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Update on Lucifer 11/18/2016

Time to catch up with our favorite Devilish Devil.  A lot of crazyness has happened since we last covered the show.

Seeing the good doctor (Dr. Linda Martin/Rachel Harris) get back to what she she knows and loves was good. Not, of course, without a LOT of help from good ol’ Maze. The most impressive thing was Maze did it by simply being Maze. Let me explain, in arguably the most selfish act of selfishness and stupidity, a few episodes ago, Lucifer revealed himself to the good doctor. Who, as one might expect, handled it VERY poorly.

I mean seriously, what did he expect? He HIMSELF had worked long and hard on keeping the actual truth from humans. Yet, in his OWN desperate need for answers, he did it anyway. And by proxy, blew Maze’s cover as well! Of course, Maze had no idea of what had transpired when she went to the doctor to seek guidance.

Finding out left both of them hurt and feeling VERY lost. Maze more so than Lucifer who was busy dealing with the actions of his mother and oh yeah THE MURDER OF AN ANGEL!!! Lost there, are you? Well, I didn't post when it went down so, let me give you the 411 so you can be all caught up, eh? Urial (Michael Imperiloi) was sent by God (PLEASE be Morgan Freeman!) to help move along the progress of getting his wife back to Hell.

He had grown impatient with both Lucifer and Amendial’s ability to put her back in Hell ESPECIALLY now that they both knew who and where she was. Only Urial had other plans for the mother of all creation. He has stolen a dagger from the Angel of Death. A dagger that has the ability to kill Gods. Not just return their souls to Heaven or Hell but to completely erase DEAD DEAD!

Of course, he went about it all wrong when he threatened the life of Det. Decker AND beat down Amendial who has lost his grace due to him shagging Maze, indulging, enjoying his time on Earth. In other words, letting Lucifer rub off on him. So, after an epic showdown between Lucifer, Maze and Urial, Lucifer managed to get the dagger away from Urial and in order to save the life of Maze, ran Urial through with it! This is all in a desperate attempt at NOT returning their mother to Hell, where father wants her. This week, that f'BEEPin’ plot thickened.

The dagger was dug up and it’s power corrupted several humans into killing for its desire. That’s what this dagger does. An angel could handle the power of it but a mere human, hears it calling to it. It takes the smallest slight that human may feel and multiples it 1000 times. Its DRIVES people to slay each other.

At the end of this week's episode, after Lucifer was able to retrieve the dagger, we saw he and his mother get into a heated argument while he had the dagger in hand. The dagger reacted to his anger and glowed and began to flame slightly. His mother smiled, apologized, grabbed Amendial and got the fuck out of dodge! I think her plan to get back at her husband and back into Heaven, just got a boost. While smiling she referred to Lucifer as The Sultan.

Is this an angel that, much like the Angel of Death, has the ability to kill God? If so, is her end game now to use Lucifer as a tool to do just that? OH! Before I forget. I was SO RIGHT about why Amendial was losing his powers!

I wanted to circle back to the good doctor and how people affect us in ways we don't realize. The good doctor was just another human, as far as Maze and Lucifer were concerned. One to be used, and ignored on a whim. And yet, somehow, by simply BEING HUMAN, she became a major part of their lives. She became not only a guide along the path to humanity but, a friend, a confidant and someone who showed the HOW to care.

I think that's an important thing to mention for a lot of people who said that her role was unimportant in the scheme of things on this how. Probably the same people who thought Baron Zemo wasn't important in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR.

October Lucifer Review:

What did I tell y'all? What the F'BEEP did I tell y'all? Did I not say that Maze and Amenadiel were going to shag? That was not the only dynamic that had a light shined on it during this episode. Now that Lucifer knows that Detective Decker is the root of his mortality, what is he going to do with that knowledge?

SURELY the Devil will decide to save his own ass and find a way to either steer clear of her or possibly even just kill her? Or, has he been exposed to her for so long now that, he may decide to continue on his present course? Simply enjoying his adventures among humans too much to care about his own demise. The bigger question here is what happens when Maze and Amenadiel find out? You just KNOW they both will. Will Maze, armed with this knowledge, consider her a threat to be eliminated?

She has already been known to stalk the detective. Or will Amenadiel himself try to kill her just to force Lucifer’s hand towards a war that he secretly wants? I think after this week's episode, I will be ready to make my predictions for the season finale. 

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