Covers from Daredevil Fall from Grace

Fall from Grace featured some amazing covers.  The cover of Daredevil #319 the prologue"Fall from Grace" is considered to be one of the most iconic Daredevil covers of all time.  It may actually be my favorite cover in all of Marvel.
It is not just the case that the cover is cool artwork.  It is that its symbology fits so well with both character and the theme of the story.  It is the ultimate beginning to the ultimate Daredevil story.

A stark looking Chrysler building rises up the page like a stoic monolith and from it falls a small, Daredevil diving from the heights.  Daredevil can not fly, he can fire webshooters so the image literally shows the hero in an extremely dangerous situation.  The cover goes deeper though, it plays on the metaphor of falling from grace.  An angel falling to Earth.  This begs the question of how Matthew Murdochs morality will be tested and perhaps broken?

I can't the rest of the covers are quite as epic as Daredevil #319.  However, each one is good and introduces the super hero and villains that appear in each particular chapter.  Everyone from Silver Sable, Venom to Morbius make appearances.

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