Rho Mew the Pokemon Fraternity


Introducing Rho Mew! The Pokemon Fraternity.

Motto: amicitia autem exploratio
Friends of Exploration

After a late night of Pokemon hunting and drinking it was suggested that Toylab form a Pokemon Fraternity.  It seemed pretty silly at the time but then after the morning of hungoverness had worn off I thought heck why not.  Pokemon is already a bit like a fraternity.  When you run into someone else who is into the game you have an automatic connection.  There is so much depth to the Pokemon world that it almost functions like a secret handshake among fans.

So what the heck!

Out of this came Rho Mew!  Rho being the greek letter for P and Mu being the greek letter for M.  Of course I misspelled Mu on PURPOSE to be funny.  If you don't get the pun then you might not want to join Rho Mew, but if you DO.  Then let me know.  I am going to create a community on Google+ as well as a forum on Toylab.

Why make it as a Pokemon fraternity as opposed to a Pokemon Go one.  I think its better to keep it on the overall idea of Pokemon as that idea is bigger than just a single game.

What exactly will Rho Mew do?  Well there a lot of things to do as a community in Pokemon Go.

1) Create maps of Pokemon Nests and other cool locations
2) Create local chapters for meet ups and gym battles
3) Create interesting articles on Pokemon
4) Review Pokemon products
5) Come up with ideas for game expansions and improvements
6) Run forums/online clubs for Pokemon Go tips

I really think a group like this could create their own podcasts, forums and other cool stuff.

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