How Hive dies in the comics

How Hive dies in the comics

Hive in the comics can be killed in much the same way as its host is in the comics.  Hive can slightly improve upon the hosts strength and skills but can not make them invulnerable.  Once killed Hive must then find a body that is dead or extremely weak to take over or else he is completly dead.  The Hive parasite itself could be targeted.

One interesting thing that occurs in the comics is that Hive infects the corpse of Madame Hydra and takes it over.  At once point the Hive parasite loses control and Madame Hydra has Harry Osborn's Hammer organization remove the parasites from her brain.  In this way Madame Hydra is killed, then infected by Hive, healed, then effectively brought back to life.  It is unclear how much of Hive's mind remains with Madame Hydra after Hive's removal.

The Hydra leadership really ends up being overall disgusted with Hive by the end.

Agents of SHIELD implications for Grant Ward

In Agents of SHIELD Grant Ward's corpse is infected with Hive in much the same way as Madame Hydra's is in the comics.

What this means for Agents of SHIELD is important.  It means that Grant Ward could effectively be brought back to life if the Agents find a way to kill the Hive parasite.  The interesting question then would be is what would Ward do, and also what would the Agents do with Ward.

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How Hive dies in the comics

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