How do you beat Mewtwo? Pokemon Go

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How do you beat Mewtwo? Pokemon Go questions

Mewtwo is a massively popular character in part because he is the most serious and scary looking of all Pokemon.  He is like a scary, psychic, cat Frankenstein, a FrankenMon! Mewtwo has often been considered to be the most powerful Pokemon in previous games. He is also considered to be a legendary Pokemon.

Mewtwo is said to come from a gene splicing experiment that was performed on another powerful pokemon called a Mew.  While the Mew is pretty cute looking the Mewtwo is big and scary.
 Due to its genetic testing the Mewtwo is said to have the darkest and most ruthless heart of all Pokemon.   It lives to battle and effectively destroy all other Pokemon.

Mewtwo Release in Pokemon Go

Update: MewTwo first release is HERE
This is what we have all been waiting for.

First release of Mewtwo was in Yokohama Japan's Pokemon Go event on August 13 2017.  Mewtwo was released as 49k cp Raid Boss.

As part of the Pikachu party event in Japan players were given a time slot to come to a stadium for a special stadium raid.
Mewtwo had previousily been tweeked slighly to lower its overall CP.  This was presumabley to make him more beatable for the event.  The event also countered the cell phone server issues by only allowing groups into the stadium for 15 minute increments.  Once that time duration had ended the group left and a new group came in.  This is likely how Pokemon Go events will work for now on to avoid what happened in GoFest in Chicago.

MewTwo will be released out in raids globally after the Yokohama Pikachu Party Event.  The Raids will start out as being exlusive invite Raids given to players who have done a certain amount of raids/Legendary Raids.  It sounds like MewTwo will be released in a few weeks.  This gives Trainers all around the world to prepare and you will need to prepare.  I recommend on doing some Legendary Raids now so that you will get on the invite list.

Niantic on Exclusive Raids:
“Exclusive Raid Battles are similar to existing Raid Battles, with a few notable differences. Exclusive raids will periodically appear at Gyms around the world; however, unlike existing raids, Trainers will be invited to join an Exclusive Raid Battle. To receive an invitation to participate in an Exclusive Raid Battle, Trainers must have successfully completed a raid recently, by defeating the Raid Boss, at the Gym where the Exclusive Raid Battle will be taking place. The invitations will include advance warning of when the Exclusive Raid will take place, giving them ample time to coordinate with other Trainers before taking on the powerful Raid Boss.”

You will be able to Catch MewTwo through Raids once it is released Globally.  However that means you need to get your Dark Squad ready.  What is Dark Squad?  See below for details you NEED a Dark Squad to take on MewTwo.

HOW TO FIGHT A MEWTWO or should I say...
Top Counters for MewTwo


So you have somehow managed to enter a battle with imposing Mewtwo.  Want to take down this ruthless brainiac?

I have some strategies for you.

Keep in mind that Mewtwo is bound to be super powerful so even with a type advantage it may still clobber you.

The First strategy is build up the Dark Squad.  These are Pokemon with an attack advantage against by using Dark Attacks.  See below for the Top Counters to see the Pokemon we have added to the Dark Squad.

2nd Strategy is a defensive Group:
Mewtwo is a psychic Pokemon and psychic pokemon have peculiarity of having attacks that do not work well on each other. One simple strategy is to find a Psychic Type Pokemon with non Psychic attacks. Two Pokemon that tend to meet this criteria are Jinx that is a Psychic Ice hybrid and Slowbro which is a Psychic / Water pokemon hybrid.  Both of these Pokemon tend to have at least one non Psychic attack.  The problem with this strategy is that both Jinx and Slobro are fairly rare.  People have them but I have not seen a lot of them.

Another Pokemon that is a psychic hybrid that has been showing up a lot is Exeggutor.  I think he could be a great Pokemon to use against Mewtwo.  Exeggutor is part Grass and part psychic.  His attacks if they are grass should work at a normal level and the psychic attacks of Mewtwo will have their damage halved.

Third Strategy - Most Powerful DPS attackers
Really where you might end up with Mewtwo is just using a team of your most powerful Pokemon and hope for the best.  Good Pokmeon here are Dragonite and Flareon.

What ever you do, do not use Fighting Pokemon as Psychic Pokemon have an advantage against them.  You do not need to give a powerful pokemon like Mewtwo any advantages.

Top MewTwo Counters:
I call this crew of Pokemon the Dark Squad.  They are almost necessary to have these Pokemon Build Up.  Meet the Dark Squad I think these Pokemon are now almost mandatory if you want to have a chance to take down a Mewtwo.  I don't think you can show up in a raid without these and have a chance, I think everyone in that Raid is going to need to show up with at least a couple of these in order for you to have a shot.  That is just how powerful MewTwo is.
  • Tyranitar with Dark Moves (Bite, Crunch)
  • Houndoom with Dark Moves (Snarl, Foul Play)
  • Umbreon with Dark Moves
  • Gengar with Shadowball or Shadow Claw. or Dark Moves Keep in mind this option is really a glass cannon and you will need to dodge.
  • Gyarados - Dark move Set (Bite, Crunch)

Other options Exeggutor or other psychic pokemon that does not have Psychic moves.  An Exegguctor with grass moves.  These are move defensive options.

  • Exegguctor - No Psychic Moves
  • Jinx - No Psychic Moves
  • Slowking - No Psychic Moves
I am not as big of a fan of the defensive options because in order to drop MewTwo's health down you need to be unleashing damage at a fast rate.

Other option is high dps pokemon these are just general solid choices to unleash a lot of Damage.

  • Flareon
  • Dragonite

I think this gives you a lot of option but really, really focus on the Dark Squad.

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My Dark Squad!
I am working on building my own Dark Squad.  You can follow my progress and learn more about the Dark Squad on the link below:

Toylab's Dark Squad

Mewtwo Pictures:

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