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A film that all of the Toylab Bloggers have been looking forward to is Suicide Squad.  The film looked to be DC's answer to Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.  A fun, violent romp through the DC universe that might avoid some of the dour tonal pitfalls of the previous DC films.

With that said it seems that Warner Brothers has heavily re-shot the film after fearing that it was trending down the path uber darkness path of Batman vs Superman:Dawn of Justice.  It has also been rumored that early production of the film may have been rushed.   These rumors while potentially true say little about the end result of the film however.  Sometimes films with troubled beginnings become great.  They do however say to the film audience press pause and perhaps keep your expectations in check.

Suicide Squad Rebirth vs Suicide Squad Film

Suicide Squad Rebirth is one of the relaunched comics from DC that has occurred after the Suicide Squad film. The comic is heavily inspired by the film with all of the characters taking some ques from the appearances of the characters in the film. However I can't shake the feeling that the comic is actually delivering the Suicide Squad that fans expected to get from the trailer. The Suicide Squad trailer was brilliant it showed a dark DC universe that was being balanced out with vibrant hints of neon. It showed characters that looked like fun, interacting with each other in ways that promised to be exciting. The actual film did not deliver on this it felt weighted down and generally discombobulated. The Joker that was teased to be a major feature of the film ended up barely being in the film at all.  The comic thus far has not mentioned the Joker and its working without him.

The comic though has Jim Lees art and the team coming together much more quickly. The comic series does have some of the exposition of the film. In each of the comics the back of the comic features Waller going through one of the Squad's back story. The character that really shines in these is Waller. Waller pokes through each of members own BS and extracts out excruciating nuggets of truth that the squad members themselves have been ignoring. I also really like how beefy Jim Lee draws Waller, she is just a mean no nonsense woman and I love it.  I do worry that comic's main plot line is going to end up moving too slow because of this back part of the comic being taken up by exposition.  That said I found when you save up 2 of these books and read them together you get fulfilling story.  The main plot line moves and the back parts provide interesting observations on the characters.

I won't say that Suicide Squad Rebirth is the best Rebirth comics. There have just been too many awesome Rebirth books. Batman and Teen Titans have blown me away. That said this comic does capture what that initial Suicide Squad trailer promised this is the fun, wonky, Neon light in the darkness action packed extravaganza that was promised. So if you feel a longing to see that film and were disappointed you might try this book. This time you won't be disappointed.


Reviews pouring on the film are decidedly mixed with some liking the film and others hating it.  Some DC fans have petitioned to try to get the film removed from Rotten Tomatoes because they are unhappy with the reviews of the film.

The stars from the Film are now responding to some of the film's bad reviews:  My gut tells me that the comic world is still hungry for a good DC film and that the Suicide Squad trailer is so good that the overall hype may help overcome the negative reviews.  Also it helps that some of the reviews are good leading to a somewhat mixed reaction.

Will Smith says:  "I'm excited for the fans to get to vote"

DC Cinematic Universe - Hurt
Here is a video that highlights the DC Universe roll outs continued bad fortune.  All the way through the Suicide Squad's present dismal Rotten Tomatoes rating:
Its poking a little fun at the DC universe, at the DC universes expense but I think its also good to see how all of these films have done, their expectations, and the result.

Negative Reviews:

Rotten Tomatoes Score:
Updated on: August 3, 2016
The film currently has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 34% which is lower than almost all other films in the theaters currently.

Groucho Reviews: -

2 stars
The result is a novel but muddled supervillain action movie, decidedly not for kids and not very fun for adults. The decades-spanning anthology of tough-guy (and gal) songs on the soundtrack is another sign of a filmmaking team that knows its film need some artificial respiration. Some comic-book fans will lap it up, but Suicide Squad is all sauce and no meat.
Thought this review was likely fair.  It sounds pretty consistent that the plot of Suicide Squad is muddled.

Vanity Fair: - Critic Richard Lawson:
It’s simply a dull chore steeped in flaccid machismo, a shapeless, poorly edited trudge that adds some mildly appalling sexism and even a soup├žon of racism to its abundant, hideously timed gun worship. But, perhaps worst of all, Suicide Squad is ultimately too shoddy and forgettable to even register as revolting. At least revolting would have been something.
One thing that Richard Lawson picks on throughout his critique that I find utterly bizarre is that Suicide Squad has guns in it.  With the list of characters included in the film it was going to have lots of guns.  It is an action movie.  I don't see how political decisions on guns change a perception of the movie.  There has always been violence in the world and art should reflect that.  Not sure what his point is here.  If you are thinking this politically when going to see an action movie, much less a super hero action movie you are thinking too much.  Leave that stuff at the door dude.
He later goes on to say that the portrayal of Killer Croc is racist.  I'm not sure what to make of this comment as I have not seen the film.  I know Croc is played by an African American actor but I also know the character is covered in scales.

There have been positive reviews of the film as well though:

Positive Reviews:

USA Today: - Brian Truitt
Like The Dirty Dozen for the Hot Topic generation, the team gets in-your-face introductions and things just grow more mental from there. But compared to its ilk,Suicide Squad is an excellently quirky, proudly raised middle finger to the staid superhero-movie establishment.

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