Toylab Podcast in the works!

Hi this is Matty one of the founding Bloggers at Toylab.

The over arching idea of Toylab is to create an information backed community that allows users to quickly delve deeper into subjects.  To gain a variety of connected info and media quickly and do it with a personality.  To act as wiki but in a living ecosystem with discussion, opinions, and comraderie.

My word for what Toylab is, is a DBC a Data Backed Community.

We are always looking to engage our fantastic followers whom we look upon as family.  No joke, we really value and care about you.  As such your input is treasured.  Especially as we add a new level or feature to the community.


A couple of us have been trying to get this up and going for awhile now and we have been very humbled by the process.  WE ARE NOT RADIO GUYS.  Our voices are getting a bit of a work out.  That said we have a growing a line up of subject matter and interesting bloggers to appear on the show.  So look out here comes the Toylab Podcast.

Music wise we are lucky in that Matty knows a few bands.  One of the bands Elan Vital has some great music that they have agreed to share with the cast.   They also have a new album coming out so expect to hear more about them as the Podcast grows and evolves.

Here is the intro we have been working on.  It is a work in progress but we are kind of pumped that we have gotten this far.

We hope to launch the first full episode over the next 2 weeks so stay Tuned!

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