Pokemon Go Halloween Event

Pokemon Go Halloween Event is beginning October 26 2016

Pokemon Go is launching its first event tomorrow.  While Pokemon GO is still immensely popular the game has begun to lose many of the early players of the game.  However, the game has potential to bring old players back with new Pokemon, new features, and of course a mainstay of all mobile games......EVENTS!

Trainers across the globe have been debating whether Niantic would be able to launch an event by Halloween and the developer has finally answered the question. Beginning October 26 through October 31st the game will have a Halloween themed event.

Update 10/27/2016:  The Halloween Pokemon Go event has pushed Pokemon Go back to being the number one app game in revenue.

What will happen during the event?

Increased Halloween Treats
Everyone loves to get Candy on Halloween and the game is playing off that theme for the event. Increased Candy will be rewarded from Catches, Transfers, Egg hatches and Buddy rewards during the Halloween Event

2x bonus to Candy for each Pokemon Catch
2x bonus to Candy from for Transfer to the Professor
4x bonus to Candy from the Buddy
2x bonus to Candy from Egg hatches

The Appearance of Spooky Pokemon!

Spooky Pokemon will appear more frequently  which includes the Pokemon: Drowzee, Hypno, Ghastly, Haunter, Gengar, Golbat and Zubat.

There are also some  Pokemon that while not listed in the above group do appear to have greatly increased Spawn rates.  These Pokemon also seem to fit with the SPOOKY theme of the Halloween event.  This includes:  Cubones, Marowaks and Meowths.  I think I have seen huge up swing in all of these spawns.

While not the huge event that Niantic has hinted at this Halloween should still be a lot of fun and hopefully bring back some players the game has lost.  I personally wish they had done the event with a launch of a major feature like PVP battling or a fixed tracker but hey increased Candy and Ghost Pokemon is still a lot of fun.

Depending on where you live some of these Pokemon could be very rare where you live.

TOYLAB TIP: Use this event to get GENGAR!

I see this event as a great time to try to get enough Ghastly candy to get a Gengar.  Gengar is a useful Pokemon to battle Snorlax with but he it is very hard to get all the candy to Evolve a Ghastly all the way to Gengar.  That said if the ghost Pokemon appear more frequently this is a huge opportunity to try to get this very useful and powerful Pokemon!.

Will this event be enough to get people excited for Pokemon again?  Well it worked for player I know already so my guess is YES!

Pokemon Go Promotional Video:

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Who is Morgana Blessing? Doctor Strange Love interest


Who is Morgana Blessing?

Morgana is a Marvel character that is appears in the adventures of Doctor Strange.  She is an ally and romantic interest of Strange.  It is possible she could appear in the Doctor Strange film as Rachel McAdams has been hired to play a still unnamed character.

First Appearance: Doctor Strange #48 (Volume 2)

Morgana Blessing News:

Morgana Blessing Multimedia:


Morgana began wrote and published a book about Doctor Strange when it was believed he was deceased. She was a longtime friend and love interest of the Sorcerer Supreme.

In one story Morgana and Victor Strange were kidnapped and held hostage by the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau.  Laveau wanted Strange to give her a spell called the Vampiric Verses that would recreate vampires in the world.  Strange refused to turn over the spell.  Laveau then attempted a spell to bring back Varnae the first vampire.  Laveau intended to use Morgana as a sacrifice for the spell but Brother Voodoo assistant Babu sacrificed himself instead.  His body was converted to the horrific form of Varnae.  Varnae then attempted to feed on Morgana but Doctor Strange came to her rescue and forced Varnae to flee.

She became a lover of Doctor Strange's brother Victor.  Victor became a vampire and would often feed on Morgana.  He began calling himself Baron Blood and fed off of criminals.  He gradually began losing control and Morgana bought and hid a stake to use on him if he lost complete control.  In the end Victor used this stake on himself as he felt his humanity was slipping away.


She is a skilled Author



Rachel Mcadams has been hired to play a role in the Doctor Strange film.  The character she is playing has been described as  Night Nurse but this may be a ruse.  Certainly, the character of Clea is a possibility along with Morgana Blessing.

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 Baron Mordo:
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5 Tips for Pokemon hunting at night or in a Cementery

5 Tips for Pokemon hunting in a Cemetery

One of the things about Pokemon Go that is causing many consternation is the amount of Pokestops in places of serious places where people are mourning.  This is because Ingress, the game whose data effectively underlies Pokemon Go asked its players to locate places of spiritual and emotional importance.  This meant that Ingress players went out and found many places that were churches, memorials and ...cemeterys.

Some Cemeterys are welcoming players and some are banning them.  While it may seem a bit morbid Cemeterys were some of the first parks in our country and past times were often used for recreational walks and picnics.   Many cemeterys are also full of beautiful paths and historical sites that many people may have forgotten.

As far as Pokemon Go tips go keep in mind that ghost pokemon do not seem to be any more likely to show up at cemeterys or haunted locations.  As far as we can tell tips likes these are just rumors.  That said ghosts do seem to show up more at night and during the evening.

Catching Ghosts at night!!!!

Here are 5 tips for going Pokemon Hunting in a Cemetery.

1)  Select Carefully:  Find a cemetery with old graves.  These graves are more likely to be turned into Pokestops and this also keeps you away from funerals, and memorials for people who have died recently.  Also make sure that you have good service in the area or else there is no point.  Obviousily make sure the Cemetery has not banned players before you show up.

2) Don't be a dumb ass-   Stay away from funerals and mourning families.  I mean come on this should be obvious. Don't litter be respectful etc.  If you act stupid the cemetery is likely to ban players from that area.

3) If you go at night...Because hey its exciting and fun to be in a cemetery at night.  It also lets you catch different kinds of Pokemon in your are.  Make sure you bring a flash light or even a head lamp.  Also be sure you can exit area and know when the Cemetery closes.  Multiple cemeteries have reported Pokemon Go players accidentally finding themselves locked in.  Don't be one of those poor players.  Also be sure to dress appropriately and bring a extra battery pack for your phone.

4)  Find open areas for Tracking - Try to find fairly open areas where you can walk in nearly a 360 degree area this makes tracking down and finding the nearby Pokemon easier.  See our post on triangulation in Pokemon Go Guide.

5) Double Lures-  A lot of times there are so many Pokestops in a cemetery that you can find 2,3,4, and even more that effectively overlap.  Try setting up multiple Lure at once and catch a ton of Pokemon.

Night Time Pokemon Go

Going out to hunt Pokemon is pretty fun and awesome.  One advantage of going out at night is that the Pokemon that spawn at night are often different given a location.  This makes for some Pokemon hunts.
Going out at night does pose some safety concerns as you can both fall into obstacles and also be hit by drivers who do not see you.  To overcome these issues check out the gear store for some cool ideas beneath Night Gear.  You find Night Gear by clicking on Pokemon Electronics in the category menu.  The Night Gear ideas we have include Flash Lights, headlamps and the coolest things ever LIGHT UP SNAP BRACELETS.  It may sound silly but I can't recommend the bracelets enough as they really let drivers see you.

Night Gear beneath the Pokemon electronics category in the store you will find Night Gear.  I highly recommend checking out these options particularly if you want to go on a night time Pokemon hunting trip.  If you bring kids along with you at night then some items like light up slap on bracelets are a must.  Safety First.

Enter Poke Gear Store CLICK HERE

Pictures of Pokemon Go players at the Cemetery:

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Who is Glenn Rhee from the Walking Dead?


Glenn is one of the most popular characters from the Walking Dead comics and TV show. Actor Stephen Yeun plays Glenn on the Walking Dead TV series.   There has been rampant speculation on when Glenn will die in the show.  Glenn was killed by the villain Negan in Walking Dead #100 in the comics.

See bottom of page for Spoilers on his death in the TV series.

First Appearance: The Walking Dead #2

Death:  The Walking Dead #100

Glenn News:

Glenn Multi-Media:



Glenn was born in Michigan from Korean immigrants.  He moved to Atlanta and became a pizza delivery driver.  In a extreme debt prior to the apocalypse Glenn began stealing cars.  His knowledge of the Atlanta routes, hot wiring cars made him a valuable member of the scavenger teams from the Atlanta group.  It has also been hinted at that Glenn was a boyscout prior to the apocalypse.

During the Apocalypse Glenn becomes a leader of scavenging parties.  He does this for the Atlanta group, the Prison, and later for Alexandria.  After meeting Rick Grimes on scavenging runs he becomes one of Rick's loyal supporters.  He has a jack of all trades like skills and creativity that have allowed him to get out of numerous binds.  He is the go to scavenger leader for the group in each place they end up.

At the farm he meets and later marries Maggie Greene.  Her father Herschel becomes something of an adoptive father figure to him.  Maggie and Glenn adopt Sophia whose mother Carol had been killed.  The couple later learns that Maggie is pregnant with Glenn's child.  Maggie and Glenn name their child Herschel after Maggie's late father.

Glenn is one of the least violent main characters.  In his entire run in the comic's he was never shown killing another human.
In Walking Dead #100 Glenn is captured by the Saviors and is killed by the group's leader, Negan.  Negan brutally smashes Glenn's head in with a barbed baseball bat that he named Lucille.

TV Series:
Glenn is similar to his comic counterpart in the TV show.  He makes his first appearance in the episode Days Gone By.  His voice crackles over a walkie talkie, "Hey you... Dumbass... Yeah, you in the tank... Cozy in there?"   Glenn then helps save Rick and brings him into the Atlanta group. 

Glenn falls in love with Maggie Greene as he and the other survivors stay at her farm.  Glenn becomes close to her father Herschel.  Herschel is initially angry about Glenn romantic overtures toward his daughter but eventually accepts him into the family.

In Season 6, Glenn appears to die when he falls off a dumpster into a herd of zombies.  It is later revealed that Nicholas is being pulled apart on top of him.  Glenn survives by crawling beneath a dumpster.  Maggie reveals to Glenn that she is pregnant with his child.

At the end of season 6 Glenn seems to be facing of meeting the fate of his comic counterpart.  He is sitting helplessly as Negan chooses who to kill from the group.  The Season Finale ended without providing an answer.

Hot Rumor
7/24/16 - Glenn and Abraham are both killed by Negan
7/27/16- New rumor is that Glenn survives his first encounter with Negan.  This rumor comes from the actor who plays Morgan.  This has led many to speculate that those killed could be Maggie or Abraham (Or both).

Cllick to Enter the Walking Dead Headquarters!

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Amazing Incense tricks in Pokemon GO!

Incense is an item that attracts Pokemon to your location.  It tends to attract more Pokemon to your location.  Incense also attracts more Pokemon if you are walking and maintaining a steady speed than if you are stationary.
Generally trainers have found Lure at Pokestops seem to attract more Pokemon.  Lures come with the added benefit that the trainer can be stocking up on items periodically at the lured Pokestops.  These advantages are particularly noticed when a trainer goes to a location with multiple lured Pokestops.

There are few things that are overlooked with Incense though.

First you can take it with you anywhere while a Lure is stuck in a given location.  This provides some massive advantages to you.  Given that Incense Pokemon appear from spawn selection of the region you are in you can customize what type of Pokemon you get.

Two major strategies to use while using Incense:

Nest Incense:  If you use an Incense an area that has a Nest of Pokemon you are more likely to receive one or more of those special Pokemon while you have an Incense on.  To find a nest near you look at the Nest Atlas on SilphRoad.

Super Rare Walk:  If you use an Incense in an area with NO Spawns.  IE you are in the middle of no where but still have phone service the Incense will pull random Pokemon out of the Global Pokemon table.  This means you can get Pokemon that are not common in your area and are possibly super rare.  This is a great way to find unique Pokemon.  This may be the best way to legitimately catch super rare Pokemon in the game.

Walking is good in general.

Keep in mind that while walking in Pokemon Go you are also earning Pokemon Buddy candies, and also hatching Eggs.  Both can add significant value to a walk using Incense as well.

Lets also note that hey Walking is just plain out good for you.  Its fun, you get to see new things and its good exercise.  So go out buy some Incense find a cool (AND SAFE) place to hunt Pokemon and start walking.

Pokeon Go is always best to me when combined with a real adventure.  Hike somewhere that you want to see and catch Pokemon on the way.  Make the game an added bonus as opposed to simply the main attraction.

Changes to Incense in the works?

There are some who believe that we could see special types of Incense.  This is due to people scouring through the code and finding different types.  The thinking is that different types of Incense could attract different types of Pokemon.  Some of the types in the code are Spicey which might refer to an incense that attracts Fire type Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go - How to Track Pokemon

Pokemon Go - How to Track Pokemon

Pokemon Go actually supplies a couple of tool to help you find Pokemon but they are not very well explained.  After a lot of trial error, reading and asking I have set upon a fairly solid way of triangulating a given Pokemon's location.

1) Leaves
When you are walking you will occasionally see leaves fly up in the air.  This means a Pokemon is in that vicinity.

2)  The Sightings Screen - Nearby Screen

Note-this screen is now called Sightings after a Pokemon Go update.

 The bar in the bottom right corner provides a screen that shows Pokemon nearby.  This is the primary tool to locate Pokemon as you are walking around.  It is also generally misused.   When you open the Sighting- Nearby tool you see all the pokemon near you.  You can see all the Pokemon that are in your general area.  If you have the caught that type of Pokemon before it will show up in color, if not you will simply see a silhouette.

Update 7 31, 2016 the Pokemon Go has received an update and the step icons have been removed.   This is due to the steps not working correctly.   I am going to leave the next bit on the steps just in case they are brought back.

The new Sightings screen does not seem to have a distance measure like the original footsteps.   Instead all the pokemon appear in grass.    The Sightings screen seems to have a smaller radius, and actively updates.   When it pulses it is updating spawns and despawns.
The Sightings screen only shows a type of Pokemon once.   Even if there are 5 ratatta only one will appear.   This is so you can focus on the harder to find Pokemon.

Original Post
Each one has a number of steps underneath it.  The steps measure the distance from and each Pokemon.

3 Steps - Far away
2 Steps - Pretty Close
1 Step - Really Close
0 Steps - You are right on top of it just wait

More often than not you will turn this on and see that all of the Pokemon are 3 steps away.

3) Triangulation
The Steps do not tell you where the Pokemon actually are, or even in which direction they are from you.  You can however use one extra piece of information to help with this.  The Pokemon that appear are in an order where those in the top left are those that are closest to you.   Those in the nearby screen toward the bottom right are the farthest from you.  You can use this fact to triangulate upon the location of a Pokemon and at least get to the point where you hit 2 steps so you find a Pokemon's general location.

To do this try to go to an open area with lots of Pokemon.  Then walk in a given direction while watching the Nearby screen.  When a pokemon moves up in the order you are walking toward it, when it moves downward in the ranking you are moving away from it.  If the rankings do not move then they could be clustered together or you should try to walk in an altogether different direction.

Sometimes the screen will freeze.  When this happens I reset the game to ensure I have the freshest information.

Generally, the Pokemon do not seem to move that much.  They seem to pop into existence at a given location so you have time to actively search for them.

The Pokemon that comes from Incense and Lures do not seem to be related to the Pokemon in the Nearby window.  These Pokemon are separate from these.

4) The Perfect Spot
  I find the ideal location to triangulate are open parks, fields where you can walk in 360 degrees.  I prefer to start in a central area that gives me plenty of room to walk this way or that.  Also make sure your phone is well charged or have a back up battery.

One other area that is a bit creepy but tends to be great in this game is cemeteries.  For whatever reason there are a ton of Poke Stops in cemetaries and they are also fairly wide open to allow you to move around and triangulate upon where the Pokemon you are hunting are located.

5) Learn the Spawn Spots
Many Pokemon seem to respawn after a given amount of time in a single spot.  By recalling where you caught certain Pokemon you can return to pick up others often at the same locale.

6) Flashes - The nearby screen will occasionally Flash this means that the nearby screen has been updated.   Check to see if any pokemon have altered in distance from you.

HAPPY Pokemon Hunting!

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Who is Victor Strange aka Baron Blood?


Who is Victor Strange?

Victor is a Marvel character that is appears in the adventures of Doctor Strange.  He is an ally and brother of Strange. 

First Appearance: Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme #10

Last Appearance: Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme #56

Alias:  Baron Blood, Kirhon 

Victor Strange News:

Victor Strange Multimedia:

Victor is the brother of Doctor Strange.  Doctor Strange accidentally kills him and in a guilt ridden state sought to return him to life.  Doctor Strange was successful but with complications.

Victor  became a partial vampire Strange's attempts to resurrect him with the Montesi Formula.  Montesi Formula brings Victor back to life but leaves him in a catatonic state.   The comatose body Victor is found by the voodoo villainess, Marie Laveau.   Marie Laveau wants to bring back vampires in part because their blood is important to a potion she uses to maintain her youth.  She recites the Vampiric Verses over Victor which transforms him into a full fledged vampire and awakens him from his coma.  Initially, he is allied with Laveau and the two bring the first vampire lord Vernae.  Vernae is later hunted down and killed by the vampire hunter, Blade.  Victor decides to part with Laveau and the two battle.  After departing Laveau he must decide what he is to do with his new lease on life and new vampire powers.  He decides to try to become a vampiric hero and uses the names of Baron Blood and Kirhon.  He attacks and feeds primarily off of criminals.

He eventually took Morgana Blessing as a lover.  He would often feed on Morgana to reduce his thirst.  He gradually loses control and Morgana bought and hid a stake to use on him if he lost complete control.  In the end Victor used this stake on himself as he felt his humanity was completely slipping away.

The powers of a traditional vampire


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Who is Blade?

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 Baron Mordo:
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Inhuman's Cheat Sheet for Agents of SHIELD fans


It appears that the show Agents of SHIELD could be headed for a collision course with the Inhumans.
Who are they?  ...What are they?  This post is designed to help fans understand who and what the Inhumans are and why they are going to be very important to Marvel going forward.

 What are Inhumans:
Inhumans are an offshoot of humanity that develop super mutant powers when exposed to a chemical called Terrigen Skye and Raina on Agents of SHIELD are Inhumans.

For more see:
Who are the Inhumans?
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Inhumans to replace Mutants
As Marvel does not control the film licenses to Mutants they are expected to begin making all new characters that would be mutants into Inhumans.  Likewise they may find away to make all mutants in their comic world Inhuman as well.   The comic series Inhuman is setting this up, and so is Agents of SHIELD.  There appears to be a convergence on this subject in both the show and the comics.

For More See:
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What is the City the Agents are going to?  
The city is likely Attilan or the ruins of an older complex like the Temple of Randac.

For More See:
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The Inhuman's Royal Family:
Inhuman's Royal family rules Inhuman society and are also the most well known and powerful characters.  You can learn more about each of the members of the royal family below:

Who is Blackbolt? Why is he so powerful?

Who is Medusa?

Who is Karnak?

Who is Crystal?

 Who is Triton?

Who is Gorgon?

Who is Maximus the Mad? 

All Inhuman Links as Resource:

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Who are the Inhumans?
Who is Blackbolt? Why is he so powerful?
Who is Medusa?
Who is Karnak?
Who is Crystal?
Who is Triton? 
Who is Gorgon?
Who is Maximus the Mad? 

Important Places: 
What is Attilan? 
What is the Temple of Randac? 

Important Items
Terrigen Crystals

Ancient Inhumans
Who is King Randac?

All Alien Races and Places in Marvel:
Nova Worldmind - Cosmic Races and Cosmic Map

Captain America: Civil War review by Sir Kent

Captain America Civil War is here!

Sir Kent Said movie reviews
#toylabfilmfriday #sirkentsaid

 I don't think it is possible for me to express how nearly perfect this movie was. I don't think I could ever say enough on the thought, energy and effort that went in condensing what was a UNIVERSE spanning incident down to something personal and intimate between The Avengers and the government. In this review, I will try to avoid spoilers as much as possible. In case some of you were hospitalized or that child support warrant finally caught with you. I will start it, as all stories should, from the beginning.

For all of you square pegs who ain't hip to comic's, here is how it all went down in the comics.  Public sentiment toward superheroes plummeted after an incident in Stamford, Connecticut, in which the New Warriors, a group of young superheroes and the focus of a reality TV show, botched an attempt to apprehend a group of supervillains in a quest for better ratings. In the resulting fight the villain Nitro used his explosive powers to destroy several city blocks, including an elementary school at the epicenter, resulting in the death of more than 600 civilians, 60 of whom were children, with just Speedball of the Warriors and Nitro himself surviving. Although many high-profile superheroes assisted in the relief and rescue effort, there were a number of isolated revenge attacks, and support for registration rose.

Toylab Marvel Store:
Toylab is a member of the Amazon Affiliate program and is happy to bring you these great deals.

Captain America: CIVIL WAR Trailer

As public sentiment and rage grew against super powered people , Ironman, Dr. Reed Richards and
Ms. Marvel all took more authoritative roles in the registration act. Captain America and others found the act to be over reach and stood against it. And that, boys and girls, is how CIVIL WAR was started in the comics. Writers Christopher Markus,
Stephen McFeely, Mark Miller, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby KNEW there was simply NO WAY TO include ALL of the character's that were involved in
Civil War from the comics. Not without loosing something from the story.

Not without sacrificing depth or feeling or substance. If they did, it would have become this big, loud THING with too much to follow and no one would enjoy it. So, slowly, carefully, they boiled it down to three basic parts. What could be the catalyst for a bug screen version of Civil War? With the character's well already have and a few new introductions, how could this event grow organically?

Building a base for honest feeling for everyone involved? After that, they put it in the hands of
Joe and Anthony Russo to add action and the collaboration was an unbelievable success! There is an explosion at a United Nations meeting being held after over 160 nations ratified and signed the
Sokovia Accords in the wake of the Ultron incident PLUS an incident involving the Scarlett Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) The Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) Captain America  (Chris Evans) and The Falcon  (Anthony Mackie). In a desperate, last act of hate against Captain America, Crossbones
(Frank Grillo) actually tries to blow himself AND Cap up (Now THAT'S what I call dedication!).
The Scarlett Witch steps in, envelops Crossbones in an energy hex and him up and away from the crowds of people in the square where the fight took place.

However, he explodes directly in front of an office building window killing dozens of people and setting fire to the floor. I am reminded of an old saying at this point “No good deed goes unpunished!”. Public anger is nearly instant. Blame, instead of praise, is heaped upon The Avengers and thanks to an interaction Tony Stank (Robert Downey Jr. Once you see the movie, you will understand why I call him Stank) has with a mother of a young man who was killed in Sokovia, he is MORE that ready to sign the accords. This is also, in many ways, and origin story of a Marvel hero that many know and think it is high time he got some love.

In attendance at the United Nations meeting was King T’Chaka  (John Kani) and his son, Prince T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman). The explosion kills the King and dozens of other diplomats. It is shortly after that that Buck Barnes/
The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) is identified as not only being in the area but leaving the same van that exploded outside the building. The Prince swears bloody vengeance at that point and the world witnesses the birth of The Black Panther. Of course, Cap cannot be that his best friend would do such a thing and is desperate to talk to him before he is captured or killed.

Thus, the lines are set, the stakes are layed out and we as an audience are drawn in as well. I was told that, no matter how you went in, thinking you were #teamcap  (Like me) or #teamironmam, at some point during the movie, your point of view may be tested. EVERYONE has a great view or argument about why they believe as they do. I was impressed with the large fonts used for dates and location. I didn't like how they made
The Scarlett Witch have to balance herself while flying with her hands.

She's a f-BEEP'n Witch! She never had to do that in the comic! As the fight at the airport starts, once again I am reminded of an old saying “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. All of these people have GOOD intentions. They mean well but, is this the cost?

The villain in all of this,
Baron Zemo (Daniel Brule) operated as I thought a villian like him should. Behind the scenes. Setting things in motion and watching the pieces fall exactly where he wants them. Some people thought that his role was unnecessary. I beg to differ.

Here is a man driven, fed and clothed by vengeance . He knows full well the focus of that rage is too great to attack head on, ESPECIALLY without the help of HYDRA. So he sets on the path of a plan to have The Avengers do the work for him and tear themselves apart. Unfortunately for him, he did not count in The Black Panthers nearly
Terminator-like dedication to the death of Bucky that leads to his own undoing. Everyone shines in this movie and if you THINK this is just another superhero movie, you are so wrong.

There were honest gasps, cheers and applause from the crowds in the theater and you probably will too. Basically, Marvel and the Russo brothers gave found a way to make a franchise get BETTER! In closing, if you don't go see this movie, you will not only miss out but, you are NOT a true fan of comics or, movies for that matter.   This really the cherry on the top of the MCU sundae.

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Who is Mister Fanstasic?

 Mister Fantastic is the leader of the Marvel superhero team the Fantastic Four.  He is known for being one of the most brilliant human minds in the Marvel universe.  Mister Fantastic has appeared in multiple movies and video games.

First Appearance:
The Fantastic Four #1

Fantastic Four Movie - News, Casting, Pictures, and speculation

Reed Richards is  a child prodigy with an amazing aptitude for mathematics, mechanical engineerings and physics.  By the age of 14 Reed Richards was attending college and by the time he was 20 he carried a multitude of scientific degrees under his belt.

Meeting the Ben Grimm and Sue Storm:
Reed meets a pilot in training by the name of Ben Grimm.  Ben and Reed become lifelong friends.  Ben sees Reed designing a space ship and remarks that he would like to pilot the craft one day.  When Reed is 19 he also runs into a 13 year old girl named Sue Storm who becomes enamored with the genuis.  Reed is generally embarrassed by the infatuation of the young girl and eventually moves away.

Victor Von Doom:
Reed meets the fellow prodigy Victor Von Doom while attending Columbia University.  Victor had never met another person whose intelligence could rival his own.   He began working on various dangerous experiments to prove that his intelligence was superior to Reeds.  One of these experiments ends with scarring Victor's face.  The vain and prideful Victor was greatly hurt by this and forever carried a grudge against Reed.

Fantastic Four:
Reed Richards begins a research project to travel to Mars.  Along the way he is reunited with the now adult Sue Storm whom he marries.  Ben Grimm also joins him to fly the spacecraft just like he said he would in college.  The government begins to threaten to cut funding to the project and ground it.  Reed, Sue, Grimm and Sue's brother Johny decide to sneak in and launch the space ship anyways.  During the trip the 4 members are exposed to a special type of cosmic rays in the Van Allen Belt. The ship lacked enough shielding to block the rays in the Van Allen belt.  Seeing that they could be killed if they proceeded to go farther Reed orders the ship to return to Earth.  While all four members of the mission survive the radiation they find they are not the same.  Each members develops powers that come out initially in a frightening way.  Reed Richards develops a highly elastic body that he can use to alter his shape and stretch.

While each member has problems with their new powers they also see that they can use them to do immense good.  They create a team of super heroes and call themselves the Fantastic Four.  The Fantastic Four went on to face a variety of threats and villains, while also juggling the strains of celebrity, their powers, and the drama of a family.

Powers and Abilities:
Reed Richards has a highly elastic and malleable body that can stretch in various ways that are completly unnatural to a normal human.  Using this ability he transform his body into various helpful shapes as the circumstances dictate.  He can alter his mass and make himself bigger which can increase his physical strength.

Reed Richards is an extremely accomplished theoretician, physicist and inventor.  The money he makes from patents allows him to easily support the Fantastic Four.
He is often considered to be one of the most intelligent human characters in the Marvel Universe along with characters like T'Challa the Black Panther, Tony Stark, and Hank Pym.
He has said that other characters are more intelligent within certain subjects:  Otto Octavius has a greater understanding of radiation, Peter Parker with biology, and Hank Pym with biochemistry.

 It has been implied at various times that Richard's elasticity can boost his intelligence by allowing him to physically expand the size of his brain.

In the early 2000s Mister Fantastic was played in two films by Tim Story.
In the 2015 Fantastic Four movie by director Josh Trank,

Mister Fantastic will returned to the big screen and by played by Mile Teller, in the movie F4.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review by Sir Kent Said!

Star Wars Review Time!!

A Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review by guest blogger Sir Kent

By Sir Kent:
Way back in May 1977 the original STAR WARS was released. I was all of 9 years old and being introduced to a story, a vision from director
George Lucas. Who up until that point, had been known for a series of “Short” films. Films such as HERBIE (1966), ELECTRONIC LABYRINTH (1967) and AMERICAN GRAFFITI (1976). Not a short but also not a movie we would have tied to a guy who created the...dare I say it...EMPIRE we know today.

I was rocking an afro, maybe cornrows then and “White Flight” from the city was still fresh on everybody's mind even 9 years later. Yet this movie, this shiny new look at the future, seemed to bridge a lot of gaps. For at least 3 hours, people could come together and have their collective minds blown by C.G. of the day. I wonder, in some part of his mind, if Spielberg wasn't going for that when he started this intergalactic trip? This space odyssey that defined the genre and made an undeniable mark on pop-culture and history?
Who knows? Maybe he was just smoking some really good BEEP! but whatever it was that motivated him to write and direct this, we are all grateful. I will try and keep this review as “Spoiler Free” as I possibly can. However, if I do slip up, the question begs, why the BEEP haven't you seen it yet, Dumbass? The movie opens as it normally does and that crawl tells the tale.

Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) has gone into hiding after his nephew, Kylo Ren goes bat-BEEP crazy, is corrupted by the Dark Side and nearly wipes out the ENTIRE Jedi Order in the process. Oh, did I mention, he becomes
Kylo Renas well? Yup.
As a guy, ain't we all been there? Luke is so overcome with guilt that he removes himself and allows the events to unfold that bring us to this chapter. There is no balance in The Force. This new FIRST ORDER is hell bent on picking up where the old Sith Lord's left off. Left unchecked or unchallenged three decades after the defeat of the Galactic Empire, their control has increased to mirror that of the Empire of old.

(Yes, bitch’s! I am going to use “Empire” as much as possible!). Lead by Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) who is the son of Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and
Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) he seeks to find and kill Skywalker who he and the new
Supreme Leader (Andy Sirkis) both consider a threat. A threat because, if he were to ever return, he could inspire new people who have The Force within them to rise up and restore balance to the galaxy. Enter the “Meet Queue” between a talented pilot for the resistance Poe Dameron (Oscar Issac) and a Stormtrooper Finn
(John Boyega) who finds himself struggling with his conscious of late. They share an instant “Brothers in arms” feel that is felt and appreciated throughout the crowd in the theater.
After a daring escape, they find themselves separated on a desert planet that shows the scars of the Wars of the old Empire (Told ya’). As in many of its inhabitants spend their days savaging through the ancient husk's of Imperial Walkers and battle cruiser's. Rey (Daisy Ridley) is one of these people. She was abandoned by her parents and spends her days savaging and her nights counting the days since her parents left. The “Meet Queue” between Rey and Finn is comical and cute.

This movie is a reintroduction to the generation that may not have been around in the late 70’s (And I know there are a LOT of you!). It is reimagined by the very passionate J.J. Abrahams who was driven and dedicated to not only laying respect to the original but, breathing life into a new set of movies that could stand in their own. He wanted to showcase how the original actors have grown and say goodbye to a few. At the end of this review, I can't make the generation that got to know STAR WARS with BEEP'in’ Jar-Jar Binks in it feel the way I did with the original. Hell, I can't even make you feel the way I did with the two after that.

All I can say is that this movie is as seamless a continuation on the original as anybody could ask. If you are not familiar with them, I totally encourage you to rent and watch them digitally. As far as this movie, I can only give it a 10 out of 10!

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