Toylab Terms of Use

Toylab Terms of Use

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We're excited to offer Guest Bloggers /Members the ability to contribute to our content here on  To protect the site from misuse and maintain our reputation as a quality blog we ask that all members agree to the following terms and agree to the rules as outlined in this Toylab Member Terms of Use.
We, the owners Toylab Media LLC, reserve the right to edit and/or delete users contributions, at any time and for any reason.   Though we hope to never do this but things do happen.  Why do we give ourselves so much leeway because its terrifyingly hard to predict what type of things can come up.  Further, as a member/guestblogger you are agreeing to give us ownership of your content created or added to the site.  We pledge to be fair in this regard.  If you have any worries or disputes contact us at

Redlight (Don’t do this stuff):
Doing these things will get your work pulled from the site.  Your membership to the site can also be
1.    Be respectful and do not call people names, say mean things just to be mean - NO TROLLING.  This does not include honest criticism.
2.    No porn
3.    No hate mongering
4.    NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT! (learn more about our copyright policies)
5.    No plagiarism.
6.    No spamming or "sales" soliciting if you have a product or service you want to highlight please contact us at

Greenlight (Do this):
1.    Create awesome, new and unique content!
2.    Start conversations – One of the best things about the web is the ability to meet new people and learn new things.  We love when that happens on Toylab.  A lot of times collaborations will turn into new articles and posts.
3.    If you are under the age of 18 please get the permission of your parent before joining the site as a Guest Blogger.

Journalistic Ethics and Standards:
You may not have ever had a Journalistic class or have had any professional training.  Don’t worry We are in the same boat.  That said its important to maintain a sense of integrity to what we post.  Here are some ground rules to keep you on the right path.
1.    Do not copy others works this is called Plagiarism. When adding news content from other sites, only take a portion of someone else’s work--a paragraph or two is acceptable provided you give them credit. If you find you are taking too much you might just want to rewrite it and summarize it.
2.    Provide credit to your sources and when possible provide links back to them.
3.    Do not use COPYRIGHTED IMAGES OR CONTENT.  You can search for images on google that do not have copyrights or are free to use.  Use of copyrighted work will be pulled down when found and could lead to your account being disabled. 
4.    We are a big fan of exclusive content.  Original ideas and scoops are a big part of what makes fan sites run.  One of the best ways to get your own unique content is to make it yourself, take your own pictures, writer your own articles and make your own videos.  Posting them to Youtube or Flickr can be a great way to manage your resources and then pull them into a post.  Podcasting is also becoming popular and we fully support adding them to your posts.

If you have any questions contact us at

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