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School House Rock!

By Sir Kent:

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School House Rock!

You know what I f-Beep-in' miss and I think the world SORELY needs these days?
SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK cartoons! Now, for those of you who fit my definition of a child (Anybody below 30) let me break it down for you so you can understand.
The School House Rock cartoons were a series of educational 3 minute long videos that were made by Disney-ABC Domestic TV. They premiered on ABC on January 6th 1973 and ran until about March 31 2009.

They put to song such things as grammar, science, economics, history,mathematics and civics. These were more than just catchy little tunes that stayed with kids. It inspired them to question the meaning of the cartoons. Go engage with teachers and explore things in order to learn more. You know, like their SUPPOSED to be doing?

It's a shame that children of the world now only have fuckin' Sponge Bob to rely on. OMG! How I hate f-BEEP'n' Sponge Bob! I think if we still had School House Rock cartoons, there would be no skinny jeans on guys. There would be no f-BEEP'n' "Man Bags".

(It's a f-BEEP'n' PURSE, dude!) More importantly, that relationship between teacher and student, wouldn't be the Greek tragedy it is these day's.

Here are some classic Schoolhouse rock videos!

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