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 I don't think it is possible for me to express how nearly perfect this movie was. I don't think I could ever say enough on the thought, energy and effort that went in condensing what was a UNIVERSE spanning incident down to something personal and intimate between The Avengers and the government. In this review, I will try to avoid spoilers as much as possible. In case some of you were hospitalized or that child support warrant finally caught with you. I will start it, as all stories should, from the beginning.

For all of you square pegs who ain't hip to comic's, here is how it all went down in the comics.  Public sentiment toward superheroes plummeted after an incident in Stamford, Connecticut, in which the New Warriors, a group of young superheroes and the focus of a reality TV show, botched an attempt to apprehend a group of supervillains in a quest for better ratings. In the resulting fight the villain Nitro used his explosive powers to destroy several city blocks, including an elementary school at the epicenter, resulting in the death of more than 600 civilians, 60 of whom were children, with just Speedball of the Warriors and Nitro himself surviving. Although many high-profile superheroes assisted in the relief and rescue effort, there were a number of isolated revenge attacks, and support for registration rose.

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Captain America: CIVIL WAR Trailer

As public sentiment and rage grew against super powered people , Ironman, Dr. Reed Richards and
Ms. Marvel all took more authoritative roles in the registration act. Captain America and others found the act to be over reach and stood against it. And that, boys and girls, is how CIVIL WAR was started in the comics. Writers Christopher Markus,
Stephen McFeely, Mark Miller, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby KNEW there was simply NO WAY TO include ALL of the character's that were involved in
Civil War from the comics. Not without loosing something from the story.

Not without sacrificing depth or feeling or substance. If they did, it would have become this big, loud THING with too much to follow and no one would enjoy it. So, slowly, carefully, they boiled it down to three basic parts. What could be the catalyst for a bug screen version of Civil War? With the character's well already have and a few new introductions, how could this event grow organically?

Building a base for honest feeling for everyone involved? After that, they put it in the hands of
Joe and Anthony Russo to add action and the collaboration was an unbelievable success! There is an explosion at a United Nations meeting being held after over 160 nations ratified and signed the
Sokovia Accords in the wake of the Ultron incident PLUS an incident involving the Scarlett Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) The Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) Captain America  (Chris Evans) and The Falcon  (Anthony Mackie). In a desperate, last act of hate against Captain America, Crossbones
(Frank Grillo) actually tries to blow himself AND Cap up (Now THAT'S what I call dedication!).
The Scarlett Witch steps in, envelops Crossbones in an energy hex and him up and away from the crowds of people in the square where the fight took place.

However, he explodes directly in front of an office building window killing dozens of people and setting fire to the floor. I am reminded of an old saying at this point “No good deed goes unpunished!”. Public anger is nearly instant. Blame, instead of praise, is heaped upon The Avengers and thanks to an interaction Tony Stank (Robert Downey Jr. Once you see the movie, you will understand why I call him Stank) has with a mother of a young man who was killed in Sokovia, he is MORE that ready to sign the accords. This is also, in many ways, and origin story of a Marvel hero that many know and think it is high time he got some love.

In attendance at the United Nations meeting was King T’Chaka  (John Kani) and his son, Prince T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman). The explosion kills the King and dozens of other diplomats. It is shortly after that that Buck Barnes/
The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) is identified as not only being in the area but leaving the same van that exploded outside the building. The Prince swears bloody vengeance at that point and the world witnesses the birth of The Black Panther. Of course, Cap cannot be that his best friend would do such a thing and is desperate to talk to him before he is captured or killed.

Thus, the lines are set, the stakes are layed out and we as an audience are drawn in as well. I was told that, no matter how you went in, thinking you were #teamcap  (Like me) or #teamironmam, at some point during the movie, your point of view may be tested. EVERYONE has a great view or argument about why they believe as they do. I was impressed with the large fonts used for dates and location. I didn't like how they made
The Scarlett Witch have to balance herself while flying with her hands.

She's a f-BEEP'n Witch! She never had to do that in the comic! As the fight at the airport starts, once again I am reminded of an old saying “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. All of these people have GOOD intentions. They mean well but, is this the cost?

The villain in all of this,
Baron Zemo (Daniel Brule) operated as I thought a villian like him should. Behind the scenes. Setting things in motion and watching the pieces fall exactly where he wants them. Some people thought that his role was unnecessary. I beg to differ.

Here is a man driven, fed and clothed by vengeance . He knows full well the focus of that rage is too great to attack head on, ESPECIALLY without the help of HYDRA. So he sets on the path of a plan to have The Avengers do the work for him and tear themselves apart. Unfortunately for him, he did not count in The Black Panthers nearly
Terminator-like dedication to the death of Bucky that leads to his own undoing. Everyone shines in this movie and if you THINK this is just another superhero movie, you are so wrong.

There were honest gasps, cheers and applause from the crowds in the theater and you probably will too. Basically, Marvel and the Russo brothers gave found a way to make a franchise get BETTER! In closing, if you don't go see this movie, you will not only miss out but, you are NOT a true fan of comics or, movies for that matter.   This really the cherry on the top of the MCU sundae.

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