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Original Post 3/21/2016

Okay it's official. I DO NOT WANT THIS SERIES TO GET CANCELLED! It took the long, scenic f'BEEPn’ route to “Interesting Town” but now that it's there, I wanna stay for a while! We all knew that Otto (Adhir Kalyan) is a anti-social, disconnected from reality dickhead who is in strong need of an ass-whooping and some sex (In that order...maybe at the same time) but we had NO idea just how f-BEEPed in the head he is! After last week's episode where it became painfully apparent that old man Pritchard (Robert Kazanski) was his BEST attempt at bringing someone back for the purpose of saving his sister. 

However he wasn't his ONLY attempt and the callous disregard he's had for the “Failed” attempts is criminal! Last week's episode dealt with one of the “Steins” (That's what I'm calling them. Frankenstein is taken so…) escaping from the clutches of pretty-boy Conner Graff and going on a killing spree. He was returning to places he used to live...70 BEEPin’ years ago and killing anyone who was there! This one was nearly 7-feet tall, had no ears and is strong enough to tear people from limb to limb. 

He was certainly more than a match for old man Pritchard who he mopped the floor with. This begs the questions, how directly the f-BEEP did pretty-boy know about the second chance project and more importantly HOW MANY MORE ARE THERE??? Another freaky fact about this episode was Alexa (Vanessa Legies). Her role was revealed as being one of the early failed experiments that was cast aside by Otto. She is not only betraying Otto to pretty-boy but, she is motivated by the fact that her husband, who is now in his 70’s and dying, needs the second chance project in order to save his life. 

What a tangled f-BEEPin’ Web we weave, eh? This series officially has my attention and I hope it gets renewed JUST so they can tie all this up

Original Post 2/26/2016

THIS MUTHU Beep'N A! How did he go from “Oh, he's just an extremely introverted super-geek who needs to go out, get drunk and find a girl.” To “”I’ma shoot you in yo’ dick, you punk ass Beep!” It's truly a shame that SECOND CHANCE didn't inspire such visceral feelings in fans from the very first episode. I am not going to bore you with details on the show (If you're curious, please read my earlier review.). 

I am going to speak of the developments that have come to light in the last few episodes. Otto (Adhir Kalyan) picked THE WORST TIME EVER to try and grow a pair and stand up to Old Man Pritchard (Robert Kazanski). With a woman's safety hanging in the balance, he decides that he doesn't want to help because he's being made to feel like a “Sidekick”! (Newsflash dickless, yo’ ass couldn't carry Robin's cape in a backpack!) This forced his sister Mary (Dilshad Vadsaria) to override his control and help the duo out.

This is after Mary went to pretty boy 
Connor Graff (Andy Canto) to ensure that not only would the company be taken care of but, Otto as well! Muthuf-Beep-in’ thankless ass! This is also a fascinating turn of events, not only is pretty boy going to take over the business but, he's shagging Mary as well! That is until the blood she's been getting from Old Man Pritchard started to work and her cancer is now starting to weaken. She told him the news and that because of it, she wants to call off selling the company. 

He acts happy until she leaves the room and calls her a Beep under his breath! His gracious act is revealed later on to be a greedy grab for power and worse yet, he has an “Inside Man” in the form of Alexa (Vanessa Legies). Her executive assistant who has access to...EVERYTHING! It's a shame that all of this intrigue was not somehow worked into the show earlier. 

Now that it's dick is on the cancellation chopping block, it all seems too little too late. Maybe SYFY will pick it up as NETFLIX seems to have its plate full of actually good shows. At any rate, I do think the series finale will be interesting. 

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