Preparing for Marco Polo season 2 by Sir Kent Said!

Preparing for Marco Polo season 2 by Sir Kent Said!

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Did you miss Marco Polo Season 1?  Time to catch up now as the 2nd season of this ground breaking series is preparing to come out!

First things first you need to know about one guy and its not Marco Polo.

Kublai Khan (/ˈkuːblaɪ ˈkɑːn/;[1] Mongolian: Хубилай хаан, Xubilaĭ xaan; Middle Mongolian: Qubilai Qaγan, "King Qubilai"; September 23, 1215 – February 18, 1294),[2][3] born Kublai (Mongolian: Хубилай, Xubilaĭ; Middle Mongolian: Qubilai; also spelled Khubilai) and also known by the temple name Shizu (Emperor Shizu of Yuan; Chinese: 元世祖; pinyin: Yuán Shìzǔ; Wade–Giles: Yüan Shih-tsu), was the fifth Khagan (Great Khan) of the Mongol Empire (Ikh Mongol Uls), reigning from 1260 to 1294 (although due to the division of the empire this was a nominal position). He also founded the Yuan dynasty in China as a conquest dynasty in 1271, and ruled as the first Yuan emperor until his death in 1294.

Kublai was the fourth son of Tolui (his second son with Sorghaghtani Beki) and a grandson of Genghis Khan. He succeeded his older brother Möngke as Khagan in 1260, but had to defeat his younger brother Ariq Böke in the Toluid Civil War lasting until 1264. This episode marked the beginning of disunity in the empire.[4] Kublai's real power was limited to China and Mongolia, though as Khagan he still had influence in the Ilkhanate and, to a significantly lesser degree, in the Golden Horde.[5][6][7] If one counts the Mongol Empire at that time as a whole, his realm reached from the Pacific to the Black Sea, from Siberia to modern day Afghanistan – one fifth of the world's inhabited land area.[8]

In 1271, Kublai established the Yuan dynasty, which ruled over present-day Mongolia, China, Korea, and some adjacent areas, and assumed the role of Emperor of China. By 1279, the Yuan forces had overcome the last resistance of the Southern Song dynasty, and Kublai became the first non-native Emperor to conquer all of China.


Trailer For Marco Polo Season 2:

When you have a period piece coming from directors
David Petrarca
John Maybury
Daniel Minahan
Joachin Ronning
Alik Sakhraov
AND Espen Sandberg
You would tend to think that such a project would be lost! SURELY this many people couldn't POSSIBLY have the same vision for a series! I mean there is a clash of ego's and directing styles that simply could not mesh between so many muthuf'BEEPas! This speaks, yet again, to the vision, faith, passion and ball's to the wall style of Netflix. They has a vision, a hope a dream for telling the story of
MARCO POLO which played out more like a big budget
HISTORY CHANNEL version of Kublai Khan.

They trusted that these five director's, using the right cast, setting and writing could bring those visions, hope's and dreams to life. You know what, season one of the series was balls on, in my opinion and I look forward to season two coming out on Netflix this weekend. MARCO POLO tells the story of a young explorer named Marco Polo
(Lorenzo Richelmy). Who, against his father's wishes, joins an expedition into the Mongolian kingdom in order to open up trade for Italy and bring Christianity to the people there. They find the journey to be precarious and the saint that Kublai Khan (Benedict Wong) asked to meet dies along the way!

Upon meeting with Khan and discovering that he rarely accepts failure for his orders, Marco's father, Niccolo
(Pierfrancesco Favino) offers to leave his son in the care of the great Khan in exchange for not only sparing all of their lives but, opening trade between the two countries. What follows is a wonderful telling of drama, betrayal and just down right HATE! I mean haters gonna hate but DAYUM! For it is a little known fact but Kublai Khan was much more than a blood thirsty Mongol. His interest including expanding his country through commerce and trade. He wanted to include all dates in his kingdom and test, he even wanted to include the Chinese...even if it meant beating that ass a little first.

Much of this caused doubt (Hate) from some who longed for him to rule like his ancestors. The costumes and setting are perfect and the battle and individual fight scenes are as good, I think, as the original
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Oh yup, I went there!). So, if your like me and you're chomping at the bite for the next season of DAREDEVIL, JESSICA JONES and the new
IRON FIST, maybe you should check out season one of MARCO POLO and then, kill the rest of your weekend with season two.

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