Lucifer deals with human weakness Review by Sir Kent

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What did I tell y'all? What the fuck did I tell y'all? Did I not say that Maze and Amenadiel were going to shag? That was not the only dynamic that had a light shined on it during this episode. Now that Lucifer knows that Detective Decker is the root of his mortality, what is he going to do with that knowledge? 

SURELY the Devil will decide to save his own ass and find a way to either steer clear of her or possibly even just kill her? Or, has he been exposed to her for so long now that, he may decide to continue on his present course? Simply enjoying his adventures among humans too much to care about his own demise. The bigger question here is what happens when Maze and Amenadiel find out? You just KNOW they both will. Will Maze, armed with this knowledge, consider her a threat to be eliminated? 

She has already been known to stalk the detective. Or will Amenadiel himself try to kill her just to force Lucifer’s hand towards a war that he secretly wants? I think after this week's episode, I will be ready to make my predictions for the season finale. 

Lucifer deals with human weakness Review by Sir Kent

Its funny the twist and turns life sometimes throws our way. I had no intention on writing a weekly review of LUCIFER. Yet this week's ending showed a side of Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) that actually humanized him. He had the look of a scorned child
A child that was suffering the affects of feeling cast aside and unwanted. A child desperate for answers as to why a parent could put such a burden as Hell on him?

A child desperately trying to seek the meaning of his life on Earth, in Hell or possibly returning to Heaven. This was a Lucifer without ego or power, just deep pain. The episode focused on the theft of Lucifer’s property. I am trying NOT to spoil it for those who haven't caught up with it on HULU so, I won't say ultimately WHAT was stolen. However, I will venture a bigger question WHO and HOW did they end up where they were?

Also, is Mazikeen (Lesly-Anne Brandt) being affected by humanity as well? She (In her own unique and violent way) tried to do a nice thing. When Det. Decker asked her ex-husband, Det. Dan Decker (Kevin Alejandro) to check out Lucifer’s club, LUX, she greets him, knocks his bitch ass out, straps him naked and places him in his ex-wifes bed! All in a twisted simple plan to have them shag their way back to reconciliation! Of course, it didn't work BUT, it did show him that he needs to work harder to get back into her life.

So...high fuckin five...I guess? While for the moment, Mazikeen may be sympathetic towards Lucifer’s loss, she will see his suffering as a weakness and may become imboldend towards her desires for power. Last but not lease, Amenadiel
(D.B. Woodside). I am concerned for his “Loki” like approach to getting Lucifer back to Hell. His attempts to threaten, bribe and force Lucifer back into Hell have all failed.

So now, he has focused his attention on using other to affect his purpose. He loaded up Dr. Linda (Rachel Harris) with all the information she would need to force a reaction out of Lucifer when he was at his most vulnerable. Be it good or bad but, I was kinda thinking this muthufucka was hoping for bad! I get the feeling his motives are to be Father's (God. We still haven't seen him yet) favorite. Even if by doing so causes a war! Sidebar, you know this cum-stain was responsible for the theft!

Once you see the episode, you will believe me.

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