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It is time to dust off some Guilty Pleasures.

I wanted to try something new this week. I wanted to try and start a weekly discussion on a genre of movies that in the end, I would hope to stir up a lot of talk. Some good memories and maybe even encourage you to rent a movie you haven't seen. This next five weeks will focus on GUILTY PLEASURE type movies. Movies that we may have all scene and enjoyed but were not well received for some reason. Whether it be acting, story, cast or what have you but WE STILL LOVED THEM! The ground rules are simple. These movies cannot have been a franchise  (Meaning no more than two). They probably won't have any redeeming qualities other than action, special effects or more slow-mo moves than a porno.


Sucker Punch Trailer:

This week's GUILTY PLEASURE discussion will focus on the 2011’s SUCKER PUNCH. This “Let's take some ‘srooms and jump down this f'BEEPin rabbit hole” trip of a movie was directed by
Zack Snyder. Yup. THAT Zack Snyder. Remember, up until this point, Snyder was only known for three films;

  • Dawn of the Dead (2004)
  • 300 (2006)
  • Watchmen (2009)

So while his visual and directing style was all over this, the dark tendencies of his visions were still kind of new to moviegoers.

Was this a contributing factor to its woeful box office take of only  $89 million dollars while costing $85 million dollars just to fBEEP'in make?!?! Was it the fact that, with the exception of Scott Glenn
(Daredevil 2015-16, Training Day 2001) this was a cast of unknowns including Oscar Issac (X-Men: Age of Apocalypse) at the time? Was it the dark subject matter that dealt with the attempted rape of a girl (Emily Brown) who takes up a sidearm against her abuser and is institutionalized because of it? Or was it the trippy ass way she came about freeing herself from this situation? This movie asks you to turn off your brain, don't ask any questions and just enjoy the ride.

After being locked away, Baby/Emily Brown is introduced to the dance instructor of the institution
Dr. Vera Gorski (Carla Gugino) who is in charge of cleaning the girls up for “Entertaining” certain clients. You see, Blues Jones (Oscar Issac) ran the facility as his own gentleman's club. Wealthy investors came to see the girls dance and maybe a little more. In return, they made fat donations and gave him a wide berth when it came to his operations. So the reality of the institution was that its patient, these poor girls were victimized all over again!

Baby, found that she had the ability to hypnotize people while she danced and while she danced, her mind wandered where she met The Wise Man  (Scott Glenn) who advised her on ways to escape. Also gave her fantastic adventures while she was there. Including fighting a f'BEEPin great dragon! So yes, with the subject matter, lack of promotion and cast of mostly unknowns, there was a good chance this movie would fail...and it did. But, is THAT why we go to the movies? Do we need things to always make sense?

I tend to vary. Sometimes  (Very rarely) I want depth. Other times, I want hot bitch’s in skimpy outfits running around with swords and firearms f BEEPin some shit up! THAT'S  what this movie gave me. So that's this week's GUILTY PLEASURE discussion.

What do you think of Sucker Punch? Did you see it? Are you curious enough now to rent it? Word to the wise, have a pint and a shot beforehand, eh?

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