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Second Chance review by Sir Kent Said!

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You ever watch something and think to yourself “Does the F-Beep'in network T.V. just make sh-Beep to fail?!?! If so, what would be the endgame?” That's one of the MANY questions that go through my head as I watch SECOND CHANCE. It's billed as a “Sci-Fi/Drama. That is regular on the sci-fi, light on the drama and extra heavy on the WHAT DIRECTLY THE F'BEEP?!?! 

This is a modern, watered-down version of a Frankenstein story, plain and simple. Second Chance tells the story (Mostly post-mortem) of disgraced King County Sheriff Pritchard (Philip Baker Hall). Who was a hard man, not only in his duties as top Sheriff but also as a father and a husband as well. He was forced to retire because he did a bad thing for a good reason. This widened the gap between he and his son Duval (Tim Dekay) so much so in fact that when he learned of his apparent suicide, Duval was not shocked and even relieved in a way. 

Enter Mary and Otto Goodwin. Mary (Dilshad Vadsaria) is suffering from a rare form of cancer. Her brother Otto who is a billionaire in the world of tech (And has a VERY unnatural attachment to his own sister! I mean, in southern states, they would be married! VERY unhealthy and slightly disturbing connection there!) 

When old man Pritchard dies, he matches the one in a billion shot that they need to save Mary's life. Now this is where it gets confusing. HOW they found him to be a match is never really explained. Also, how the body they put his consciousness into, where did they get it? Was it grown or what? 

These are just a few glaring fails of this series. There are two points of interest for me. The growing connection between Pritchard and Mary and Duval having to deal with his father not only being back from the dead but, in this new body that is about 5 times stronger than a normal man. Mary did not count on the intimacy that two people would share when you have to transfer his blood into your body every 24 hours. You are in a chair, very close to this person. 

She has lead such a detached life and having this brute of a man around who is brave, Noble and selfless is intriguing to her. Even if the fact that there's a 70 year old man in that body gives her pause, there is attraction. Duval on the other hand, has it much harder. Not only does he have to deal with his father being back from the dead but, all the baggage that was buried with him is all back now! Only this time, he sees his father in a whole new light. 

In the end I don't see this series lasting. It is just too watered-down on the Frankenstein side and too light on everything else. It kind of reminds me of BONES only with a much hotter female lead. The show feels too unfocused and tries, unsuccessfully, to appeal to too many groups. 

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