Pokemon Go is AWESOME!

Pokemon Go is AWESOME!

If your neighborhood is like my neighborhood there are a hundred kids wandering around with their smart phones held out.  Some our on bikes some are walking some are running.  What are they doing?
They are looking for Pokemon on the free game App Pokemon GO!

Pokemon Go connects the Pokemon Universe to the real world through geocaching locations.  The game is awesome.  Why is it so awesome well first its free (Hey that is always good).  2nd it has that special thing that Nintendo does where they create a simple thing that alters game play COMPLETELY .  Nintendo Wii for example integrated movement in a whole new way and even though it was under-powered it was very unique and fun.  Pokemon Go is like that.  It changes how you play games entirely.  Instead of connecting to other users over a server through a computer in Pokemon Go players effectively see each other in the real world.  I've been playing for 4 hours and have already ran into 10-12 people also collecting Pokemon.  I can't think of another game that connects people to their community quite like this.  The people I met came in a huge diverse range.  I was actually walking around with my 4 year old who had a blast looking for Pokemon.  We ran into teens on dates, young kids on bikes, old people, young people. Another huge plus of the game is that it forces you to walk and explore, which is fun and a good work out.  I had a great conversation with a lot of these people.  Some even shared tips like that there is a Legendary Pokemon on Mount Everest.  Can't wait for someone to tell me if that is true or not.

You can also battle at gyms for control of them.  Each trainer joins a group red, blue, yellow and battle for control of gyms.  So the people you meet are also competitors and potential allies.

What is Pokeomon Go!
Pokemon Go is a game set in the Pokemon universe that is loaded on your phone.  Your phone then connects the game with your phones GPS signal.  A map appears on your phone of where you are and where special Pokemon places are in your neighborhood.  Also Pokemon are occasionally encountered and this will cause pings on your phone.  When you encounter a Pokemon you can capture it by throwing a limited number of Poke Balls at it.  You can upgrade your Pokemon by collecting similar Pokemon of the same type and then using items like Candy to upgrade them.

Battling is a little more difficult in this game.  You have to go to Gym and battle the Gym master.  Which is the person who has control of the gym and currently receives some Poke money everyday for every gym they control.  Nearly every neighborhood has its own gym.  They tend to be near parks.
I'm not sure if all neighborhoods are this good, I can only really only guess based off of my own.

Ontop of the local gyms there are variety of Poke Stops where items can be picked up.

Near me there are two parks.  One park has a Poke Stop, and the other has the Gym and a 2nd Pokestop.

You can not see the whole world from the pokemon perspective without physically travelling.  The game thus forces you to get out, walk, see the world and meet other people doing the same thing.

Walk Throughs:

Danger Danger!!! The game can be a little dangerous if people are looking too much at their smart phones and not enough at where they are going.  The game tries to get around this by giving sound effects and vibrating when you encounter a Pokemon making it so that you do not have to pay attention all the time.
You also have a pokemon tracker to give you some idea if any Pokemon are close to you or not.   So be careful.   Also do not play it while driving!!!

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