Versus! Spider-Man vs Darth Maul
Don't get too close Spidey!

Time for some fun Marvel vs Star War battles.

Up first in round one Marvel's golden boy vs Star War's bad boy......we bring you Spider-Man vs Darth Maul!

Each characters powers:

Spider-Man is a genius scientist with super strength, speed, agility and a precognitive mental warning ability call the Spider-Sense that alerts him to danger before it happens.  He also has the ability to fire webs from his hands.  Spider-Man also has an extensive experience in fighting super powered foes, finding their flaw and defeating them.

Darth Maul
Darth Maul is a Sithlord and as such has powers through his use of the Dark Side of the force.  These include telekinetic abilities that allow him to move objects and himself.  In his battle in the Phantom Menace he faces off against two Jedi at once.  He does not seem to possess a high level of mastery of the mental aspects of the Dark Side but is appears to be one of the best at the physical.  His light saber mastery seems to be unparallelled.  Darth Maul uses a fiercom looking double bladed light saber.

Toylab Take:
I think this would be a really good battle.  Spider-Man would be at a severe disadvantage in up close combat but with his spider sense, webbing and super agility should be able to keep at a safe distance and use his webs to keep Darth Maul off balance.  He might even be able to gunk up Darth Maul's light saber to the point where it no longer functions.

The difficulty here is that any false move for webhead would be absolutely fatal. Darth Maul will try to use force pulls or throwing objects to get the webslinger close and then slice.  Maul is also much faster than he looks and using this deception may be able to close the gap with Spider-Man.  Spider-Man's off the charts agility and spider-sense will protect him here to a degree but Maul is not likely to be frustrated for long.

In the end the sheer ruthlessness and lethality of Darth Maul leads me to believe that in most battles he would win.


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