Pokemon Go! Don't discount Magicarp

Pokemon Go! Don't discount Magicarp
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Everyone has been talking smack about the Magicarp Pokemon. In some areas Magicarp come up all the time. Other times people get them in Eggs that only hatch after walking multiple kilometers. Magicarp is one of the weakest Pokemon in the game. He also looks entirely pathetic flopping around on the ground. What agitates people even more is that Magicarp takes a full 400 candy to evolve. 400 CANDY! That is a lot of Magicarp to catch before you have any hope of getting something out of it

Here is one thing you should know about Magicarp though. If you can go through that grind and get 400 Magicarp candy you can evolve it into one of the best Pokemon in the game Gyraddos. How many people have done this? Not many in my area (Keep in mind I don't live around much water).

In the old Pokemon games it was very hard to evolve Magicarp too. You had to put him in a battle then sub him out for another Pokemon to take the lead and in that way he would gain enough experience to evolve. It was a long, hard haul however the reward was beautiful.

This unnsual and ironic transformation was even highlighted in the Pokemon cartoon series. Of course Team Rocket made the mistake of underestimating Magicarp.

Some Go Pokemon Trainers have set out to evolve their Magicarps. However, it seems like the more common strategy is to simply attempt to capture a Gyrados itself.

Video getting the feared Gyrados

The twitter account for Magicarp has also had a lot of fun razzing anyone who dares make fun its namesake

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