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It is time to dust off some Guilty Pleasures.

Before I start this week's GUILTY PLEASURE movie review, I wanted to give thanks. Thank you for your interaction with last week's review. Thank you for the conversations that grew out if it. Thank you even if you threw shade in it because that's what it's all about. Some people like rubbing peanut butter on their nuts and having the dog lick it off.

That's not my bag but you do you. If you don't agree with somebody, that's cool but you can voice that shit (Or not) in a constructive and polite manner. Which is pretty much what i saw last week. And so, let's get to it, shall we? This week's
GUILTY PLEASURE review is 2002’s....


Lets start with obvious, there are three Blade films.
To this very day I still argue that THIS one was better than the first and WAY better than that piece of shBeep.
BLADE 3: TRINITY (For which I STILL want my money back!). Blade 2 saw Blade/Wesley Snipes
(Liberty Stands Still, Under at 1600. If you haven't seen these, you REALLY need to rent both) reprising his role as the half breed vampire killing machine. He has spent two years tracking his mentor Whistler/Kris Kristofferson (Payback) who has been turned by vampires and has been kept away from him all over the planet. The trail leads Blade and his new assistant Scud/Norman Reedus
(The Walking Dead) to Prague.

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Where while finally catching up with not the group of Vamp's who have been moving Whistler around, Blade inadvertently gets drawn into a precarious situation. The Vampire Nation in the area have been set upon by a new breed of Vampire. One that feeds on Vampires! They have somehow been genetically modified to be stronger and faster than normal Vampires and apparently are only vulnerable to sunlight. After curing Whistler of “The Thirst”, Blade, Whistler and Scud are attacked in their hideout by the beautiful Nyssa/Lenora Varela.

Nyssa is one of the natural born Vampires who act as a kind of royal family in the country. After a brief fight, she delivers a message and invitation to Blade. He is asked to meet an Elder Vampire known as Damaskinos/Thomas Kretshmann (Wanted). He is not only her father and leader of the Vampire Nation but, possibly the oldest living Vampire (And he f BEEPIN’LOOKS IT! The make-up job on this guy was amazing!).

After meeting with Damaskinos, Blade is offered the chance to work with The Blood Pack. An elite team of natural born special operators. There's just one small problem, this team has been training for years to kill Blade! (Now ain't THAT a bitch?) After some dick-measuring, they set off to not only kill
The Reapers but try and find out how they came to be in the first place. Now let's be fair, this movie did come out in 2002.

So, Vampire special effects have come a long way even on the small screen (Hello The Strain). Which, if you look at these Vampires and the one's on The Strain, I'm not saying somebody stole from this movie but C’MON MAN!). But, this year, this movie pretty much defined the genre and put a little spin on it as well. Vampires that eat other Vampires? That ain't never been done before. I think the thing that makes this a GUILTY PLEASURE is, do you really wait until Halloween to watch it? It is a good time to be had by all. Personally I like it in all seasons. Yes I own it.  If you haven't seen it, I encourage you to at least rent it.

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