Creed film review by Sir Kent Said

Creed film review by Sir Kent Said

By Sir Kent:

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People tend to forget that Sylvester Stallone was nominated for a Best Leading Actor Oscar in 1977 for his performance as Rocky Balboa in the first Rocky. The tend to forget that he was nominated for a Golden Globe for his leading role in COPLAND as well. It is easy to see how with the mostly action oriented and sometimes horrible offerings he's had is his over 30 year career. I'm pretty sure he doesn't want ANYBODY to remind of that abomination he was in with Dolly Parton back in 1989 called RHINESTONE. You know? 

The one where he wore the skin tight, sky blue, silk (I think) cowboy suit with tassels on it? YUP! Can't make this shit up, Google it! All of this may have helped him actually winning a Golden Globe mean that much more. It may have accounted for there not being a dry eye in the house when he gave a very humble acceptance speech after the win thanking everybody for their work on CREED and saying that he was just along for the ride. 

People also don't know that, he didn't want to do CREED at first. He Stated on The Tonight Show that he didn't want to do it for several reasons. One was that Rocky 5 was such an epic failure that he didn't think anyone would pay money to see another version of it. He is in his 60’s and just didn't see how that could be worked into a new movie. Then, he was approached by up and coming director Ryan Coogler.

Here was a guy who only had a resume of less than 5 films that nobody had ever heard of but, his enthusiasm moved Stallone but, not enough to commit to the movie. Then, he spoke of his father suffering through cancer and how happy he used to be with his father watching the ROCKY movies from the 70’s and 80’s. Those trips to the movies, seeing his father then is the image he keeps of him now. THAT'S why he wanted to make another Rocky movie. It was to make his father smile again. THAT was enough for Stallone to sit down with him and lay the groundwork for this movie.

It was understood from the start that, Rocky could NOT be the centerpiece of the movie. He would be happy with a supporting role but, this movie had to focus on a young actor who the movie goers could not only believe in but, rally behind. Enter Michael B. Jordan as the son (Out of wedlock) of the great Apollo Creed. As the story goes, Adonis Creed is angry at the world. Knowing that he is a secret because of how he was brought into the world, he feels that he has to fight his way out of his father's gigantic shadow.

He bounces from foster home to foster home, then juvie until his mother Mary Anne Creed finally finds him and takes him home. Even then, he is still angry, still fighting the world. Eventually, he finds his way to Philly where he seeks out Balboa who wants NOTHING to do with him or the boxing world again. I think, eventually, he decides to train him not because of him but, because of the love and respect that he still feels for his friends Apollo. Seeing Stallone portray THIS version of Balboa is touching, funny and sweet.

He was never a very smart man but seeing him try to understand “The Cloud”, dancing to old school soul in the mornings and struggle doing things that back in the day, he used to make look so easy to the crowd. I should also note that the makeup job on Stallone as he goes through his ordeal is very good. The camera angles and fight choreography is also very good compared to the originals. This is a ME problem but the biggest problem I had with the movie was Tessa Thompson’s hair. You all know I have a thing about hair and the long, fake breads she wore throughout the movie made me NUTS!

All in all, this is a ROCKY movie for the next generation. It pays respect to the originals while standing on its own two feet. Much like Adonis does in the movie.

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