Chloe Bennet's butt

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It is Time to chat about Chloe Bennet's butt.

Kids time to sit down on the couch and have an awkward conversation.  We are all fans of Agents of SHIELD but kids, it is time for the proverbial "TALK".  You know that akward "TALK" every poor young soul must sit through with one of their elders on a subject that makes both parties feel icky afterwards.  I think you all saw something in the last episode of Agents of SHIELD. (Episode 1 of Season 4). I saw it, you saw it, lets all admit it, WE SAW IT.  Lets all be honest and stand up to discuss this, even if its a bit......awkward. Yes my friends its time to have a chat about Chloe Bennet's butt.

Chloe Bennet is the actress that plays Skye, Daisy Johnson, Quake the character of many names but of only one butt.  This post is about her BUTT.

For Season 4, Agents of SHIELD moved to a later time slot.  The reason for the time slot shift was in part for the series to take on a darker and more adult tone.  Many comparisons have been drawn to the tone shifting toward something like the Netflix Daredevil series.  It also made sense because Season 4 is going to introduce the character of Ghost Rider.  Ghost Rider is tonally a dark character,  whose stories focus on battling evil demons, ghosts and even the devil.  It all made sense.

As I prepared to watch the premiere I sharpened my pencil and laid out my note pad. I was going to take notes on things that seemed a little more mature.than in previous seasons.  Mature things like deaths and scary dudes with flaming skulls.  I thought the change toward the mature would be interesting blog fodder.  Oh boy oh boy was it going to get interesting.  I popped open a coke, sat down on my cunfy sofa chair and turned on Agents of SHIELD.  I was filled with anticipation. Then almost immediately, just 20 seconds in.......I SAW IT.......the first sign of the mature tonal shift.......I SAW........Chloe Bennet's bootay.  

It also wasn't like a subtle build up.  The show just starts and is like BOOM! BUTT!  The scene was also not like at a distance, the camera was decidedly up close and all like BOOM! BUTT!  I have nothing against butts, and certainly nothing against Chloe's butt.  She has a decidedly nice Butt.  Still the power of that Butt just nailed me.  It was like I was momentarily tackled by a butt.  I guess normally one has time to prepare and orient oneself for butts.  But not this Butt it was just like BAM BOOM BUTT.

I'm thinking that Butt shot was more important that other butt shots.  That Butt shot was designed to say something about the show.  It was like BOOM BUTT yeah you weren't ready for that were yah.  Yeah Agents of SHIELD is changing and we are more intense and you better get ready because we are going to throw stuff at you Ghosts, Death and when your not ready for it ...... BUTTs!

My jaw oriented itself and I coolly recovered.  I didn't want anyone to see me get messed up over a butt after all.  I calmly took out my pencil and wrote down my first item on the list of mature Agents of SHIELD signs.........I wrote

Chloe Bennet's Butt

The show went on and I wrote a couple more things down. Ghost Rider appears he is a bit scary. Ghost rider brutally kills people. There is a ghost that comes out of a box. At the top of the list though there remained a bit of an outlier,.. Chloe Bennet's butt.

I have written about many things. Lots of things. food, ghosts, hikes, characters, stories yada yada but I have never written something about a butt before.  How does one write and analyze a butt anyways? So like a smart blogger I kind of perused around. I looked at twitter, and articles and was looking to see if Chloe Bennet's butt effected anyone else. Surely someone would write something about the Butt shot, but alas no one did.  Well dog gone it, if no one else is going to talk about it, I AM.  Am I the most qualified person to discuss butts?  Nope.  But the rest of the blogging world dropped the ball so its up to me.

What does that scintillating little scene mean for the show?  I think the show is trying to make the same point Miley Cyrus did riding half naked on a wrecking ball and that is.....We are growing up, we are getting serious and SH'BEEP is about to get real.

So real, that we might even show some butts.

I think that is what the Butt meant.

But I might be reading too much into it.  Freud once said sometimes a Butt is just a Butt or something to such an effect.  I have feeling though that the Butt was important.  It was thought out and it meant something.

Holy cow i just wrote a whole post about a butt.  Where is Sir Mix A Lot I bet I just joined some kind of a club.

By Aeon River Blogger at Toylab

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