New Year Resolutions by Sir Kent Said

New Years Resolutions!

By Sir Kent:

Sir Kent

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New Year Resolutions!

 As I was in the gym today, I looked around and I thought to myself "How many of these people made a resolution this year?" The definition of Resolute is- Admirable, purposeful, determined, and unwavering. The definition of Resolution is- To make the decision to do or not go do. Knowing this, if you are still stupid enough to make them, what happens if and when they fall to shit? Do you lay blame? Do you say "Maybe next year."

Or (Like me) do you drink a lot? There's a statistic that say's that the average American who makes a resolution tends not to stick to it past valentines weekend. The longest only last until April 15th (f-Beep'N taxes!). So, if these numbers are true, why even bother? When I was shot, the doc's, the therapist all told me it would take me about 14 month's to recover.

I did it in 4! Before she threw me out of therapy for the last time, my therapist told me "There are people who have half the damage you have and are taking twice the amount of time! I don't know what's driving you but, your wasting my time and yours at this point. Your as good as I can make you. Now get the f-BEEP out!"

What she didn't know was that I had simply embraced my rage. I was using it as fuel to get me back to good. I needed to be out there, looking for who did this to me. I was RESOLUTE in my recovery and trying to find the f-Beep'N hoodrats that had done this to me. An extreme case? Of course.

The point is, if you make a resolution, be realistic with your goals. Be honest with yourself and most importantly, find your motivation and live off of it. Breath it in, use it everyday. I only have four resolutions this year.
#1-When this security contract goes through, to kill as many of those fuckin' fuckers as I possibly can over there.
#2- To knock Venice and Rome off my "Bucket List" this year.
#3- To find a girl. It's just time dude!
#4- I think I'm going to start writing.

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