Iron Fist should be Asian by Sir Kent Said

There has been a movement to push for an Asian actor to play the Marvel character Iron Fist.  Even though the character has always been Caucasian in the comics it seemed like a reasonable place for Marvel to add diversity into the MCU.  In particular there have not been many Asian characters in the MCU.  However, changing a character race can cause issues.  At Toylab we have bloggers who argue both sides of the controversial issue.

Why Iron Fist should be Asian by Sir Kent Said

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I wanted to write a rebuttal to Matt from TOY LAB’s argument over the casting of Finn Jones (Read it Here) (Finn Jones WHO?) as Daniel Rand AKA IRON FIST. While I did like the points he had, especially the one he brought up about Iron Fist's popularity (OR lack there of) may being tied to his association and friendship with Luke Cage AKA POWERMAN. It pains me to think that because Rand chose to partner up with a man who he believed to have common goals at the time may have affected his comic sales and notoriety. It is a shame that even when it comes to comic books, the trump's of the world can still spread such bullshit. This goes to show, yet again, that Hollywood and comics have a long F-Beeping way to go!

I think this is a prime example of Hollywood missing an opportunity again. In the midst of ongoing racial inequality in movies and T.V., wouldn't it have been so F-Beeping nice for MARVEL to flip the script and use an Asian actor and start fresh. By no means do I place much blame on Netflix. They have only been in the series/movie making business for less than 10 years, right? However, this is more “Same Ol’ out of Marvel and Disney. 

I think INTO THE BADLANDS star Daniel Wu would have been a good candidate for the role. His ability to impress is evident from the AMC hit series. Despite MARVEL'S comic spin on the KUNG-FU series (Which was brought under false pretense and re-written with David Carradine as the lead) 
IRON FIST could have made a statement using an Asian/American as the lead. 

I'm going to be honest here, people know of Daniel Rand (Iron Fist) but, his comic wasn't overly popular. Evident by the number of times it's been cancelled. Of course now that MARVEL is working with Disney, ethnically diverse roles are coming along about as fast as that F-Beep'in’ BLACK WIDOW standalone movie! I know what you're all saying “Well the guy in the comic was a white guy so why not?” Probably for the same reason everybody lost their F-Beep'in’ shit when Michael B. Jordan was cast as the Human Torch! 

If we don't continue to try and change the image that millions of people see, then it never will. And how many will be left behind or not given a shot because of it?

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