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It's been a full week since the premiere of Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and one reason I have not written a review of the massive new film was work... But also, I struggled to find the right analogy to start the review with. So, this is the best I could come up with. You know how as a kid, you were not expecting snow on Christmas morning? You're 16, you wake up Christmas morning all excited in your feet-in Spider-Man under-roo’s.

You tear downstairs to the smell of pine and pancakes and the hopes of tearing open that new Optimus Prime Transformer. Only, you pass by a window and you see it, a fresh blanket of snow. That just makes the whole f'BEEPin morning better, don't it? Cuz not only are you going to play the sh'BEEP out of Optimus but, you are going to go twist some sh'BEEP up in the snow! If the only thing most of you took away from all of that was “What the fBEEP is he doing still wearing feet-in Spider-Man 
Under-roo’s at 16?!?!” then C’MON PEOPLE! 

How long we been doing this? I have issues...volumes and f'BEEPin volumes of issues. Deal with it! So as many of you know, I had several concerns going into this movie. 
#1-Could Ben Affleck pull of Batman?
#2-Could I work past my issues with
Gal Gadot’s curve issues (Or lack thereof)
#3-Would Jesse Eisenberg suck ass as
Alexander Luthor (Lex Luthor’s son)
#4-How f'BEEPin stupid was it to put Doomsday (Or a Hella powerful cave troll because that's what he f'BEEPin looked like) in the first movie when he F'BEEPIN KILLS SUPERMAN in the comics?!?!

Final Preview:

So for those of you who (For whatever reason) haven't seen this yet, I will try to keep this as spoiler free as possible. But, if I slip, it's your own dayum fault! The entirety of the movie is driven by a masterful plot set in motion by King of the nerds, Alexander Luthor. A plot that is not realized until it is far, far too late. This was a plot twist that I actually enjoyed. 

It was so masterfully done that until Lois Lane (Amy Adams) puts it together, you don't see it. I truly believe that had they used Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor from the T.V. series SMALLVILLE, that character would have been much more believable). Other than that, the only other thing I didn't enjoy was Doomsday. Out of all the villians they could have gone with (Lobo, Braniac) they pick the guy who single-handedly took out the entire Justice League AND kills Superman? Okay, whoever did casting and the story for this movie MUST DIE!

There were a few parts I felt kind of made the movie drag but, I was drunk so, it was cool. Now comes the part where I give credit where credit is due BEN AFFLECK OWNED BATMAN! I mean this style of fighting, the voice modulator, the classic grey and black costume. There is a scene in the movie where he actually moves like a giant bat or a monster from a movie! Oh, in case there are pussies out there who may have problems with The Batman he used to all the time in early comics. 

Be warned he kills the shit out of people in this movie! I mean, there's a reason people are scared of him! Made props to Jeremy Irons as well. He seems to have the look, build and age for Alfred and played him wonderfully. 

Now on to Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince/Wonder Woman.I did like the darker, more Amazonia outfit. She did pull off the action scenes well. I couldn't understand why she was after this one thing that put her on the same path as Bruce Wayne. I still am old school and I would have enjoyed more curves on my Amazon princess but, what you gonna do. Honestly other than that, she did a good job. Still say somebody needs to feed that girl more!

The cameos made by Cyborg, Aquaman and The Flash were exactly that, cameos. All in all, I'm glad I got drunk and went in with an open mind for this. Was it Deadpool good? F'BEEP NO! Was it Fantastic Four bad? F'BEEP NO! It is well done with a few issues. Like most movies and I hope you bare that in mind. Now that this is over
Bring on CIVIL WAR!

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