DISTURBING - Master Pandemonium killing Scarlet Witch's children

Master Pandemonium is responsible for one of the most disturbing stories in the Marvel universe.  It involves him hunting down and killing the children of the Scarlet Witch and the Vision.


Scarlet Witch and Vision fall in love and get married.  The two want to have children but face one huge problem.  Vision is not a human but an android and while capable of many things having biological children is not one of them.  This problem is solved by the reality warping powers of the Scarlet Witch she simply magically creates two children, the twins Thomas and William.
The children though are not simply made of nothing they are actually forged from two portions of a soul.  Agatha Harkness reveals that the Scarlet Witch's powers can not create souls so that these portions of a soul were necessary to create the children.

Master Pandemonium is a man fused with a bunch of demons who is hunting to reconstruct his soul that he believes Mephisto has scattered.  He believes the two children of the Scarlet Witch and Vision are made of parts of his soul so he find them and absorbs them into himself.  This effectively kills Thomas and William.

However it is revealed that the pieces of souls that were being hunted by Master Pandemonium were never his soul but the soul of Mephisto himself.  Mephisto had tricked Master Pandemonium into being a soul blood hound.  Now reconstructed using the soul pieces Mephisto begins to battle the Avengers.  Mystic Agatha Harkness erases the memories of Thomas and Williams souls which hurts Mephisto and forces him back apart again.

All of this makes for one of the most disturbing Avengers stories of all time.  This is also an event that really drives the Scarlet Witch crazy and leads to her doing huge damaging things like erasing all mutants.

Yeah its pretty messed up.  I actually can't think of many Marvel stories that involve killing children like this.


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What to know before you see X-men Days of Future Past

What to Know before you see X-Men Days of Future Past

Days of Future Past story Cover of X-men #141

http://clzimages.com/comic/large/cd/cd_94512_0_UncannyXMen57TheSentinelsLive.jpg A few things to watch for and know about before you see X-men: Days of Future Past.  The story for Days of Future past comes from one of my personal favorite runs on X-men.  The run of writer Chris Claremont.

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First lets talk Chris Claremont and History:
Chris was given the X-men as a young writer because they liked him, but could not just hand the new kid something doing well.  X-men at that time was doing pretty poorly.  Chris an actor by trade approached writing the X-men like method actor.   He wrote a lot about the characters feelings, motivations.  His plots were generally more complex and dealt with deeper issues than those seen before.  He really can be credited for making comic books more serious and mature.  His character felt like real people, with swings of emotions, and desires. 

Chris has done a few stories that have already been made into movies.

 Famous Stories by Claremont
Chris and his creative baby- Wolverine
All of the Wolverine movies/stories are heavily influenced by Claremont.  You can almost consider Wolverine to be a Claremont creation.  I could write a book on this so lets just leave it at that for now.
God Loves, Man Kills - William Stryker story which was the inspiration for almost all of X-2
Dark Phoenix Saga - Considered one of the best comic stories during the 1970s, was really poorly recreated in X-3
Days of Future Past - Maybe the best X-men story EVER (Period Exclamation Point)

The Days of Future Past story to me is Claremont's masterpiece (Plenty would argue differently) and is the best X-men story ever.   This is a big statement because you are dealing with a property that is twice as old as I am.
 This story is important because it cements the importance of social and racial tolerance.  In this story we see where the road of intolerance goes in the Marvel universe and it is not a nice place.  The overall social roots of using mutants as symbols for ethnic/political/religious minorities is hammered home here.  The X-men may have done more to push the idea of tolerance of any work of literature, since the Bill of Rights.  Make no mistake you are watching a comic version of the Magna Carta, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Bill of Rights, Gettysburg address on the screen.  As a work of art the X-men may have shaped social attitudes more than any of those documents ever did and ever will.
The reason why it has not been made into a movie before now is because it requires the caste to be old and young and some how not to be cheesy.  Fox is taking advantage of a window where it has two X-men castes one young and one old.  Both castes are known already to the movie going public.  These two castes are a unique resource that allows for this epic story to be told.  It is a genius move by Fox to move aggressively toward telling this story and getting all the actors on board and signed up.  Kudos to the actors who I am sure may be making less on this movie because of how many of them there are...Big Thank You.

Changes to the original story in the movie:
The most major change I see is that in the comic Kitty Pryde is sent back into time, not Wolverine.  The change for the movie is done for a few good reasons though.  Days of Future Past was written before I was born in 1981.  At the time Wolverine was growing in popularity but no where near his present status.  He would not get his own limited series until 1982 also by Claremont.  A lot has changed since 1981 and Wolverine has become one of the top known Marvel characters in both comics and in the movies.  In the movies Hugh Jackman is likely the most famous comic book character actor.  I think he would beat out Rodney Downey JR (Iron Man) and Christian Bale (Batman).  While,  I am disappointed in hearing that Kitty Pryde will not be featured more in the movie, I understand it.  Not utilizing Hugh Jackman / Wolverine in this way would be outright criminal.

Iceman as an Omega Level Mutant
Iceman is considered to have potential Omega level mutant powers.  Omega level mutants are mutants who have vast world redefining powers.  This means that Iceman has the potential to be one of the most powerful mutants next to Jean Grey.  Bobby in both comic stories and the movies is somewhat slow in developing his vast powers.   In this movie we should see a much more advanced and powerful Iceman. 
 The limits of his powers are somewhat insane. One of the few times where we see what he is able to do is when Emma Frost takes a joy ride in his body and is amazed at his potential power. He can convert his body into organic ice/water/vapor.  He can spread his consciousness throughout water, controlling it and adding its mass to himself making himself huge.   It is unclear what the limit of this power is.   If he is near say an ocean he may be able to control the full body of water.  His physical body can be destroyed and he can recreate his body using moisture in the air making himself potentially immortal.  He can create animated Ice golems. He can fly by freezing moisture in the air and riding it like a surf board.  He can teleport vast distances by traveling through water.  He can create complicated and massive structures out of ice almost instantaneously.  He can kill anyone by freezing the water in their bodies to absolute zero.  He has used this power to freeze the Hulk.  He can also make most machines instantly stop working by freezing them to absolute zero as well.  He basically has the capability of destroying the world in a multitude of ways if he choses to.

What of these powers will we see on the screen?

Likely most of the powers will not be shown however based off a few clips we will see a pretty amazing Iceman.  He will be able to take on his Iceform, fly on a ice surf board and spray freezing beams and ice from his hands.  Look out Bobby move over for Iceman.  I think it will be beautiful and amazing to watch Iceman in this film even it is only shown for a few brief moments.

Iceman in Days of Future Past, Pyro never had a chance

Trask and the Sentinels
The Sentinels make their appearance on Television.  Fans of the 90s animated series of X-men will recall that the series basically started out with emergence of the Sentinel program.  They became one of the primary threats/ villains faced by the X-men.  In the "Days of Future Past" storyline kids of the 90s learned through cartoon form how terrible of a threat they were to our X heroes.  X-men may have been the first cartoon to show heroes dieing and dealing with the subject of genocide.  Heavy subjects for a Saturday morning.  
One of the first episodes of the series had a giant robot hunting down the teenager Jubilee for doing nothing but hanging out at the mall and being a "Mutant."  It was wrong it was injustice, it was intolerance being taught to us by giant robot thugs.  Is there anything more intolerant than a preprogrammed robot?  They are the symbol, the face of cold intolerance and because of that one of the most important villains ever created.
The classic X-men Animated Series Sentinels

Meet the future and 1970s versions of Sentinels in Days of Future Past
Part of the reason why I oppose Drones the USA uses is because I realize where a program like that can go.  I remember Days of Future Past and the Sentinels.  It won't happen you say.  Pish Posh, just wait.  The Sentinels evolve over time and so to will the drone program. They only evolve to become more powerful and intrusive.  Yesterday, I learned a drone flew over a pot smoking hippie rally in downtown Denver, chew on that.  I don't care for weed, but I know that what begins with Mutants can quickly end with everyone.  Of course some government good doer had our best interests at heart when he flew that drone overhead, so to did Trask when he built the Sentinel program.  Trask will be played by the brilliant Peter Dinklage who we all love as Tyrion in Games of Thrones.  I think he will play a multilayered, complicated villain in Trask.
YAY we just created are own Doom and it looks SWEET!

The new face of Intolerance

Evolution of Wolverine into a Mature Leader
Wolverine in the movies so far has not been shown as much of a leader.  In this movie he will be forced to.  We should really see Wolverine become a lynchpin of X-men and the ultimate and fiercest defender of Xavier's dream of a world where men and mutants live in peace.
Wolverine fighting Sentinels is also epic because he can just tear the suckers to pieces.

Final Thought:
I think this film looks like it is trying to mine the depths of subject matter in Claremont's writing and I hope they are successful.  If you do not leave the movie thinking about anything, then Fox did something wrong.  X-men should make you think, feel and most importantly care.
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How Hive dies in the comics

How Hive dies in the comics

Hive in the comics can be killed in much the same way as its host is in the comics.  Hive can slightly improve upon the hosts strength and skills but can not make them invulnerable.  Once killed Hive must then find a body that is dead or extremely weak to take over or else he is completly dead.  The Hive parasite itself could be targeted.

One interesting thing that occurs in the comics is that Hive infects the corpse of Madame Hydra and takes it over.  At once point the Hive parasite loses control and Madame Hydra has Harry Osborn's Hammer organization remove the parasites from her brain.  In this way Madame Hydra is killed, then infected by Hive, healed, then effectively brought back to life.  It is unclear how much of Hive's mind remains with Madame Hydra after Hive's removal.

The Hydra leadership really ends up being overall disgusted with Hive by the end.

Agents of SHIELD implications for Grant Ward

In Agents of SHIELD Grant Ward's corpse is infected with Hive in much the same way as Madame Hydra's is in the comics.

What this means for Agents of SHIELD is important.  It means that Grant Ward could effectively be brought back to life if the Agents find a way to kill the Hive parasite.  The interesting question then would be is what would Ward do, and also what would the Agents do with Ward.

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Deathlok Gifs


J August Richards plays Deathlok on Agents of SHIELD and has provided some amazing sequences.  Relive those moments again,...and again.......and again with these gifs.

Including his missiles and weapons.  As well as the x-ray look into him.






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Who is Hive?


Who is Hive?

Hive is a villain in the Marvel universe.  Hive was created by Hydra based off the idea of bringing the ideal of many headed monster to life.  Hive has not been specifically mentioned in the MCU.  It is rumored that Hive could be mysterious Inhuman founder of Hydra shown in Agents of SHIELD Season 3.

First Appearance:  Secret Warriors #2

Hive News:

Hive Multi-Media:



The Hive is created in the Hydra base of Gehenna to be a physical embodiment of the Hydra ideal of being a many headed monster.  Hive is a not so much a individual but an army of genetically engineered parasites.  The parasites can enter attach themselves to people and control them.  Generally, the people it takes over must be weakened either through injury, sickness or even death.  These parasites can live on in a host body or collect and form a single figure.  This entity can appear to be an individual by having a large group of the separate parasites form together.  When formed together it is not actually an individual but collective of the individual parasite lifeforms.

The Hive is designed to be completely loyal and adherent to Hydra doctrines and so quickly after its creation is appointed to be  one of Hydra's top figureheads along with Baron Von Strucker, Valentina Allegre de Fontaine (Then current Madame Hydra), Gorgon, and Kraken.   It turns out that Allegre de Fontaine was actually a triple agent working for the group known as Leviathan.  Hydra finds itself in a war with this rival group.  Fontaine killed her Madame Hydra predecessor known as Viper.  When the Hive sees the corpse of Viper it can't help but send its parasites into it and effectively reanimating her.  This grosses out even the staunchest Hydra heads.


Viper / Hive retains much of her old self while merged with Hive.  She has a large tentacle carpeted mass of the parasite attached to her head.  Seeing that Strucker is weakening from the battle with Leviathan both Viper/Hive and Gorgon leave to form an alliance with Norman Osborn and his HAMMER organization.  This alliance is brief but during it the Hive parasite is removed from Viper's head and yet she remains alive.  Effectively the Hive had brought her back to life.

Powers and Abilities:

The Hive is a collection of Parasites that can be grown and created seemingly at will and fired at a target host like a bullet.  These parasites can form a collective figure, made up of independent in parasites like a more complicated Cheerleader Pyramid.  Individual parasites can detach and be launched at individuals as parasitic pods.

Hive speaks in an arcane language that serves as a special encrypted language that can only be understood by other Hydra agents.

Can breath underwater and in the air

Bodies infected with Hive seem to have increased strength.

The Hive seems to be only able to take over weakened or newly dead people.  Sicknesses apparent in the host can also effect the Hive parasites.  In one case Hive was attached to diabetic person and that trait was passed on to it.

The Hive is rumored to be the Inhuman Founder of Hydra that was trapped for thousands of years on another planet. This character appears in Season 3 of Agents of SHIELD.

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Who is Wonder Man?

Who is Wonder Man?
Wonder Man is a hero in the Marvel universe known for serving on the Avengers.  He is one of the most powerful, and unstable Avengers.

Nathan Fillion will make appearances as Simon Williams in Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2.

Real Name: Simon Williams

First Appearance: Avengers #9

Character Creation Story:  Wonder Woman had long been a character used by DC.  Wonder Man was created by Marvel as a bit of a jab at their rival.  The character has gone into slumber at times as an olive branch to DC, and then also brought back when necessary.

Wonder Man Multimedia:
Video: Wonder Man's Origin in cartoon Avengers EMH

Wonder Man News:
Nathan Fillion is Wonder Man!!!

Wonder Man Relationships
Ms Marvel / Carol Danvers - Lover
Scarlet Witch - Lover
Vision - Brother / Twin due to sharing of mental matrix
Grim Reaper - Brother

Simon Williams inherits his father's company, Williams Innovations at the young age of 22.  Due to his inexperience the company quickly begins to lose ground to competitors like Stark Enterprises.  Simon asks his older brother, Eric for help.  Eric had been making money racketeering for the Maggia crime group and quickly created an embezzling scheme at Willaims Innovations.  Charges are brought against Simon and he was quickly found guilty at trial.
Simon is rescued from his prison sentence by the Enchantress and brought to Baron Zemo.  Zemo was searching for a test subject for a new super human project that he hoped to use against Stark Industries the public employer of Iron Man. Seeing Simon at the trial blame Stark for his woes made him seem like the perfect candidate.  Simon agreed to join Zemo's masters of evil and then underwent various treatments that gave him great powers.  However, Zemo added  a control mechanism to ensure that Simon would remain loyal to the Masters of Evil.  Zemo tells Simon that due to a side effect of his altered metabolism he requires a special antidote that only Zemo has access to. Without the antidote he will die in less than a month.  The Masters of Evil create a costume for Simon and the mantle of Wonder Man.

Following a staged battle, Wonder Man is accepted into the Avengers.  He there works as a double agent within their ranks.  The Avengers begin working on a cure to the ailment that is killing him but to no avail.  Wonder Man then leads the Avengers into a trap of the Masters of Evil.  Seeing the Avengers face certain defeat Wonder Man has a change of heart and betrays the Masters of Evil and rescues the Avengers.  Wonder Man collapses from not getting the antidote his rescue seems to have cost him his life.   He was in a coma like state that was nearly indistinguishable from death.   The body of Wonder Man is brought back to the Avengers HQ and is frozen.

During his sleep his mind is used by the villainous robot Ultron to create the android Vision.  Simon's brother Eric becomes a super villain known at the Grim Reaper.  The Grim Reaper steals Simon's body and has it enchanted back to life by a voodoo cult.  Initially, this makes Simon into something of a super powered zombie but eventually, he awakens from this trance and is back to normal.  It seems that during his coma, his body was actually adapting to ionic blood.

Simon joins the Avengers.  Despite his vast powers he has flash backs to his death that cause him to act like a coward.  Due to these cowardly actions he has on and off again relationship with the Avengers.

West Coast Avengers:
Despite questions of meeting the Avenger standards Simon is invited to join the Westcoast Avengers by Hawkeye.  Fighting and defeating villains such as Graviton, Ultron and his brother Grim Reaper began to bolster his confidence.  He even went so far as to publicly take responsibility for the embellishing scheme at Williams Innovations.  He becomes bolder and more heroic.  He is reminded of his mortality when he is all but killed by a Kree cannon.  Only his emotional ties to the Scarlet Witch keep him alive.  Both Vision and Scarlet Witch have been shown to deeply love the Scarlet Witch.  Vision's love interest is likely inherited from his use of Simon's mental matrix, something that Simon resents.

Civil War:
Wonder Man registered and was an Agent of SHIELD beneath Tony Stark's forces.  He joined the Mighty Avengers serving under Ms Marvel, Carol Danvers.  He develops feelings for her and they have a relationship.  She at times keeps Simon out of the frontlines due to her feelings for him.

Dark Reign, Retirement, Revengers:
As Osborn takes control of SHIELD, Wonder Man retires.  He goes on TV lamenting his role of a super hero and says that violence has only given him heart ache and death.  He later attacks one of the new Avengers teams.  He also has refused on multiple occasions to rejoin the super group.  He creates a group called the Revengers and attacks and nearly defeats all of the Avenger teams.  He escapes following a battle with Tony Stark.

Simon joins an Avengers Unity Squad meant to bridge the gap between mutants and humans.  His power, mind and essence are absorbed into the mutant rogue who now uses them.


Muscle tissue has been replaced with an unknown substance of Ionic energy origin that gives Wonder Man various powers.  He is basically constructed out of energy.

Super Strength-  Very Strong - Limits unknown - Considered to have strength equal to Thor
Super Speed
Super Stamina - Seemingly immune to fatigue
Super Agility
Super Durability
Super Reflexes
Super Senses
Immortality/Healing - Does not age and can regenerate limbs and from wounds using his ionic powers.

Energy Weapons - Energy beams can disrupt his energy pattern, which can hurt and destabilize him.  Energy weapons have been shown to disperse his form and consciousness.

Mentally - While very intelligent he has been shown to act erratically and at times cowardly.

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Cole on Fear the Walking Dead?

Cole on Fear the Walking Dead?

Cole is a character on the TV show Fear the Walking Dead a spin off series of The Walking Dead.  The characters in the Fear the Walking Dead have not appeared in the Walking Dead comic series.  Cole is played by James Abrahamson.  The original name on the casting sheet was Cullen.

Cole is a man who struggles to do the right thing and has a smart-ass sense of humor.

He is a member of the California National Guard that operates the safe zone in the beginning of the outbreak in Los Angeles.  Cole is part of the team that detains Griselda and Nick for medical reasons as they searched the neighborhood.

It is unclear if he survived the National Guards escape during project Cobalt.

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Pictures of actress Lauren Cohan from the Walking Dead

Pictures of actress Lauren Cohan playing Maggie Greene from the Walking Dead

Maggie Greene goes through quite an evolution on the Walking Dead.  She begins the series as a depressed farmer's daughter.  She becomes the lover of Glenn and eventually a warrior of zombie apocalypse.  In the comics she evolves into a leader that rivals even Rick in respect of the survivors.

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Deathlok's evolution on Marvel's Agents of Shield

Evolution of Deathlok
Michael Peterson who seems to be primarily based on the Michael Collins version of Deathlok is slowly evolving into the character.  I like this approach as each episode he picks up a new toy.  Also the origin of the Collins Deathlok was pretty weird in that it involved his brain being moved into the body of the prior Deathlok Luther Manning.  That was weird.  I enjoy this way of building the character and slowly changing him into a super cyborg much better.

I also can't recall any character/show that has done this where a character evolves over the season quite like this.

Version 1:  Peterson is an unnamed hero with mysterious powers of strength and durability.  We learn he has been experimented on by a mysterious group called Centipede.  The serum in his system is unstable and will lead him to eventually explode similar to the Extremis victims in Iron Man 3.  The serum is stabilized though by Caulson's new SHIELD team.  The serum was very likely based on Extremis.
And we thought he was Luke Cage

Version 2:
Peterson is a centipede soldier.  He has no cyborg parts but still has super strength.  He is training with SHIELD and even compares his workouts to those of Captain America.
Michael Peterson as a reformed Centipede Soldier
Version 3:
Peterson is blown up on a bridge and is reawakened.  His legs are gone.  His eye has been replaced with a cyborg eye.  Potentially, other parts in his skull and body have been plated in metal under his skin. This is moment where I first saw a strong Deathlok resemblance.  Peterson has the burns on his face and robotic eye.  This eye gives him orders from the Clairvoyant.  His situation of being controlled by an evil group is also similar to the Michael Peterson Deathlok.

Version 4:
Michael Peterson shows up facing Shield again in my favorite episode TRACKS.  In this episode he is given a cybernetic leg that has a codename of Deathlok on it.  He then kills a slew of agents from Cybertek for failing the Clairvoyant.

Cyborg leg
Version 4:
The beginning of the End Episode -Peterson / Deathlok now has a suit of metal.  He seems almost fully bullet proof.  He is shot in the head at one point and the bullet ricochets off what appears to be metal shielding beneath his skin in his skull.  It is hard to say how long that metal has been there.  Also he is given a blaster that can shoot rockets that attaches to his right arm.  His eye glows red and can be seen using an x-ray like view to see through walls.  He is also able to jump through a ceiling of an apartment and in another scene make a graceful landing after a large fall without difficultly any difficulty.
Skye looks at Peterson through an X-ray like view which shows vast amounts of metal parts and armor beneath his skin.
This may be the final version of Deathlok.  I almost doubt that though.  The show seems to be having fun adding to him episode by episode.

Now armored

Rocket Launchers from his arm
Skye looks at Peterson through an X-ray
Deathlok Version 5:
Version 5 appears in Season 2 of Agents of SHIELD when Peterson returns to help Coulson.
He has said to have various upgrades that include an EMP like missile.




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