Who is Hive?


Who is Hive?

Hive is a villain in the Marvel universe.  Hive was created by Hydra based off the idea of bringing the ideal of many headed monster to life.  Hive has not been specifically mentioned in the MCU.  It is rumored that Hive could be mysterious Inhuman founder of Hydra shown in Agents of SHIELD Season 3.

First Appearance:  Secret Warriors #2

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The Hive is created in the Hydra base of Gehenna to be a physical embodiment of the Hydra ideal of being a many headed monster.  Hive is a not so much a individual but an army of genetically engineered parasites.  The parasites can enter attach themselves to people and control them.  Generally, the people it takes over must be weakened either through injury, sickness or even death.  These parasites can live on in a host body or collect and form a single figure.  This entity can appear to be an individual by having a large group of the separate parasites form together.  When formed together it is not actually an individual but collective of the individual parasite lifeforms.

The Hive is designed to be completely loyal and adherent to Hydra doctrines and so quickly after its creation is appointed to be  one of Hydra's top figureheads along with Baron Von Strucker, Valentina Allegre de Fontaine (Then current Madame Hydra), Gorgon, and Kraken.   It turns out that Allegre de Fontaine was actually a triple agent working for the group known as Leviathan.  Hydra finds itself in a war with this rival group.  Fontaine killed her Madame Hydra predecessor known as Viper.  When the Hive sees the corpse of Viper it can't help but send its parasites into it and effectively reanimating her.  This grosses out even the staunchest Hydra heads.


Viper / Hive retains much of her old self while merged with Hive.  She has a large tentacle carpeted mass of the parasite attached to her head.  Seeing that Strucker is weakening from the battle with Leviathan both Viper/Hive and Gorgon leave to form an alliance with Norman Osborn and his HAMMER organization.  This alliance is brief but during it the Hive parasite is removed from Viper's head and yet she remains alive.  Effectively the Hive had brought her back to life.

Powers and Abilities:

The Hive is a collection of Parasites that can be grown and created seemingly at will and fired at a target host like a bullet.  These parasites can form a collective figure, made up of independent in parasites like a more complicated Cheerleader Pyramid.  Individual parasites can detach and be launched at individuals as parasitic pods.

Hive speaks in an arcane language that serves as a special encrypted language that can only be understood by other Hydra agents.

Can breath underwater and in the air

Bodies infected with Hive seem to have increased strength.

The Hive seems to be only able to take over weakened or newly dead people.  Sicknesses apparent in the host can also effect the Hive parasites.  In one case Hive was attached to diabetic person and that trait was passed on to it.

The Hive is rumored to be the Inhuman Founder of Hydra that was trapped for thousands of years on another planet. This character appears in Season 3 of Agents of SHIELD.

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