Jessica Nigri Pokemon Cosplay

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The many many Pokemon cosplays of Jessica Nigri.

Jessica Nigri has long been a huge fan of Pokemon.  She was into Pokemon way before Pokemon Go became huge.  As such she has done some memorable cosplays as a variety of Pokemon that includes Pichachu and Charizard.  Jessica is an international sensation and many of the Pokemon cosplays were some of Jessica's first.  Pokemon seem to work well with Jessica's Nigri style of taking a subject and giving it a pinup hybrid costume.  Her overall stature in the cosplay community as well as the abundance of her Pokemon cosplay makes her easily the most well known Pokemon Cosplayer.

Once you see how many Pokemon Jessica has cosplayed you will know for a fact that she has caught them all.

Jessica Nigri as Pichachu
Obviousily if you are going to cosplay as Pokemon you can't ignore Pichachu.  This cosplay is actually one of Jessica's early cosplays.

Charizard by Jessica Nigri and photography by Adam Patrick Murray.
Charizard the flaming hot Pokemon.  Puns partially intended.

Yes everyone know is obsessed with Vaporeon but you don't get Vaporeons without Eevees 


I actually have not seen a Slowking in Pokemon GO yet but I have seen a few Slobros.

Ash Pokemon Trainer

Dragon Air

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