Pokemon Go Trading Market / System

A way to trade Pokemon has been a big part of past Pokemon games and is a feature that has been mentioned in the earliest Pokemon Go announcements.  The feature however has not yet gone live.  However, Niantic the games developer has apparently been working on it as Trading Code has been found in the game.  Code was found earlier related to Buddy Pokemon and within about a month the Buddy system went live.  I think its safe to say that if the beginning code is there then the Trading System will be going live pretty soon.

Pokemon Trading Evolutions?
Will Pokemon's Evolve from Trading?  In past games there was a list of Pokemon that would evolve through Trading. Many times this was the only way to evolve these Pokemon.  This meant that finding a friend and trading Pokemon with them was a critical part of the game.  This was something that set Pokemon a part from other games in that forced players to interact with each other in the real world to achieve certain objectives in the game.

Trading the old school way

Adios Pikachu! the old school way

Pokemon Go has taken the gamer community to the extra mile.  Gamers are joining up in teams all over the country and interacting in a variety of different ways.  Trading will be yet one more way for players to interact.  My guess is that the game will provide incentives for players to do this and that could take the route of a Trade Only Evolution.  There are still no firm facts on this though and that is only speculation on my part.

How will Trading Work?

Here are some rumored ways that trading is expected to work from those who have looked at the code.  This is speculation but speculation rooted on actual code that has already been created.

The Trading Market will unite the player with all the players not just a person sitting next to you.  It is hard to say if you are only able to trade with players in a given region or in a city or if the radius
Trading appears to be only for Pokemon not other Pokemon items like Poke Balls or Potions.

  • Search Function - You will be able to search for "Trading Players" presumably by Pokemon type.
  • Create Trade - You will set up a trade with another player
  • Cancel Trade - Allows some ability to cancel trade before it is canceled.
  • Complete Trade-

The trade code has built in back ups that will re try a trade in case the connection is lost.

A Pokemon Go Black Market?

While I am all for Capitalism I do worry that the Pokemon Go game could be spoiled by people who cheat through third party software.  Many of these accounts exist and already pollute the gyms in many areas however if you make a Pokemon Go market these nefarious actions will be easier and more lucrative.  Now a hacker can gather Pokemon on an account and then trade those Pokemon to others (Potentially for profit) then those people will use super powered and super rare Pokemon to crush players who are playing the game fairly.  While this is already happening I think a trading system could act as a catalyst to further this non competitive behavior.

For this reason I really am only hesitantly for a Trading system and only want to see it after Niantic has reigned in some of the cheating.

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