Captain America: Civil War - Easter Eggs and Comic References

Captain America Civil War is fuller of Easter eggs and crazy comic references than a barrel full of monkeys.

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There is a ton of stuff of Captain America: Civil War but honestly one of the best surprises is how freaking cool Falcon is.  Look Falcon has been a side kick type of character to Captain America.  He also is one of the characters who does have full on super powers or even a true super suit.  In a movie that is a full on superhero bonanza it would be easy for Falcon to slip into the background.  But he doesn't in Civil War.
Instead the new technology makes him a formidable opponent and just down right awesome.  Falcon looks flashy and cool throughout the film. He is both slick and smart using what he has to confound foes.  He also has some great moments with both Captain America and Bucky that add to the film's emotional depth depth and even humor to the film.

That was a great surprise for me.

Red Wing:

Red Wing in the comics is a pet falcon that Falcon can control telepathically and Red Wing makes an appearance in Captain America: Civil War.  Only Red Wing is a drone.  The Red Wing drone gets a few big scenes including one where its used against Spider-Man.

Moments from the comic:
There were a few moments that were pulled from the Civil War comic.

The most noticeable moment was in the battle between Iron Man and Captain America the two begin to really go at, and stop holding back and really swing haymakers at eachother.  Iron Man fires a full blast from his suit and it flashes up against the Captain America Shield.   The two heroes hold each other for a moment in glorious balance.  This moment is recreated in the climatic final battle between the heroes.

Another moment recreated is where Iron Man's suit is able to predict the moves of Captain America.  This was also in the Civil War comic.

Black Panther

Parts of the Black Panther mythos were actually introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron.  In that film Ultron takes the metal Vibranium to build his weapon directly from a Black Panther villain Klaw.  Vibranium of course is the metal that can only be found on Earth in Wakanda the home nation of the Black Panther.   While all of that is in Age of Ultron, we never actually get to see Black Panther or even Wakanda.

In Civil War there are no more subtle hints this movie acts as a full on Black Panther origin story.  A lot of the aspects of Black Panther are fully shown in this film.  Keep in mind with the Panther we are not just talking about a single hero but an entire nation and people.

Dora Milaje- The female body guards of the Black Panther appear in the film.  In one notable scene one of them confronts Black Widow and says "Move or be moved!".

Jet - The Panther has a highly advanced cloaked jet that makes an appearance in the film.

Suit- The Panther suit is highly advanced and made of Vibranium just like in the comics.  Visually the suit maintains the stark and simpleness of the comic suit.

Wakanda - There is a scene in Wakanda of Bucky being treated in an advanced lab.  The viewers are also treated to a big Panther statue like those that appear in the comics.   I think the Wakanda of the comics is so cool.  This high tech African nation is not something that I have seen anything like in any other film or comic.  We still only get glimpses of Wakanda the true treat was saved for the Black Panther film.

Spider-Man appears in all of his glory.  Tom Holland's Spider-Man is awesome!  Something about making him younger really adds to the contrast of who Spider-Man is.  He is the young wipper snapper, with smarts and iron will to confront older and more experienced heroes with awesome powers.

We see early versions of his suit.  We also see:
Spider webbing
Spider beacon

I really can't wait to see Spider-Man in Homecoming.

This Helmut Zemo is very different than his comic counter part but similar in some ways.  He does not have the comic mask and nor does he try to sword fight the Avengers.
All that said how Zemo goes about defeating the Avengers is classic Zemo.  In many ways the comic Zemo is the most insidious of all villains in that he really knows how to hurt and break the back of the Avengers.

Vision Scarlet Witch
Vihz - One of the first things I noticed was that the Scarlet Witch was calling Vision by his comic nickname Vihz.  This nickname has been used throughout the comics.

The two obviously care for each other and we see a growing livel of infection between the two during the film.

Ant-Man had arguable the best moment in the whole film.  I really don't want to spoil it but if you have seen it you know it.  It was so big it was hard to miss :).

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