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Denver Comic Con time is approaching fast.  They have added a slew of new guests since last I looked.  It is now time for the Toy Lab to buckle down and decided on the Con Plan!!!

 It is amazing how huge this thing is getting.  It has buzz being generated all around the country.  I have never entirely understood how Denver did not have a Comic Con for so many years as we have had the largest comicbook retailer (Mile High Comics) in the world in Denver for a looong time.



This will likely change and be updated as we get closer.

The full list of guests can be viewed here:

Listen to our Podcast Preview of Denver Comic Con!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some names that stand out to me:

Movies TV 

Clark Greg and Haley Atwell - These are the two actors that I am most excited to meet.  Clark and Hayley have been the faces in the forefront of Marvel TV for the past few years anchoring the shows Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter.  There are BAzillion! questions I want to ask Clark Gregg.  Who is the new director, will the Inhuman Royal Family ever show up, what about Mar Vell?

Karl Urban - Karl is the Doctor Bones in the new Star Trek films he is also set to play Skurge the Executioner in Thor Ragnarok.  Skurge is a massively underated character and I am pumped to see what Karl's thoughts are on playing him.  As Bones he has a massive new coming out soon in Star Trek Beyond.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan - That is right Negan himself will be in the mile high city.  My guess is that he will not slip who was on the other end of the bat.   It still should make for an awesome panel if he discusses Walking Dead.

Many others including actors from Gotham, Star Trek and Vampire Diaries


The Comic Book related people coming out for this con is the best I have seen at a Denver Comic Con.  Among them are some of the most proflic and greatest writers in comic history including the likes of Stan Lee and Peter David.  As well as a slew of up and comers.

A major presence from DC is expected which will roughly coincide with their relaunch of the universe with DC Rebirth:   I was actually at the San Diego Comic Con after the New 52 announcement and there were some major fireworks at different DC panels.  This time I expect the fans to be much more happy with where the DC Universe is heading.

Official Announcement from DCC:
DC Comics is changing this year more than any time since 2011’s “New 52,” and the publisher is sending its Editorial Department to DCC’16 to give YOU all the details!‪#‎DCC2016‬ ‪#‎DenverComicCon‬
Don’t miss the DC: Rebirth panel on the xFinity Stage in the Bellco Theater on Saturday, June 18 at 4:45 p.m. The panel will include editor Dan DiDio who will give you the full scoop on what to expect in the coming months, along with other DC comics creators.
Plus, in Room 607 on Friday, June 17 at 1:30 p.m., editor Marie Javins and creator Shea Fontana will talk about the new series DC Superhero Girls, a hit with kids. Finally, make sure to hit the DC: Masters of the Art Form panel with DC editor Larry Ganem, which will feature some of the publisher’s hottest artists attending DCC, on Sunday at 4:45 p.m. on the xFinity Stage. (And you’ll still have time for all that last minute shopping before the show closes!)

Stan Lee - 
Stan The Man Lee - He recently announced that he will be sticking closer to home and may have done his last NYC comic con.  The most active Marvel writer of all time is not getting any younger and now is the time to meet him.

John Romita Jr - 
Spider-Man, Punisher, Marvel, DC John is one of the most well known comic artists.  John's father was also a famous Spider-Man artist making the Romita name synomous with with the wall crawler.

Alex Saviuk - 
Alex Saviuk was a longtime artist of Web of Spider-Man and creator of the villainous Tombstone.
My first comics were drawn by Alex Saviuk and in my minds eye Spider-Man should still look the way that Alex Saviuk drew him.  This is no coincidence because he was the artist on nearly 70 issues of Web of Spider-Man along with a few Amazing Spider-Man making him one of top Spider-Man artists ever!

Georges Jeanty - 
Jeanty has done amazing work with both the Buffy and Firefly comics and he is a totally awesome dude to talk to.

J Scott Campbell -
Scott is one of the most famous artists known especially for his drawings of  dynamic females.

Peter David -
Among the most prolific and outspoken comic writers of alltime Peter David always generates interesting stories whether on the page or in a panel.  Last I looked Peter was in the top 10 most prolific Marvel writers.

Jim Shooter - 
The often controversial former editor in chief of Marvel will be in attendance.  Shooter presided over many changes at Marvel including sales to specialty stores.  He also led the company through Secret Wars and many famous Marvel stories including Frank Miller's run on Daredevil and Claremont's X-Men run.  Despite many successes and obvious talent for story telling Shooter is also known for losing some of Marvel's talent to DC.  Shooter eventually left Marvel to go to Valiant and later in 1993 to Defiance where he was embroiled in a famous lawsuit over the title Warriors of Plasm.  Marvel said the title Warriors of Plasm infringed on their character Plasmer.  Eventually, Defiant won the court battle but after spending 300k in courtroom fees Defiant's capital had eroded and the company eventually collapsed.
Shooter has been accused of some writers including fellow guest Peter David of taking too much credit for the specialty store sales model.

There are always great Cosplayers at Denver Comic Con which really adds to the fun.  There are professionals that come here as well really amazing amateurs.  No matter who they are they make the crowd really colorful and vibrant.

Ivy DoomKitty -
Ivy is a professional cosplayer known especially for her Gender Bending take on Doctor Doom.

Cara Nichol AKA AZ Powergirl
Cara has attended every Denver Comic Con and always makes a splash with one of her cosplays.  She is at the forefront of using her cosplay fame to launch comics and other entrepreneurial vehicles so I always pay attention to her.  Last I heard she was running for a seat in the House of Representatives of Arizona with the Green Party.  

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