Who is Doka? (Snakeroot / Hand)

Who is Doka? (Snakeroot / Hand)

Is a famed Ninja of the Hand that faces off against Black WidowDaredevil and Elektra.  

First Appearance: Daredevil #321

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Fall from Grace:
Prior to joining the Hand, Doka was in an abusive family.  He killed his family in their sleep with his fire powers.

Doka is a character in the Daredevil story known as Fall from Grace.  In this story he battles Daredevil with the Hand searching for a special telepathic virus known as About Face.  He follows the orders from Lord Daito.  In doing so he faces off various heroes that includes DaredevilElektra, Shang Chi.

Doka is unique among the Ninjas of the Hand in that he has a special Fire control ability.  He seems to be able to create and control fire.  This includes being able to shoot fire blasts.  It is not revealed where this power originates from.  It could be he is a mutant, psychokinetic, Inhuman or it is a mystical skill.

Working to find the About Face virus he is killed by Elektra.  He is however revived through the Hand magic of the Sakki blade.  This 2nd life is not very long however.   He is part of an ill fated assault on the mountainous Chaste fortress with Feruze and Enteki and there is killed again.

  • Resurrection through the demonized sword Sakki.
  • Advanced Ninjitsu and fighting skills
  • Pyrokinesis - Can create and control fire

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