Pokemon Go - Pidgey Grinding the ultimate secret

Pokemon Go - Pidgey Grinding the ultimate secret

Want to know the ultimate secret of Pokemon Go?

The secret is that for most of the early stages of the game only one thing really matters.  That is building up your trainer's XP.  At higher levels a player catches stronger and more rare forms of Pokemon.  The main goal of players until they hit around level 20 should be to gain experience.

What Pokemon delivers the best method of boosting XP......you might be surprised.

Its Pidgey!!!!!!!!!

You might be saying what the heck I have a ton of these Pidgeys.  I have heard many people say Awww dang it another freaking Pidgey when catching one.  Do not however discount Pidgey because Pidgey provides a way of boosting XP.

(I have heard it called Pidgey Evolving, Pidgey Farming or also Pidgey Leveling)

Pidgey Grinding evolves capturing a ton of Pidgeys, stock piling some of them, transfering lower levels of them.  Do not waste candy or stardust powering them up just stock pile them.  Then when you have 30 or Pidgeys and enough Star Dust to handle 30 evolutions use a Lucky Egg.  A Lucky Egg doubles the amount of experience you gain from each action.  Then start evolving your Pidgeys go through and evolve them as fast as you can.  Each evolution provides a big jolt of XP that is then doubled by the Lucky Egg.  This will allow you to increase your level very quickly.

One way to enhance your Lucky Egg even further is to wait until one of your eggs is ready to hatch.  Then hatch your lucky Egg before opening it up.  If you hatch a major Pokemon you could get a HUGE boost to your XP.  Then use the rest of the time evolving Pokemon (Which will likely be mostly Pidgeys and Ratatta due to how common they are).

You will build up a little army of Pidgeots and Pigeottos and thats ok.  Some you will just transfer and others you might keep to be guardians of gyms you take over.

This video also describes the tactic:

Hopefully now you can appreciate the value of the simple Pidgey.  Don't worry about capturing too many because the truth is you can use a lot of them.

Don't hate on Pidgey, respect the Pidgey people!

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