Who is Dominic Fortune?

Who is Dominic Fortune?

Dominic Fortune is a slowly aging aging adventure in the Marvel universe.  He is generally depicted as a hero despite a criminal past and grayish morality.  Actor Delroy Lindo will play Dominic in the Marvel TV series Most Wanted.

Real Name: David Fortunov

First Appearance:  Marvel Premiere #2 (1975)

First Comic Appearance: Marvel Team Up #120 (This is the earliest comic appearance I can find)

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David Fortunov is a Jewish criminal in NYC.  He leaves and goes on various exploits that include various cases in Hollywood and all over world.  He has numerous run ins and adventures with various heroes and villains of the 1940s Marvel world.  He renames himself Dominic Fortune and becomes a global adventurer.

Fortune is one of the candidates of Project Rebirth that makes Steve Rogers into Captain America.  He is rejected but does later help Captain America.  Like Captain America he fights in WWII and also earns his own Nazi enemies.  Primary amongst these is his nemesis Baron Wolfgang Von Lundt.

Working with Mockingbird, Fortune acquires a modified version of the Infinity Formula that keeps him young and in full health.

Eventually, Fortune comes to live as a renter on the gambling ship the Mississippi Queen.  He and the boats owner Sabbath Raven becomes lovers.  The two share many adventures with each other.

Baron Wolfgang Von Lundt hires the Shocker to kill Dominic Fortune.  Fortune teams up with Spider-Man to battle and defeat his super powered assassin.  Fortune tells Spider-Man searching for his long lost love Sabbath Raven.  Eventually, he learns that the daughter of Raven has been trained by Von Lundt to kill him.  After battling and defeating the pair he finally finds Raven.  Eventually she dies of old age.  She leaves Dominic their old home the casino ship the Mississippi Queen.

In the comic SHIELD #11 (2015) Agent Coulson helps Dominic reacquire his boat the Mississippi Queen from a Hydra agent Tug Freehand.


  • Highly skilled and experienced fighter.  
  • Slowed aging
  • Enhances bio resistance to disease and healing
  • Peak human physical condition


Dominic Fortune will appear in the Marvel TV show Most Wanted.  Most Wanted will focus on the adventures of Bobbi and Lance Hunter as they leave SHIELD.  Fortune will make an uneasy alliance with the agents.

 Actor Delroy Lindo will play Dominic Fortune.  Delroy is a well known actor who has been in many films, tv series and plays.  Highlights include Gone in 60 Seconds, Get Shorty, Malcolm X, Broken Arrow and the new Point Break.

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