Who is Darth Venamis?

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Who is Darth Venamis?

Darth Venamis is a Sith apprentice that was trained by Darth Tenebrous.  When Darth Plagueis killed his master Tenebraus he was then confronted by Venamis.  Venamis makes few appearances in Star Wars Extended Universe primarily in the Star Wars novel, Darth Plagueis by James Luceno.

Real Name:  Unknown

Species: Bith

Born: BBY

Death:  42 BBY resurrected and killed numerous times by Darth Plagueis and Darth Sidious.  Final death is unclear but the novel Darth Plagueis suggests he was finally killed.

Apprentices:  Naat Lare

Canon: It is unknown of Venamis is within the canon of the Star Wars ongoing continuity.  While Plagueis is mentioned in Episode III, Venamis is not.

Darth Venamis News:

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Darth Venamis Bio:
It is speculated that Venamis may be the biological offspring or relative of his master Darth Tenebrous.  Both Sith are of the Bith species.

At some point while training Darth Plagueis, his master Darth Tenebrous decided to break with Darth Bane's rule of 2 and a second Sith warrior.  It seemed that Tenebrous disagreed with the Rule of 2.  Tenebrous hoped to use the scientific mind of Plagueis to provide him with immortality and then kill and replace him with Venamis.

While Plagueis was barely trained in the use of Sith Martial combat, Venamis was highly trained in light saber combat by Tenebrous

Venamis began to search for other Force Sensitive candidates to train as his own apprentices.  He began to train one of these by the name of Naat Lare.  Naat was given the mission of culling a population of marsh haunts on the planet of Abraxin.  When word came to Venamis that Tenebrous had fallen he immediately left the pursuit of apprentices to kill Darth Plagueis.

Battle between Venamis and Plagueis

Venamis introduced himself and battled Darth Plagueis on the moon Sojourn.  Venamis surprised Plagueis by being more trained in lightsaber combat than himself.  However, Plagueis had greatly studied other powers and after changing tactics defeats Venamis.  Plagueis forces Venamis to eat a Coma-Bloom a poisonous plant that puts those who ingest it in a coma like state.

Plagueis uses the coma weakened body of Venamis to study the dark side of the force and to find the means of immortality.  Eventually, Plagueis did allow Venamis to die but this was only so that he could be brought back again.  Venamis is killed and brought back numerous times.  Darth Sidious witnesses the killing and resurrection of Darth Venamis.

Star Wars Speculation: 

 Is Venamis really Supreme Leader Snoke?
Venamis while a seemingly obscure Sith is a possible candidate to be Snoke.  It is unknown if he ever completely died after all of the experimentation on him by Darth Plagueis.  He would have been heavily weakened and injured from the abuse inflicted on him by Plagueis and would not have been in a position to battle Darth Sidious.  However, after the death of Darth Sidious he would have been left as one of the most highly trained force users next to Luke Skywalker.  This would explain both Snoke's weakened state and his fear of Luke Skywalker.

While knowledgeable in the ways of the Force neither Tenebrous or Venamis were considered to be highly intune with it.  Both would have a far weaker connection than Luke Skywalker. Once again adding a reason for Skywalker to be feared.

Venamis was also never officially bestowed the title of Darth.  He was to take on that mantle only after killing Plagueis which he failed to do.  It could be that the reason why the Darth title has fallen out of use by Snoke and Kylo Ren is that Venamis is not a Darth.

One faulty aspect of this theory is that Venamis is a Bith and Snoke's hologram does not appear to be a Bith.

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