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One book on the shelf really caught my eye and that is the Doctor Strange annual.  It has a great cover and a very interesting story.

Fresh off the magical beating Doctor Strange took in the end of magic event that has just finished rolling through his comics, he is now faced by a foe.  This foe used to be an old love which as everyone knows is going to make it a whole lot worse!  Clea returns who is one of my favorite characters but she is out to get Strange.

Also to be featured is the Sorcerers Supreme which is a collection of all the Sorcerers Supreme throughout the ages battling an enemy that attacks them each in their own time.  This means we will Sorcerers like Merlin, a young ancient one, and a future Wiccan.

Publish Date: September 28th, 2016

Marvel Synopsis
Clea comes back into Doctor Strange’s life as he’s picking up the pieces from the worst beating he’s ever taken. Clea’s going to make that battle look like a walk in the park. Also in this issue… WHO ARE THE SORCERERS SUPREME?!
Doctor Strange #6

The road to Strange - Marvel Comic Magic Mega Event coming!

A new Doctor Strange self titled series began earlier this year.  It was the first self titled series in over a decade.  The launch of Strange is no accident the film of Doctor Strange is being filmed right now and Marvel wants to help create new fans of the sorcerer supreme for his big movie.

Marvel will not be content with a simple series though they are going to create a big event this Spring.
Solicitations for Doctor Strange mention The Last Days of Magic,  Hercules #5 mentions the death of Myths, and Scarlet Witch has had a running story about threats to Witch Craft.

A mysterious enemy was mentioned in Doctor Strange #1 that was causing magical entities to flee its wake, as a kind of harbinger for a big bad.

I don't know exactly what Marvel is planning but expect it to be cool!

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