Pokemon Go! 5 Facts about Teams

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Pokemon Go! 5 Facts about Teams 

After you hit level 5 in Pokemon Go you hit an important landmark of sorts.  You gain the ability to go to gyms and battle other Pokemon Trainers.  This is a cool point because up until now you have likely seen many gyms but have not been able to do anything with them.  Along with the gyms another part of the game that is unlocked is Teams.  Once you hit level 5 you will be asked to join one of three Pokemon Trainer Teams.

The three teams are: Valor (Red), Mystic (Blue), and Instinct (Yellow)


Also commonly known as the Red Team.

Valor is led by their leader Candela

Mascot: Moltres

Creed: Strength, Power, and Perseverance

Candela emphasizing being the best through power.  She thinks that pokemon are even stronger than humans and that her Pokemon will be the strongest of them all.

Generally felt to have a competitive player vibe to the team.

Online Fun:  Valor is often compared to House Targaryen.  Also often compared to Reapers in the game Overwatch.


Commonly known as the Blue Team.

Led by Blanche.

Mascot: Articuno

Creed: Wisdom, Science, and Tranquility

Blanche says that Wisdom is highly important and that she is interested in how Pokemon evolve.  The team will emerge victorious due to analysis of the situation.

Online Fun: Mystic is often compared to House Stark in Game of Thrones.


Commonly known as the Yellow Team

Instinct is Led by Spark
Mascot is Zapados

Creed:  Spark believes that Pokemon are creatures of intuition.  The secret to this is in the way the Pokemon hatch.  Spark believes that you can never lose if you trust your instincts.

Motto from Instinct Reddit Group:
There is no shelter from the storm.”
While team Instinct has a low amount of members but they seem to be very active and have many forums.

5 Facts about Teams:

1)  TEAMS ARE IMPORTANT - In Certain ways -
Teams are important for gym control and battling.  If you battle at a gym of a rival team any victories you have their will lower that gyms prestige.  If you battle at one of your own gyms your battles will add on to the gyms prestige.  You can also get your Pokemon added to one of your own team's gyms it will be ranked by its CP value.

2) Instinct is SMALL -
Team Instinct seems to have the lowest amount of players.  This can be good and bad.  If you join Instinct you are going to stick out but organizing players to help you take over a gym might be harder. If you join Instinct you might join it with a family member or a friend.

Like I said depending on who you are this could be a good thing.  It kind of puts you in an underdog role and you might become a lot closer with the Instinct members in your area.

Mystic seems to be the biggest team closely followed by Valor.  Obviously this is subject to change but has so far held pretty steady.

To build up a friendly gym  you do not need to organize with other members of your team.  You can literally just go up to it and start battling.  However, to take on a rival gym it is best to do it with other players from your same team.  Communicating with other members of your team becomes important to do this.  Try downloading Pokemon Go communication apps like GoChat or join a group in your area.
There is a huge social media side to the teams, that includes forums and internet memes.  There is also ribbing and trash talk between the teams. Its fun to take part in and a good way to meet local players from your team.

4) TEAMs are not so different in the game -
The team names, leaders, themes, mottos, symbols really don't mean anything more than you yourself put into them.  The teams are simply a way of dividing up the players in Pokemon Go to battle each other.

5) SWAG - Wear your team's swag when your playing.  Meeting other players is fun, meeting other players from your team is crucial.   When your walking around wearing a t-shirt or a hat that has your team's symbol on it you are communicating what team you are with. Meet your fellow team members and find ways to organize to take on opposing gyms.  This really becomes important for taking on gyms but can also help to get tips on collecting Pokemon in your area.  On this note I have even seen people make banners to organize members of their team.

Be Safe and have Fun!

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