10 Facts about the Jungle Book the Disney Carttoon

Jungle Book the Disney Cartoon

The Jungle Book cartoon is known to multiple generations of children.  It was released in 1967 and is the last film that Walt Disney himself worked on.  The early versions of the film were dark and serious sticking closely to the themes of Kipling's stories.  Walt felt the tone was wrong for a kids movie and forced it through a variety of revisions.  He would not live to see the final one dying prior to the film's release.

Here are 10 fun facts about the Jungle Book

1) It is based on a famous book of the same name by Rudyard Kipling.  While still intended for children his story is bleaker with Mowgli struggling to find a home in either the animal or human world.  It is also full of allegory form the perspective of Kipling's British imperialist perspective.  The book can now be found online for free as it is out of copyright.  Kipling was born in India but spent much of his life away.

2) The film employed a variety of famous actors at the time and was released to great acclaim.  The soundtrack was quite popular with the song "Bare Necessities" being a memorable hit.  This was a good thing because the company itself was highly depended on the film being a success.  It is possible that due to Walt's death during the film's production that the studio could have collapsed if the film had failed.

3) Disney has released a few revisions of the Jungle Book including a rather forgettable live action version in 1994.

5)  According to one Kipling's children Mowgli's name was mispronounced throughout the film.  The name Mowgli should have been Mow like Cow not Moe.  It is unclear why Disney chose to pronounce the name the way he did.

6) It is rumored that the Beatles were meant to voice the friendly Vultures that befriend Mowgli after he runs away from his jungle pals.

7)  Ka the mischievous Python is voiced by Streling Holloway.  Strelling is more famous for voicing the lovable Winnie the Pooh.

8) Louis Prima who voiced the character King Louis is said to have been highly excited about playing the character and came to Disney with multiple ideas.  He is also said to have improvised parts of his song.

9) The song sung by Ka the Python "Trust Me" had initially been written for Mary Poppins and was re-purposed for the Jungle Book.

10)  Bill Peet wrote the first darker version of the Jungle Book.  While Disney altered a great deal of the original story boards some pieces were kept.  This included King Louis and the idea of Mowgli seeing a girl and following her into the Man Village.

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