Why people hate Spark leader of Team Instinct in Pokemon Go?

Why people hate Spark leader of Team Instinct in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go! caught the world by storm when it was released in July.  The company's developer held a panel about the popular application at San Diego Comic Con.  A few things were noteworthy during the panel notably that company is looking for improvements to Pokestops as well as revealing art of the leaders of the three teams featured in the game.

The leaders heretofore had only been featured as colored silhouettes making them somewhat enigmatic.  The lack of game connections to the leaders also made them feel somewhat inconsequential.  After a trainer leveled past level 5 the leaders were not encountered again.

Official Spark artwork

The art work really SPARKed something in fans.

The new art released of the trainers quickly changed that.  The internet horde of Pokemon Go fans began creating tons and tons of art and memes relating to the trainers.  The trainer that seemed to catch the most Love and Hate was the leader of team Insight, Spark.  What might be the most ironic thing about this is that team Instinct is by far the smallest team.  They are complete underdogs in the game.  Maybe his team's underdog status is what launched people to have such a passionate response his character.   Spark seemed to be the most casual and easy going of the leaders and some fans hated it, while others loved it.  Spark has been featured as friendly, affable, full of innocence while the other trainers peer on steeped in enigmatic power and focus.

The amount of artwork created in an extremely short amount of time is crazy.

Many pieces of artwork show Spark Dabbing, dancing, having fun, eating, and generally going around being carefree.

Why so much passion?  Maybe its because some people who take the game seriously wanted to be in a team that take it as seriously as they do.  Other perhaps think that people take the game way too seriously and thus see Spark as a spokesman for their feelings.  The character is also heavily contrasted from the other more serious looking leaders.

The Truth about Spark
Toylab Pokemon Trainers have a crazy theory about Spark.  Why he was created and who he connects to in the overall Pokemon universe.  If you want to put on your tin foil hat and take a fun ride through a worm hole of weird check out the Pokemon War Journal.

The Pokemon War Journal

Spark Art from the web:
Fans of Pokemon Go went out and creates tons of Spark art and short cartoons featuring Spark interacting with the other Pokemon Go Team Leaders.

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