What is the Daredevil: Fall from Grace story?

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Fall from Grace is a Daredevil story that is remembers for being ambitious, and controversial.  Over 15 years since the story was printed in continues to be one of the most important and influential of Daredevil stories.

Fall from Grace News:
Fall from Grace  Multi-Media:

Fall from Grace was written by DG Chichester & Scott McDaniel who had the unenviable job of attempting to write Daredevil in the era after Frank Miller.  Miller had changed Daredevil and the entire superhero genre with his dark, gritty tableaus of Hellskitchen.  After Miller, Marvel seemed to have trouble finding an interesting place to take Daredevil without simply retreading what Miller had done.  Chichester had heard through the grapevine that Tom Defalco Editor of Marvel was planning to have him removed from Daredevil.  Chichester brought this up directly to Tom as he pitched Fall from Grace.   Chichester sold the group on the theme and some of the major ideas of the story that promised to have some major hooks.  One of the hooks turned out to be a simple cover of the first book that had a stark skyscraper and Daredevil falling out of it.

Highlights of Fall of Grace:

  • Elektra is returned to life by the Hand.
  • Daredevil must face high powered super villains including the Hand and Venom.
  • Daredevil receives a new armored suit
  • Fall from Grace is one of the first comic stories ever to have a digital promotion that was created by Chichester himself.

Premise and Plot:
The Hand, Daredevil and Venom race to acquire a United States telepathic virus called About Face.  In so doing a new Elektra is reborn.

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