How to beat Vaporeon in Pokemon Go?

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How to beat Vaporeon in Pokemon Go?

Vaporeon is both common and powerful making him one of the popular Gym Battle Pokemon's.  Many believe that Vaporeon is overpowered especially given how common Eevee is.  This is likely due to speed being less of a parameter in Pokemon Go!  This leads Pokemon like Vaporeon who have a large amount of hit points and have strong attacks to take over quickly.

That said no Pokemon is unbeatable and the trick with beating powerful Pokemon is to find the right Type against them.

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So with that said!


The trick with Vaporeon and all WATER type pokemon is to use a GRASS Pokemon.  GRASS  Pokemon have a defensive and offensive advantage against water Pokemon making them by far the best to take them on. In previous games WATER attacks were cut in half when used against a GRASS Pokemon and the effect of GRASS  Attacks were DOUBLED!!!

Which GRASS  Pokemon to use?

You want to know why Vaporeon is sitting on top of so many gyms look no further than how rare and unpopular the GRASS  Pokemon.   Which one do you build?  Any one you can.  I have seen a variety of Water Pokemon doing very well in Pokemon Go and I think it has to do with how few built up Grass Pokemon there are.

Make sure you pick a Grass Pokemon that also has GRASS Attacks.  This gives the Pokemon advantages in both attacking and defending.   This will make it extremely competitive against Vaporeon.

Parasect with Solar Beam

My favorite and efficient killer of Vaporeon is Parasect.  Parasect is a GRASS / BUG hybrid and one of his combo moves if you get it is Solar Beam.  Solar Beam packs a whooping 120 damage in Grass type.  A CP 800 can take out a C) 1500 Vaporeon provided it has solar beam.
I will also mention that a Parasect with all bug moves is still worth keeping as it can take down another common defender Exeggcutor.

The best part of Parasect is that it is an evolution of Paras that is a common Pokemon so evolving a Parasect or even multiple Parasect's is not too hard.

My only warning is that Parasect has many weakness particularly to flying Pokemon so leaving him as a gym defender himself may not be the idea.  Though he could likely surprise many a trainer who attacks with a Vaporeon.

Electric Pokemon like Jolteon!
Another good way to take down Vaporeon is with evolutionary cousin Jolteon.  Jolteon's ELECTRIC attacks are super effective against WATER Pokemon.  That is right ELECTRIC attacks work well against WATER pokemon.  They just don't get the defensive bonus that the GRASS pokemon have.
Add in the other ELECTRIC type of Pokemon in here for good measure like fan favorite Pikachu / Raichu.

With release of Legendary Pokemon Zapdos would make an excellent counter to Vaporeon.

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