Pokemon Go - How to beat Pinsir

How do you beat Pinsir? Pokemon Go questions

"Its Pinsir with an S not Pincer with a C!" That was what a kid at a Pokemon Gym yelled at his friend the other day.  You know that a Pokemon is growing in popularity when you hear someone correct someone else how to say the name in public.

I have not seen very many BUG Pokemon in gyms in Pokemon Go until recently.  I think when an update to quick attack damages occurred something was altered that suddenly gave Pinsir (An evolved Pokemon) a much better attack.  Since then Pinsir's have begun showing up in gyms regularly.

I have not been able to catch a Pinsir.  He does not evolve from a lower Pokemon he is just one of those rare high CP Pokemon that you catch as is.  I don't think I have even seen one's silhouette come across my nearby/sightings screen.  I tend to think the players that have them are getting them through hatching eggs.  If you have a Pinsir let me know how you got it, I am curious.

Pinsir is pretty tough and I have seen it take down a lot of people's Pokemon but it really is pretty easy to counter if you know how....

HOW TO FIGHT and BEAT an Pinsir?
What is best Pokemon Vs a Pinsir?

Remember that Pokemon Types are very IMPORTANT 
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Want to take down this scary looking Pokemon?  Lets get some strategies.

The reason why there have been many BUG Pokemon taking over gyms is because that their weakness is FLYING Pokemon.  Flying Pokemon are VERY common in Pokemon Go.  In particular there are three really common Pokemon that can be used: Pigeot, Golbat and Fearow.

Most players have a ton of Pidgeys a TON a TON a TON!!!! You should be using all of those Pidgeys for XP harvesting by evolving a bunch of them to Pidgeotto and then a few on to Pigeot.  Sometimes its hard to know what to do with all of these Pidgeys other than harvesting them for XP well here you go. Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot are FLYING pokemon and work great against BUG pokemon. Use your best Pigeots against Pinsir and watch those birds eat that bug.

When I was in Calgary, Canada for whatever reason I caught a lot of Zubats.  I have not caught that many Zubats in Denver but certainly a few maybe 5 or 6.  At any rate Zubat is certainly not a rare Pokemon.  Well if you live in an area with a lot of Zubats he can also be used against Pinsir to great effect.  You will likely need to use Zubat's evolved form of Golbat to get close enough in CP.  Zubat is not the easiest evolution I think it takes around 50 candy or so.  If you are in an area with a lot of Zubats though this is definitely an option.

Pinsir take down using a Golbat (Flying Pokemon)
In this video you can see Golbat take down Pinsir.

Battle with Pinsir:

Nuff Said its bug squashing time!

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