Lucifer review the Illusion of Free Will by Sir Kent

Lucifer review the Illusion of Free Will by Sir Kent

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What did I tell y'all? What did I tell y'all? Did I NOT say that Mazikeen (Lesly-Anne Brandt) had a look of greed about her? Not for money or family but to do what she was truly meant to do. Spread pain and suffering among the world of humans.

I think that Lucifer (Tom Ellis) drove her to the last scene of this week's episode. After she tried to declare her independence from Lucifer, he kindly reminded her that this illusion of her free will is exactly that...AN ILLUSION. She was created for the sole purpose of protecting Lucifer. It's in her make up. It's who she is. So, even if she WANTS to leave him to his current obsession of exploring his humanity, she cant. 

Knowing that you have no say so in your own life, knowing that you are little more than a slave, is a hard pill to swallow. So, she has started to focus her attention on the person who she thinks is the cause of all of her problems, Det. Chloe Decker. This entire situation is only being made worse by Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside). He has been actively pursuing Mazikeen for some kind of leverage that he can use to get Lucifer back to Hell. Not to mention, there is a strange attraction between he and Mazikeen. 

With what has transpired thus far, the picture for the season finale is starting to become clear to me.
#1-Lucifer will be forced to kill Mazikeen because she will try to kill Det. Decker. Word of this will spread throughout Hell which will make Lucifer’s own demons come after him.

#2-Lucifer will kill Amenadiel which will cause a war between Heaven and, Hell.

#3-Amenadiel will kill Linda (Rachel Harris) which will send Lucifer into a rage that will make him have to fight both Amenadiel AND Mazikeen because by then, they would have shagged! (C’MON! They're gonna shag, people).

Even though Det. Decker is a walking cliche (This character could be in ANY series like this) and as of yet, I really don't care much for her, the series has legs. I think it will get picked up by FOX especially since they will be saying goodbye to BONES this season. Although, I think the “Civilian Counsultant” to the police department, has fun it's course. We DON'T NEED another show with this dynamic!

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