mother "Mom, I'm pregnant" and boom the show ends.  Now the interesting thing here is that Rory has been with a boyfriend named Paul throughout the season as well as sleeping with the series bad boy Logan.  The question then looms who is the father!

The tweet itself bring up the question while giving a nod to an early episode where April Nardini's science project leads her to discover that Luke Danes was her father.  It sure seems like Netflix is saying there is more to this story as a major question looms who is the father of this new baby?

If I had to guess who the father was I'd say it was Logan. Paul was the poor guy that Rory kept forgetting even existed so I have a hard time imagining him being the dad.  Plus making Logan who is engaged to another woman is just so full of drama that I can't imagine the show going in another direction.  That said who knows the show has really kept fans on their toes so far.

Also does this mean that we need to start making shirts that say Team Logan or Team Paul on them? Or Maybe just Team Rory? I am normally on Team Rory but I have to say her decisions made during "A Year in the Life" were disappointing. Personally, I hope she has a new season just to redeem herself because I love Rory's character and she deserves better.

A Year in the Life
A new season of Gilmore Girls is set to be released on Nov 25, 2016. The new season will be four episodes and is titled "A Year in the Life"

While I may not be in the Gilmore Girls target audience I have watched the show.....A LOT. I will also say that the show and particularly Luke has shaped my "Dad" style. I often rock the flannel and occasionally to my wife's chagrin sport the backwards hat. I am also more often than not a bit grumpy. That's right Luke is my dude.  Needless to say I am excited for the first big promotion for the show on October 5th that is all about Luke.

Gilmore Girl Revival Trailer

Luke's Coffee shops promotion on October 5th, 2016

On the morning of October 5th hundreds of coffee shops through out the United States and Canada will be converted to look like Luke's cafe from Gilmore Girls.  Luke's is one of the most inconic locations in the show and This is part of a massive promotion by Netflix for the new season of Netflix.  The Gilmore Girls new season makes a lot of sense for Netflix as it is not only pulling in eyeballs to the new season but is also getting viewers on older seasons as fans rewatch them.

What will each Luke's cafe have?  According some reports they will use specially branded hats, aprons and cups.

I am not sure if they will try to make the shops look like Luke's too?  This is what the shop looked like on the show.

My personal favorite part of the shop is the no cell phone sign.  That reaks of a grumpy get off my lawn type of attitude that I am quite fond of.

There is also supposed to be a "Fun Surprise" underneath the Gilmore Girls coffee sleeves.   Gilmore girls Snapcodes will be printed on the custom coffee cups that will unlock a special Gilmore Girls filter that can be used for 24 hours.

Toylab Bloggers will be going to a Luke's location in Denver  (Coffee Place European Cafe 5580 S Parker Rd., Aurora, CO 80015) tomorrow around 7 am.  Will take some pictures to show everyone Luke's coffee.  If you want to find a location near you check out the list below.

Free Coffee
Even if you do not like Gilmore Girls there is one more reason to check out coffee shops on October 5th 2016 and that is ......FREE COFFEE. That is right the stores will be giving away FREE coffee.

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