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Who is Mister Sinister?

Mister Sinister is an X-Men villain known for his obsession with Cyclops and Jean Grey.  He has is one of the most gifted acolytes of the mutant Apocalypse.  Mister Sinister has not appeared in the X-Men film's yet but he his hinted as the next villain in X-Men Apocalypse.

Name (Aliases): Nathaniel Essex, Nathan Milbury, Robert Windsor, Mr Sinister, Sinister

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #221

"I care enough to wish you and your brothers to be protected from this illness"

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Original Unfinished:
Claremont's initial biography was for Mister Sinister to be an extremely slow aging mutant.  He meets cyclops in an orphanage and has the appearance of a 10 year old child but is actually over 50.  Frustrated at not being taken seriously he creates the persona of Mister Sinister.   Mister Sinister is thus the epitome of what a child would find scary.   This biography was never finished due to Claremont leaving X-Men before he could finish it.

In 1800 London Nathaniel Essex is one of the preeminent minds in biology along with contemporary Charles Darwin.  Essex begins to see what he calls "Essex Factors" gene leading humanity toward a wave of  powerful mutations.  Essex is eventually shunned by the scientific community for his increasingly extreme beliefs.  Essex decides that if society considers himself a monster than he might as well become one.  He digs up his dead son and begins experimenting on his body.  He also creates a group of extremists called the Marauders.  He begins to craft a belief in enhancing and forcing evolution upon humanity.  The Marauders begin to kidnap homeless people to become test subjects in Essex's increasingly macabre experiments.

Essex is able to trace back the strain of mutation to its base 0 candidate and immortal Egyptian known as En Sabah Nur also as Apocalypse.  The Marauders awaken Nur and bring him to England where he works with Essex to further advance his knowledge of the mutant condition.

Nur and Essex's work would have led to the conquest of England but this is prevented by a time traveling Cyclops and Phoenix.  The two heroes are out to kill Essex to prevent him from becoming Mister Sinister.  They manage to prevent Apocalypse from conquering England but in the process are captured by Apocalypse and are given to Essex for experimentation.  Essex is fascinated by Jean and Cyclops however Jean warns him that his work will lead to the destruction of mankind.  Suddenly, frightened he returns home in the hopes of leaving behind his work.  He finds that his wife has freed all of his prisoners and gone into early labor.  As she dies she denies him forgiveness and says that:

"To me, you are ...utterly...and contemptibly sinister."

With his wife dead, Essex agrees to build a terrible plague for Apocalypse.  Apocalypse remakes Essex giving him advanced healing powers.  The new monstrosity that was Nathanial Essex then decides to call himself Mister Sinister.

While Mister Sinister is one of Apocalypse's longest serving servants he is also one of his most devious.  It is Sinister who seeks a way to kill Apocalypse which he believes can be done through the genetic offspring of Cyclops and Jean Grey.  Ever since capturing the pair in the 1800s Mister Sinister obsesses with the genetic capabilities of Cyclops and Jean Grey.  He creates a clone of Jean Grey called Madelyn Pryor who he ended up breeding with Cyclops.  This leads to the offspring of pair Nathan who is also known as Cable.  In the end Mister Sinister is correct and Cable kills Apocalypse.

Through his own and Apocalypses experimental mutations Essex has been altered to have numerous powers.  In one experiment he steals genetic material from the mutant known as the Courier who provides him with cellular level control of his own body.

  • Advanced Healing Factor
  • Longevity - Near immortality
  • Telepathic
  • Telepathy
  • Energy Projection
  • Teleportation - believed to be accomplished through tesseract technology in his home base.

Fox Films

Mister Sinister is thought to be the main villain in the an upcoming X-Men film.  In the of the film X-Men Apocalypse it was revealed that Wolverine's blood samples had been acquired by Nathaniel Essex aka Mister Sinister.

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